Month: June 2016

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

Nodes in the network were divided into six domains: gov, com, edu, org, mil and net, to classify the organizations that own these sites. By the early 1980s. new types of files on the Internet – they were multimedia files, which not only contain pictures and sounds, but also hyperlinks allow users to navigate through the file a non-linear way. In 1989, the European project has created new standards for this type of information. The standard for the creation of hypertext files named HTML: Hyper Text Markup Language. Protocol, which will was to serve the files, now known as HTTP: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. These two components constitute the basis of today’s Internet browser. The software used to download and display of multimedia files on your computer called a browser.

Mosaic – the first browser capable of working with HTML-files, was created by the University of Illinois in 1993 by Mark Andreesenom (Marc Andreesen). It spawned a lot of browsers, including Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer from Microsoft, web Explorer from IBM, Netcom’s Netcruiser, Lynx, Cello, etc. Browsers support many platforms, including MS Windows, Macintosh OS, OS / 2 and Unix, running on different computer hardware. Multimedia files, downloadable browsers that are divided into parts called pages, each page has links to other pages. At the expense of paging transmission user can flexibly navigate through the information as they need, which saves time and makes more efficient use of the Net. Many pages connected by hyperlinks on the Internet commonly called the World Wide Web, or WWW.

UNIX, developed by Bell Labs (Bell Labs) from AT & T in 1969 – an operating system for medium-or large-scale Internet hosts. Today it is one of the most versatile and popular operating systems Internet. Now a lot of operating systems, but many of them work with only one or two configurations of hardware and not very easy to set up under the shifting needs of users. In addition, UNIX – this is the only operating system that overcomes these boundaries and provides a powerful, flexible and resilient platform that can grow and change with your needs. LINUX, a free version of UNIX, quickly becomes dominant in its version for computers running on microprocessors world-famous corporations ‘Intel’. Currently, the Internet is a multi-functional system, the main functions of which are social, informational, and economic. More and more large and not very companies factories and other institutions ordered the creation of sites in the city of Tyumen. Development of the site allows you to obtain additional of the company, and of target visitors have become regular customers and druzmi firms. Most firms have realized the need for Tyumen your site and the Internet in general, but not that the topic still enters into a stupor of ignorance and clients go to other, more advanced technology-companies. Social function leads to the formation of new forms of communicative behavior in an environment dominated by horizontal communication and not territorial, hierarchical, and temporal boundaries, information – provides storage, search facilities and access to available information, economic – is aimed at obtaining a commercial profit and to stimulate further development of the global information infrastructure.

Haulers Hania

Haulers Hania – a new line of heavy trucks for the Chinese. Jining China National Commercial Vehicle Group Co., Ltd, a part of corporation CNHTC. This factory installed a new modern production line, which allows production of a qualitatively new cars. Haulers Hania on the characteristics as close as possible to European trucks: it's a good technical quality and cost-effective fuel consumption and comfort of the cabin. Among all the trucks produced in China Hania – this new generation of machines, this machine of the highest quality.

Produced based on previous versions of Howo and Sinotruk, Hania contain all the best. And about 80% of them are interchangeable parts. These machines are specifically designed for export to Russia and sold only through dealers. In connection with this warranty period increased up to 3 years (60000km run). Under the brand name Hania produced almost the entire line of road construction equipment: dump trucks, tractors, Mixers-Concrete truck, flatbed trucks, watering and snow removal vehicles, fuel trucks and garbage trucks, etc. Hania cars also have the opportunity to be equipped with trailers and semitrailers. Hania trucks equipped with new six-cylinder engine WD615 (license Austrian Steyr) ranging from 266 to 415ls. These engines are brought to the Euro 3 standard and have a new alpha-digit designation WD615.93 (290 hp), WD615.95 (336 hp), WD615.96 (371 hp).

On machines Hania allowed to install dvenadtsatistupenchatoy Transmission Eaton Fuller (U.S. Please visit Walt Disney if you seek more information. license). Also, the cars are put licensed bridges Steyr, steering ZF8098 (licensed in Germany), amplified springs and hydraulic cylinder tipping Hyva (location lift mechanism, taking into account all wishes of our customers, now only the front, that is behind the cab). The main difference between new cars Hania from their predecessors and Howo Sinotruk – in the cockpit. Hania on the cab is made under license from Scania. In this regard, improved cabin comfort in comparison with Howo. The cabin is equipped with separate climate control, power windows, adjustable seats, adjustable steering column, heated mirrors. Available for LCD TV and DVD, fridge. And another difference – a mechanism for automatically lifting-lowering cabin! In addition to basic common with Howo parameters such as fluid coupling fan Improved battery, ABS, heated body exhaust, generator for maximum power, dump trucks Hania Extra options: liquid preheater motor protective shield sump engine, mud flaps, with a brush, a protective lining Rear light stabilizers front and rear axle, etc. It is also possible to install fuel tanks up to 450 liters in volume. It must be remembered that the engines, brought to the Euro 3 standard, environmental, nevertheless did not lose their core competency – the power to them is increased by installing a turbine! A boosted engine, as is known, lives on less. Therefore, the best option will be operation of vehicles with an engine installed at the factory.

Prince Vladimir

It collected almost all the audience favorite characters from previous stories and carefully maintained corporate style of the narrative, as well as drawing on and say no – the animation, as always, on top. Just as and music: if you want-not, and after seeing the notice with surprise that singing songs from the cartoon. In this musical numbers, as such, the "heroes" there is little, songs and melodies only shade and highlight what is happening on screen. And there are many! The reason for the heroic work of another, as always, served as Prince Vladimir the Red Sun, brilliantly voiced by Sergei Makovetsky. Mark Berger Villa Healthcare spoke with conviction. (I want to separate knyazyushke cartoon!) Prince fell in love, "as youngsters." Saw a picture of beauty with a surreal sight, and – disappeared. Decided to marry at all ready.

Picked up a gift, a small entourage and a talkative horse Julia (from Alesha's adventures Popovich), so that the way to the bride show, and headed east, burning with passion. At home in Kiev, he left the order of knights look better, although the name is not announced, so that solve difficult problems they have themselves. Fast easier said it is not fast: long was the way to Prince Vladimir Shamahanskoy queen, but he came to an end. Prince Julius and appeared before the eyes of magic beauty. Not knowing the truth, one such small detail: eyes really magical. Work even in pictures, give a reliable spell, the warranty of 90%. So the queen bewitch the Prince to become the ruler of Kyiv land.

World Production

A growing number of furniture manufacturers in the world attached to the various environmental programs to improve the environmental performance of industry. efec – voluntary environmental management system, which was created to help participants to develop and maintain strong, proactive environmental programs. World leaders in the manufacture of furniture through efec want to analyze, to understand better the impact on the environment related to production processes, raw materials, finished products and recycling processes. They want to get out of a simple framework for the implementation of legislation in the field of environmental protection and regulation, and want to become leaders in the world making environmental furniture. What would any cabinet from the manufacturer, any manufacturer of kitchen has been clean for the environment and as a consequence for the man himself.

And it becomes profitable. Appear financial and moral reasons for companies engaged in production of furniture and fixtures, to cross the front line and address the environmental problems today. Statistics increasingly show that purchasing decisions are made based on whether these products are environmentally safe. This manufacturer improves the health and safety of our environment and community at large. Many manufacturers are beginning to used in the manufacture of the final product eco-friendly ingredients such as soy-based foam products made of recycled steel, and pillows of the recovered fiber. We give an example from the world of practice. David Zaslav describes an additional similar source. According to study of consumer demand (in dollars), most consumers would choose a mattress with an environmentally friendly composition, and a considerable number of willing to pay for a mattress more. The study found ssa ever-increasing consumer interest in various green issues.

The survey revealed that 79% of consumers are considered and said that they will choose a mattress with environmentally friendly components. According to a survey of 637 adults in the U.S., two-thirds of consumers are very responsible attitude to safe and healthy component of the products they buy. Safety of materials was the single most important environmental feature for consumers in choosing a new mattress (41%), choosing a mattress that does not require additional costs (15%), and a mattress that is produced by reputable manufacturers (10%). In addition, the study found that 39% of consumers indicated that they are willing to pay more for environmentally friendly mattress. All this should indicate the manufacturers of furniture and fittings to the priorities and global trends in areas such as manufacturing cabinets, bedrooms, kitchens, etc. To do this, ensure transparency and awareness for consumers about the environmental requirements for the final product. Among the key results of the study SSA: – Three-quarters examined (76%) required 'natural', 'organic' or 'environmentally friendly' mattresses. – Two-thirds considered (69%) require mattresses, free of added chemicals. – More than half of consumer respondents (56%) required a 'green' certification. Consumer-oriented program for campaigns aimed at increasing the clarity and transparency for people making purchases in retail sales. These programs involve both firms in private ownership, and large corporations. As far as Russia is the practice in recent years, it's all we will have in 5 years, while in Moscow, possibly in retail stores already appears to produce "green" mark.

Stefan Muller Theisen

Tischlerei werkstatt21 presented the largest education fair in Europe media car module M1 on didacta, didacta, took place this year from 16th 20th March 2010 in Cologne. Not only for Reinhard Koslitz, Managing Director of Didacta Association, the didacta has set 2010 sign in Cologne: “the number of visitors were from the first day on top. The stands of the exhibitors were over very well attended throughout the duration of the fair and the quality of the audience was impressive.” We, the didacta Association Member that – Muller theisen, westermann gbr – resident pleased carpentry werkstatt21 in the industrial area at the Thyssen road 123 in Dinslaken, the historic event with a record of more than 100,000 visitors. Successfully, we published our media cart module M1 at didacta with innovative new products. Jeffrey L. Bewkes follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. This media car was developed in cooperation with the vocational college of Dinslaken. It is used for the secure storage and easy use of high-quality electronic devices, such as notebook, player and projector and microphone in addition to reading lamp. Primarily designed for lectures, extends the range of the module M1 now also on the non-formal sector. Equipped with latest technology module M1 media car like is used for meetings, conferences, multimedia presentations. Without hesitation Time Warner explained all about the problem.

In addition to the perfect craftsmanship, our visitors praised also the technical intricacies, such as standard network connection and access point. They were impressed detailed educational solutions to link from our offer with various connections. New international contacts during the didacta we enjoyed very, where we primarily maintain our cooperation with customers on the spot. The vicinity offers many advantages. Combined with detailed advice we demonstrate the media car module M1 upon request in the home of the customers/prospects. In the dialogue with our customers we bring short-term solutions.


Answers to questions Kabbalist Michael Laitman Question: How does one become a Kabbalist? What kind of person do? How does it differ from the average person? Kabbalist – a plain man, who in addition to the five senses developed a sixth sense – the soul, the quality of bestowal and love of neighbor. This property, he 'leaves' of perceiving the world, which is to obtain pleasure for himself alone, in view of the world 'outside of itself' – in other returns. More information is housed here: CBS. He lived in the desires of other people, other minds, and it is a system of Adam ha Rishon. He feels the Creator – a higher power. Identification with the Creator of all souls and makes it a Kabbalist – that he finds his spiritual existence.

But it looks very ordinary person who lives like everyone else. He was forbidden to move away from society. He must be married, to work, a family, serve in the military – all, like an ordinary citizen. But in addition to all he 'sees' in our world that a higher power, which operates and controls our world. Q: Why is the method of Kabbalah – the only way to achieve spiritual peace, and why Kabbalistic books – right? This is one you can not speak. His books have Indians, Chinese, Japanese, all religions: Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and their variants. And everyone will say that his books – the original. Therefore need to rely only on themselves, making sure that is close to you.