Month: April 2017


Inventory of fixed assets in budgetary institutions with large card indexes OS rather time-consuming task. Need to manually fix the actual physical presence of thousands of names of objects. All this happens with the records on paper. Increases the likelihood of errors during manual inventory. The human factor is sufficiently large. Thus, the challenge becomes a routine process automation accumulation of information about the presence of the OS. One solution – add user accounting software blocks sharing with mobile devices (terminals) for data collection (TSD).

The above will allow accountants to significantly accelerate inventory and improve its quality. In addition, to prevent unauthorized peresortitsu. Carrier of information about the object of special consideration may be a label with a bar code. Labels better used as special, ie, resistant to moisture and external influences. But may be suitable and simple labels, printed on adhesive paper on a laser printer. In addition to barcode on the label can be placed any other information such as name of the institution. What is TSD? It is a compact micro-sized cell phone. The basic component of the TSD – Laser or LED reader (scanner) barcode memory and a processor capable of processing the data.

Loading and unloading of the information on a desktop computer with installed accounting application running via COM or USB port. In an accounting application prepare and print labels with barcodes. Fixed assets are marked-prepared labels. When conducting an inventory of information about objects from the accounting application accounting is transferred to the TSD. The operator performing the scan, using TSD reads the label. From these data we can judge the actual presence of the OS. The resulting data are uploaded from the TSD to the accounting software, which is finishing inventory. From inexpensive TSD select CipherLab 8300L and Casio DT-930. Models include everything needed, namely, bar code scanner and a repository of information capable of processing data. In addition, desirable to get paper to print labels on a laser printer. Basic requirements for the paper: durability and moisture resistance.

NLP In The Negotiations

In today's world ruled by information and knowledge, the traditional rules of negotiation are little used. Needs new, systemic approaches to art to negotiate. No person may act as if lives alone. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Bob Iger on most websites. There are always people who play an important role in our lives and our affairs. Jeffrey L. Bewkes recognizes the significance of this. We can not fully succeed as long as we learn to manage our relations in the direction that will help us move for our purposes. And others, of course, have their purposes. Mark Berger Villa Healthcare can aid you in your search for knowledge. Obviously, one of the keys to an effective relationship is to explore the possibilities to create situations that would benefit (benefits) to all parties.

But to succumb to the tricks of the partner and to negotiate for the benefit of business? According to Saint-Exupery, 'communion – the highest pleasure. " But about 70% of people fail in business only because they do not know how to present themselves to business meetings, a leadership position in the course of the conversation. Negotiation – a process of bilateral exchange of information, aimed at reaching an agreement in terms of overlapping interests. Professional negotiation skills, knowledge of technology will help achieve the desired result. Talks like a game, when all the participants concentrated calculate the moves of each other. Success comes to those who best maneuvering and ready to give up, implementing well-considered strategy. From the perspective of psychology, business negotiations – it is a struggle and competition. And one has only to show weakness, emotional instability, the other side certainly make use of the situation, to insist on his own. People in successful negotiation, always try to adhere to the inherent winner behaviors.

Promotion Sites

Comprehensive technical support for Internet projects, it's a matter of fact, the promotion and website promotion – two classic components to ensure the success of any online resource, regardless of thematic focus. To achieve the best possible result for the promotion of a site for a minimum of time, a special scheme of the progressive optimization of sites developed by the Laboratory PromoVenta. Company PromoVenta – this is one of the most known and dynamically developing in RuNet professional studio, which specializes in online advertising, optimization, promotion, technical and information support sites. The high degree of competence in the field of advanced information technology, creative thinking and skills of employees, provided the company 'PromoVenta' deserved reputation as among the professional community and among the many clients. Get all the facts and insights with Jeffrey L. Bewkes, another great source of information. Regular partners PromoVenta specially allocate attentive to the needs of employees and the customers' needs, making it possible to solve any problems posed to the company.

Interesting feature of the campaign is the fact that in addition to comprehensive support site, the client as a bonus has the ability to choose and order one of the additional services at a special discounted price, a discount of 30% to 70%. In the final Finally, the client gets the best results in various formats promoting your site, having virtually full service at half its real value. Moreover, because most Internet users, including owners and network business, there is no practical knowledge of technological features of site promotion specialists PromoVenta a consultation, thus ensuring a better choice for the customer. Reduction the cost of the services the company is part of the ongoing campaign "Time to grow business." Originally marketed action, as purely as an advertising campaign organized to raise potential customers who want to start or develop a promising business in the network. However, in the process of studying the demand for website promotion and research capacity in this segment, it was decided to combine advertising campaign and widespread decline in prices during the period from September 1, 2010 to March 1, 2011. It should be noted that the timing of the campaign were not chosen by chance. Experts believe it was during this period will be stabilization of the economic situation in the country. This means that all who take part in the action will optimize your site during the revival in consumer interest in your business.

Global Heating Self-destruction

The greenhouse effect is a natural phenomenon with which the Earth, by means of certain gases, retains part of the energy that the ground emits to the being warmed up by the solar energy that crosses the atmosphere, maintaining the suitable temperature so that it allows the life existence. In this way the nature has managed to survive during million years with animal and plants. This phenomenon has had different variations during history from our planet but, for decades, the rate of these has been increased because the man has increased the amount of gases produced by industries, having consequently it atmosphere retains more heat and gives back to the Earth energy still more causing a imbalance of the radiative balance and a global heating. David Zaslav has much experience in this field. The temperature has increased, in average, 10 centigrades of 1915 to the date. This problem worsens day with day thanks to the contamination of the companies that produce toxic gases, besides the deforestation of forests and prairies, which are vital stops to purify the atmosphere, they have taken to the present situation in which is the planet. The increase of the temperature can bring about droughts and extinction of species, animal as as much vegetal. The people in charge of the majority of the polluting gas discharge are countries highly developed like China, that 45% of them emit, India 10% and the United States 8%. These powers benefit because their industries survive thanks to the consumer culture of the present society and beneficiaries see themselves economically.

Although this subject would have of being a preoccupation to all human being the affected majors are in a 90% the poorest communities having a 99% of the deaths by this cause. First affected they them of this pump of time are that goes to advancing slowly. Esteem that exists 325 million people affected by the repercussions that the global heating has had with the nature, of which 330 thousands will die this year, if we did not act fast for the 2030 you are deaths will ascend to the number of 600 thousand people.

Thailand China

There is no certainty of when and how was introduced in the island of Margarita, however, there is precedent for research in 1998, about three experiences of culture with Tilapia FRY brought from Carabobo State and developed in Sector termites, San Francisco of Macanao and Aricagua. Contact information is here: Walt Disney. Faced with this situation, the breeding calls on researchers and technicians who make scientific life on the island, as well as government agencies – Ministry of the environment, INSOPESCA, among others – to form an inter-agency team with the aim of collecting the necessary information from field at the regional level and elucidate what the situation of Tilapia in the watershed and coastal zone, its abundance, environmental and biological factors that encourage or limit the development and progress of this species. Also, stressed Prof. Julio Cesar Rodriguez, it is urgent to find the effective technique of controlling the increase of its population in favor of the conservation of local species the Minister of Agriculture of Venezuela, Elias Jaua Milano, said that you food crisis that the countries that integrate Petrocaribe live and dawn took the decision to create this Fund with a contribution of 50 cents for every barrel that Venezuela exports and that this over one hundred dollarsan estimate that this year will be around $ 450 million has been on that basis.This Fund be increased to the extent that Venezuela sells more oil and to the extent that prices stay above $ 100, we believe that the funds will generate not only contributions from Venezuela but that we will be adding wills of other oil-producing countries.The Venezuelan official pointed out that the parameters of use of funds are dictated in the ministerial declaration, and the technical secretariat which will meet in Cuba it will establish, valuing the projects already presented, the mechanism more expeditious to access the funds, which are not only funding for producers.Funds will be distributed between Federation of farmers, cooperatives, peasant organizations and livestock, in this way are going to go by approving projects through the Ministry of agriculture and livestock which will be elevated to the instance of the technical Council, after the Council of Ministers immediately and the Summit of Presidents begin the entire process of development meaningful data consideredUnited States is a large importer of this species, which constitutes the third most imported by that country aquatic product, after the Atlantic salmon and the shrimp. In China, most of the production is for domestic consumption. One smaller percentage is exported to United States and, to a lesser extent, to other destinations. This great tasting fish is sold in fillets. Large producers of tilapia are Asian countries, that you represent 80% of the world production, with China in the lead, followed by Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Taiwan.

The latter is precisely the first exporter in the world. Other exporting countries are Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras and Costa Rica. China is the leader in the production of tilapia, as it provides 42% of the world supply, with 1.1 million tons (2006). China this fish was introduced in 1956, from Viet Nam and Africa. The evolution of the production of tilapia in China has been surprising. In 1999 only 562.000 tons, produced half of what is currently produced.


Installation is quick, simple and clean. Parquet as how to install it: As we distinguish installing parquet and parquet glue. * Parquet adhesive is a traditional system of placing the park that consists of each slat of wood glued to the ground. Installation is slow cumbersome, but the finish is usually of higher quality. The apply a continuous layer of glue with a spatula spread evenly throughout the soil on which it is to place the parquet, generally consist of an adequate system for parquet boards made up of very small, or forming a mosaic.

If the boards have a more significant length can be used to glue strips, ie strips of glue applied perpendicular to the slat park that will place on them. * Wooden floating is the best known and widespread of the floating platforms and has a great popularity as an economical and easy to install and maintain backward. It is a type of wood flooring manufactured with a variable thickness ranging between 14 and 15 mm. It comes in the form of rectangular plate with dimensions 85cms x 32cms variables from up to 221cms x 1.8cms x 13cm x 2cms by brand and style. It consists of a hardwood layer whose thickness can range between 3 and 4mm and a counterpoint of solid wood (usually pine or fir). The surface is already painted factory so you do not have to give any further finishing. No glue is used for placement. Floors can be installed on any firm, flat and clean.

On the old pavement is placed a foam that has the power and acoustic insulation against moisture. Can be installed on underfloor heating incorporated. The platform floats on the old pavement and the foam insulation, hence the term floating. Different blades fit together, so the soil is not set or the floor or walls. By placing the strips are completely fixed to each other by tongue and groove is securely fastened and the stage behaves as if it were a piece. The parquet can place on other floors or pavements without additional work. The laminate is placed directly onto the surface clean and level, on a layer of foam. Parquet is usually the cheapest option for hardwood flooring and more resistant due to its finished. Parquet blades may have different thickness, finish and price depending on the function and intended use: AC-3 (normal use for home), AC-4 (greater use, greater traffic of people, ideal for offices and commercial premises), AC-5 (very intensive for large areas commercial, local inputs of heavy traffic of people)