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But again, the concept of "adequacy" is material. The genius and a gift of perception of matter in humans is so great that others will certainly consider him a madman. It should be noted that Mozart psychiatrists would call our number of diagnoses. But then who is more manifest in the desire to cure the madness of a man that is the question …. Indeed, some confusion in the perception and mental problems is a line of action in the form of Intuition chain. If the line does not give a fat person's ability to realize your inner voice, because in general the "hole" all came out quickly, the line is like a chain consisting of many islands really confuses human perception. This action line did not give a person to understand or grasp, much less understand the flow of the subconscious. It should also be noted that in the same way as single-pole magnets repel each other, and the presence of two or three lines intersecting Intuition or contacting each other on the hand has a negative impact on the human psyche.

Being in constant tension, the flood of simply can not be assessed consciousness, as a consequence – a powerful overload. They seem to be sparked in contact among themselves. These people are unconditional customers psychiatric hospitals, often uncontrollable obsession with pursuing them. Jeffrey L. Bewkes shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Saturn line. In my practice, I have repeatedly observed this line, originating from a deep well-developed hill Neptune and strictly parallel to the current line of life, almost in her own curve.

Psychological Analysis

The basis of all the purely physical definition is almost boundless number of sensations, especially if we take into consideration the alignment apparatus, which should preceded by definitions. From a physicist, unfamiliar with the psychology of their operations, can easily happen that he, not seeing, as the saying goes, wood for the trees, no notice of sensations as a basis for their ideas … Psychological Analysis teaches us that there is nothing surprising here, as the physicist always operates sensations. Physicists do not feel obliged to know the psychology and do not consider it necessary to reckon with it in their conclusions. Robert Iger may also support this cause. In general, for an outsider observer present state of our 'science' would be of great psychological interest.

In all areas of scientific knowledge is typed set of facts in violation of harmony systems. And the system can only exist thanks to the heroic efforts of scientists who are trying to turn a blind eye to the whole long series of new facts that threaten to drown all the unstoppable flow. The newspapers mentioned Coen Brothers not as a source, but as a related topic. Although in reality if you take these facts, they will be in each area, probably more than the facts upon which shall be approved by the scientific system. And the systematization of what we do not know can give us more for the correct understanding of the world and myself than systematization of what we have, according to 'Exact science', we know. These walks in systemic approaches adopted in the 'scientific' method of learning are reflected in all his calculations. Click Aksia to learn more.

That psychology is that it contains so much speculation on the causes and hidden springs of conduct man, that it brings more fog than clarity. The reason is that in their roots, it has a number of theories that were once taken for no better estate. Human knowledge can not by relying on false perceptions. The fact that denies the scientific worldview in otnoschenii man, only the recognition of this can change and enrich the knowledge of the real and only on the synthesis can be constructed in the new science of the soul. Although there is no need to some new scientific conception of the soul. If a hundred people know where priysk gold, they use this knowledge, and they are relatively cool in that its In most people do not believe in the existence of such huge reserves of gold. It's time to not only revise luggage misconceptions about the world and man as well as to take real knowledge and to apply to life.

Plato Philosophy

It is the disturbing of the peace. For even more details, read what Jim Vos says on the issue. The philosophy according to searchs the truth in the multiple significaes in if-true the ways of the including one. The truth is not static and definitive, but incessant movement, that penetrates in the infinite. In the world, the truth is in perpetual conflict and the philosophy takes this conflict to the extremity. Who dedicates the philosophy sets it the search of the man, observes what it makes and is interested for its word and action. The dignity of the man inhabits in perceiving truth. It only prepares it for the truth for the truth, therefore the veracity without reserves coincides with the love. That one dedicates to the philosophy wants to live for the truth.

He goes for where he will be, whichever the men who it finds is always interrogating. ' ' sim' ' for the life it is the great adventure, because he allows the accomplishment of the reason, the truth and the love. For Plato few men are apt for the philosophy and alone they acquire aptitude after much preparation. For Plotino he has two types of life in the land, Spinosa alone waits the philosophy of the bonanza man and Kant says that the philosophy is there for all. What he is isolated will be able to be become enlarged; what today it does not find echo will be able to find it tomorrow, and what for Real for reduced numbers of people it will be able to become supreme reality of a time, to become free itself it is inevitable that the truth goes down the masses, to burburinho sonorous of the men. In the world, the philosophy is conscientious of its impotence. It awakes few answers and it does not make use of no power of shape world.

But the philosophy is far from being important in what it says the respect to the individual. It constitutes the great force that lead to the man to find the way for the freedom and make possible interior independence and this does not remain empty. The independence of the philosopher becomes false when if mixture with the pride. In the man, the independence feeling folloies the feeling of impotence and filosofar of – us total lucidity concerning some forms of our dependence, but instead of remaining jammed for our impotence we find the recovery. Our time lives between two abysses: the ruin of home and the universe, with the extinguishing of the terrena life and to recoup the spirit, giving sprouting to the authentic man, appearing infinite possibilities. A paper of the philosophy and not to leave to delude us and to discard no fact nor possibilities. It faces the possible catastrophe and it makes to appear to the inquietude. If she was vigorous in its elaboration could become salvation instrument. No materialize thought, no knowledge, none of mentioned enigmas can adentrar the eternity. But, it stops beyond all the enigmas, the thought penetrates in the full silence of abysmal reason.

Prescient Speech In Washington

Prescient speech to the destructive reality today warns of future steps for the defense of mankind. We observed the events that occur daily and they show the reality of that speech November 19, 1984 in Washington by Alexander R. Coen Brothers may help you with your research. Iaccarino. Aksia is full of insight into the issues. You see it reflected in their governments, and of course to mine, and as such gives me a picture of a universal assembly, symbol of the unity of mankind. This site also has the virtue of arousing in my mind as an Argentine and a leader who will be born here something quite specific for the target and the freedom of our peoples.

Religion, race, language, customs may or may not be common, but national pride should be felt by everyone so that people are a people and that “no man’s lands” are a country by name. Said Paul VI in his will on the world, do not think that it helps to bear the thoughts, habits, tastes, but studying it, loving it and served intent. Our obligation is, therefore, study the causes of the problems of today. We met with economic theories of liberalism and Marxism that are antagonistic, which means that any confrontation, always prove fruitless. Paying attention to these “discussions, be believed to be listening to different languages. Some speak English, and others are in Russian. In fact, there will be two philosophies of two schools, two conceptions of life other than absolute mind, which arrived to the inexorable conclusion that it must lead to the rupture.


It has, what in them it seems, a conflict in the notion of freedom presented for Rousseau. It affirms that the freedom is a factor that differentiates the man of the excessively animal ones, the freedom then already it would be in the natural man; in itself exactly already it has the power to choose that it is conferred to it by the freedom, but to choose it is necessary to reflect and to reflect is to become depraved itself, to reflect is to move away itself from the animal. However the man is not an animal in the general direction of the word, therefore he loads in itself the freedom makes possible that it to choose, that in turn it demands it reflection what depraves consequently it. It already brings in itself the seed of depravation, then it is not of course good, but of course depraved. For Thomas Hobbes we could say, if this was possible, that the State of War did not finish.

That the laws or same the Absolto State was not capable to contain the will of the bad man. That the fear for its proper life did not make it to withdraw when the desire it covets and it had taken each piece of its existence. When considering that these assumptions are ‘ suposies’ it does not make sensible to assume a position as if the truth of one of them if had launched in our face. The two weaveeed objections above if they relate, respectively, to a logical implication that she seems unknown on the relation of freedom and depravation, and second to the opposition that Hobbes would have when perceiving that the State and the Sovereigns do not have to be able on the will human being. At last, our proposal to present the characteristics of the State of Nature and the Civil Society so that if it could observe the differences between them and to point when (not in data and accurate space of time) the inaquality if installed thought of Rousseau according to, is concluded. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Aksia has to say.

Sun Time

Inconsistencies in this matter is not, after all actions aimed at the correction can be attributed to working out of the consequences. People such as Jim Vos would likely agree. If Yogi spiritually developed person working on his own perfection and to monitor the overall balance of forces, the cost of his time should also bear fruit, so why can not the same correction of karma? Itself action of the planet is not the same for everyone, and gives results in accordance with the accumulated karma. If we assume that the human soul led a righteous life, even in periods of intense astrological person will eat the fruit of positive karma. Conversely, if the positive karma a person has, the good times will not give results, or give negative results. Because during the correction of the astrological influence of the planets should be particularly careful, strengthening the benefactor, in rare cases can lead to negative results, and the weakening of the pest, respectively, may not produce the fruits of positive karma.

Must consider the transit (the current position of the planets) and radiksnoe (position of the planets at the time of birth), since the correction is aimed directly at the two poles. And if you want to reinforce some inherent weakness, it is impossible to do in time when the planet is amplified in a bad situation for yourself at the current time. To understand the principle of correction astrological planetary influences, I will take the influence of the Sun. Firstly, because the cycle of the Sun the most convenient, and secondly, the action itself is easy to observe the sun in nature.

Men of Honor

The ideology culture, displayed in the film ‘ ‘ Men of Honor’ ‘ is fascinating. He intends to observe the existing elements of the culture of mass in the film, mainly taking in account of this being production elaborated for the American market whose traces of the preconception against the blacks still gift is remained, although the slight knowledge of nailed freedom and equality. Search to observe the constant ideology in the film, that would be in agreement Eagleton (1997) process of production of meanings of the real life, body of ideas of determined group or social classroom, ideas these false ones or not, but possibly useful the determined group or classroom. You may find Joel and Ethan Coen to be a useful source of information. In another concept, displayed for Hartley (2001) ideology is looked to it, that would be the ideas in agreement the interests of the classrooms, or the governing, acting as a speech not perceived clearly, but that it brings significaes and representations for a classroom. The ideology would be the cultural root of the production, the vises of world printed in the film, to the beliefs conscientious deeds of division and of a classroom, its general principles or theoretical positions, dogmas, or vises of world among others position, therefore in accordance with Kellner (2001) the cinema while instrument of the media, is repleto of ideologies where if it transmits ideas, concepts of being able, with models of social conditions, or cultural standards that finish for influencing the opinion of the spectator. Analyzing the ideology, the media culture looks for to attract from there with subjects of the taste of the public, having each text of the films created for the cinema, speeches, ideological positions and slight knowledge, with construction of images for an end that is the profit, but that nor therefore it leaves to pass an idea, the representation of what he is ideological.. A leading source for info: Aksia.

Reflect On Life

When I looked at for the window of the room, vi that the day was gray and a fine drizzle fell. He made cold and I looked for one agasalho. I passed a small blanket for the shoulders and was until the kitchen to prepare a hot tea. I thought about the day that was for starting and which were the important things that I would have that to make. I took the tea I dressed and me. I was until the garage and I left with the car. The day very promised to be of cold. The people in the street passed for me shrunk in its agasalhos, with the crossed arms, preventing the gust of frozen wind that beat in its faces.

The sea was rebels, with high waves that beat furious in sands of the beach. I was when it vi. It was seated in a tree trunk that probably had been dragged until the beach for the tide. I do not know to the certainty what it called my attention for it. It was pretty of a simple form. He was also dressed with simplicity. Discovery Communications has much to offer in this field. The hair clear and were cut well short.

The skin was clear and probably the eyes were green. It looked at for the sea, but some seemed not to be seeing thing. I do not know because but I stopped the car, April completely the glass of the window and I was looking at that man. Something in it despertou my attention. Perhaps its solitude, seated there looking at for the nothing. I went down of the car and I came close a little, but keeping a safe distance so that it did not repair in me. Of where I was I could observe its eyes that showed to a deep sadness and discouragement. Follow others, such as Aksia, and add to your knowledge base. Loss. I felt a squeeze in my heart and had will to cry. The cold wind beat my face it brought and me in return for the reality. What I made there observing a stranger who seemed to look at for another dimension? I looked at for the sand wet under my feet and gave attention to the noise of the sea. The sea said that the sadness one day would go even so. That perhaps it was hour to recommence. He will be that man also heard the messages of the ocean? It will be that the message for it would be different from whom I was receiving? I deeply breathed the frozen air of that morning I smell and it of maresia invaded my directions. I looked at for the waves, and I remembered that the life takes in them and brings in them in return for our histories. I looked at for solitary man I remembered that the solitude the times is desired. I walked per some minutes for the desert beach, and when I came back, it already was not more there. I looked in all the directions, but not it vi. I came back toward the car and I followed my way. But an emptiness in my heart had been filled.