Month: July 2020

Luis Flowers

It has represented him significant losses of international reserves. The international reserves of the Bank of Mexico have descended to US$ 80,933 and in which it goes of the year, the same registered a US$ loss 4,508 million. The weakening of the Mexican peso has not only brought about the necessity of intervention of the Banxico and the consequent fall in the level of international reserves. Also it has increased the inflationary risk. Leslie Moonves contributes greatly to this topic. Although the retail rate of inflation is registering reduction, is not happening the same with the inflation nucleus. Robert A. Iger is often quoted on this topic. While the retail inflation decelerated to 6.25% during first half of February, the rate of underlying inflation was accelerated reaching inter-annual 5.81%, in front of the previous level of 5.76%, being this level the major reached in more than seven years (and logically, over the goal of the Bank of Mexico located in 3%).

According to the opinion picked up by Reuters de Luis Flowers, analyst of the Financial Group Ixe: " The type of change, consequently, continues being the most excellent determinant for the local inflation and for the policy monetaria". The inflationary risk jointly with the exchange weakening will be factors that will limit the monetary policy. A report of the Financial Group Ixe said about the expectations on the evolution of the monetary policy: " We hope that the Bank of Mexico continues trimming rates towards 6.50% for the end of 2009, but its approach could become more prudent and employee of volatileness in the weight/dlar" , Ixe in a report said separately. At the moment the interest rate of reference is in 7.5%, after the cut realised by the Banxico the past Friday. In the official notice where one inquired into this cut of Banxico rates it noticed about the inflationary risks product of exchange volatileness. They are not doubts that the Mexican economy is immersed in a vicious circle of which it will not be easy to him to leave.

Probably the government of Mexico will have to extend his plan of economic stimulus to avoid that he continues himself deepening the deterioration in the economy. The recovery of the economy every time more is submitted to the recovery capacity that can undergo the American economy. It is for this reason that it is possible to be hoped that the producing sector of transables goods will be one of the first sectors that the recovery will obtain when this one takes place (surely not before 2009 end). It will be necessary to follow of near the producing companies of transables goods to identify those with greater potentiality of recovery and expansion. Original author and source of the article.

North America

Recently it was published, by the Bottom of Population of the United Nations, the report on ” state of the world-wide population 1999″ that, among others average, also the Republic of the Domingo had diffusion through Newspaper ancestor. That almost demonic number of six billions of people drew attention to me who today live on this planet. 6,000,000,000 of human beings who eat, drink, sleep, use the services public, spend, reproduce, interchange, are transported and, in short, they fight minute by minute with all the daily adversities to subsist the sixty and six years in average that will last its ephemeral existence. By all means, the greater proportion of the growth of 78 million beings every year undergoes the Third World, to all the consequences that it brings, in opposition to which happens in Europe, North America and Japan where the growth, route increase of rate of natality, was practically congealed. The countries are then poorest those than they will have to support that terrible attack most of of the human ones on the renewable and nonrenewable natural resources, the biodiversity, the ecosystems, the environment and everything what the enormous and unique wealth composes of those nations. Additional information is available at Robert Thomson. Corollaries of this extreme growth: ” the 4.800 million people who inhabit the countries in via of development, about two thousand nine hundred million lack of basic cleaning, almost thousand six hundred million lack access to water noncontaminated, thousand two hundred million lack adapted house, almost billions do not have access to modern services of health and, in the regions less advanced, fifth from the children primary education degree of or bsica” does not arrive to the fifth;.

But six billions of human beings on this smallest planet in the universe very many people are done to us that we will be able to say of the overcrowding in that our greats-grandchild will live! Soon, in the 2050 nothing else, this enormous number will have grown in a 50%: humans, about nine billions will be then, and so on until only God knows when. Now us we reproduce much less fast that for twenty years, reason for which we will have ” dividend demogrfico” that it must result in a growth of the saving and the investments in the poor countries. But that will not be sufficient. The present democracies will have to deliver an attack extraordinary to extend very many plus the covers of their services of health and education, fundamental pillars of the human development, question this that happens through successful campaigns anti-corruption and the fortification of the social policies of the States. Yes. If the population grew as it is projected for the next century, they will be indispensable, more and more, classes leaders with more heart and less pockets, more personal values and less interests, with more will to act to the benefit of unprotected and the less commitments with the powerful ones. Otherwise, the humanity, every more abundant and poorer day, will arrive at a little while of intolerance in which it will only think to do to bad what his governments did not want to remedy by the democratic, institutional and legal routes. Then we will begin to ” decrecer” vertiginously. As much that already never we will be the same of today more.

North American

The sectarian spirit demonstrated itself than it would be the rising representative democracy. The fight of the government of Betancourt was until against the same values took that it to the Presidency. As if it was said: a blow occurs, participates everybody, is overthrown a dictator, enters democracy, but worse equal is followed or from the point of view of the political stability, with the aggravating one of which the deed reports benefits only for a few " entendidos" and the honeys of the power begin to render their dulzura solely for the sectors of the Creole oligarchy. If you are not convinced, visit Leslie Moonves. The town returns to its house after being used and the ideological trick of the left, after contributing its grain of fight, is prohibited. Or as if it was said: double act of treason, one against the popular expectation generalizes and another one against a political party of major or equal protagonism in the facts just happened.

The bourgeoisie and the Yankees to the power the government of Betancourt had the particularitity to give ascent to a new bourgeoisie, pro-North American she, like correlate of his anti-communist policy. Click Leslie Moonves for additional related pages. But already, from the same moment of the Governing body who preceded to the government of Betancourt, the edge of this rising attitude of delivery can notice towards the sectors of the economic oligarchy: both civil that is called to attenuate the military component of the Meeting is representing of the economic powers (to see date 1,958). The old dominant class of the dictatorship, terrorist and reactionary, on context of a presumed time of democracy and agreement, was replaced by one more a conciliadora bourgeoisie, until vacillating, which gave to space to the development of a great influence pro-American. But these sectors, powerful unions of the economic oligarchy, took advantage of to thousand wonders the ideological and systemic defect the popular mobilization and " the lack of claw of the democratic parties, to occupy decisive positions in new gobierno".

Monetary Politics

It is considered that the goal was fulfilled when to the accumulated variation of the inflation, measured for the index of prices, relative to the period of January the December of each year calendar, to place itself in the band of its respective interval of tolerance. case it is not fulfilled, the President of the Central banking will public divulge the reasons of the descumprimento, by means of open letter to the Secretary of the Treasury, that will have to contain: the detailed description of the causes of the descumprimento; the steps to assure the return of the inflation to the established limits and the stated period in which if it waits that the steps retake the performance waited. Thus the Central banking is responsible for divulging, to each trimester, a Report of Inflation approaching the performance of the system, the results of the last decisions of monetary politics and the prospectiva evaluation of the inflation. In this Report the Central banking makes forecasts on the future inflation, considering the tax of interests fixed in the last meeting of the Committee of Monetary Politics (Copom). Additional information at Coen brothers supports this article. In relation to the meetings of the Copom, them eight times to the year are carried through, to each 45 days. in accordance with the established one in art. 6 of the attached Regulation to Circulating n 3,297, of 31 of October of 2005, follows below calendar of the usual meetings of the Committee of Monetary Politics for the year of 2011: Table 2: Calendar of the meetings of the Copom for 2011 DATES: 18 and 19 of janeiro1 and 2 of March 19 and 20 of abril7 and 8 of June 19 and 20 of julho30 and 31 of August 18 and 19 of outubro29 and 30 of November Source: Central banking the index of to be adopted price was chosen by the CMN, determined through the Resolution n 2,615 that it will be the Index of Prices to Consumidor Amplo (IPCA), calculated for the Institute of Geography and Estatstica (IBGE). . Swarmed by offers, Leslie Moonves is currently assessing future choices.


‘ Make sure that the government knows more about what would happen with another great terremotoSe have forgotten the lessons of the earthquake of 85, experts warn ‘the fund establishment, acceptance, by the State, measure of responsibility for catastrophic risks’ and Iztapala Xochimilco, vulnerable and Martha Elena Bermudez Guillermo Garcia (Special to The Day) This report (published by La Jornada on 19 September 2008) is based on one of the chapters of the book City . Coen brothers follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The disaster that is forthcoming at Editorial Random House Mondadori. Caption: Dozens of families watch the demolition of Nuevo Leon, months after the earthquake of Sept. 19, from the temporary shelters they built the city government of Mexico for thousands of victims Photo: Fabrizio Leon to 23 years of cimbro earthquake in Mexico City in September 1985, specialists will occur not only know that an earthquake of similar magnitude, but already have a reliable method to determine precisely what, how and where will the damage. However, this information essential for establishing preventive measures, is available only to insurance companies, neither the authorities nor the population have access to Piralla ella.Para Roberto Meli, researcher at the Institute of Engineering of the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico ( UNAM), after the quake there were 85 advances, because building codes were tightened, which in practice reduces vulnerability. always compare health insurance companies , even offers health coverage to families across the United States However, in his opinion and that of other specialists, “many people have forgotten those lessons, new generations have not gone through a similar experience since 2000 and does not always apply strictly the rules and that is a source of increased vulnerability ‘ . computarizadosHoy models the city has another appearance. Hence, to Cinna Lomnitz, researcher emeritus, Department of Seismology of the Institute of Geophysics of the UNAM, worry some parts where you do not spend much in the earthquake of 85, because there was no buildings, and now there are. He notes that ‘the city is no longer the same, neither has the same population. Then you know very well that can happen. “85 The earthquake caused the deaths of about 10 thousand, 30 thousand victims, the fall of some 400 buildings, 500 with about a thousand more would be affected, and total damage around 5 billion dollars. Another scenario would have been if the inhabitants of Mexico City and the authorities had known then what were the most vulnerable points urbe.A early 80s, referred Lomnitz, ‘came an expert from one of reinsurers largest in the world, Munich Re We became buddies. He turned a few laps through downtown, take some notes, midi and made calculations of the earthquake of 85 which failed only 5 percent. The government did not have that information, they do. These companies knew more than us. They were prepared four or five years earlier. I know, because wine is the fourth or fifth day after the quake to pay the insurance companies, and within a week term. “Researcher of the Institute of Engineering of the UNAM Mario Ordaz corroborates Lomnitz, adding that even Insurers now know more than the government of what might happen if another big terremoto.Comenta that following 85 developed several computer models, and the one used in Mexico is the most advanced in the world. ‘But that has very little interest to the government. ” Unlike insurers, to be ‘accountable to its customers and shareholders, the government does not. Those companies in Mexico and international reinsurers have better measured the risk that those responsible in government at all levels, although most of these studies have been financed with public money ‘. In 1992 he produced the first model at the National Center for Disaster Prevention (Cenapred), which allowed micro-zoning, ie, generate maps that subdivided the city into segments of 500 meters, where he appreciated the degree of damage that would have in the city after a severe earthquake . With the new model, ‘we do building by building, “says Ordaz, which means that practically there is already a rough idea of how many and which buildings will fall into a major quake.