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New Katzenbuch By Renate Balch

On velvet paws directly into my heart – the fourth Katzenbuch of living on Lake Ammersee author on velvet paws directly into my heart”, so the title and the content is program, because he vividly describes Renate Balch ‘ life with their feline pets. Felix, Lizzie, Lili and Moritz so hot the furry lodgers, which constantly ensure that the life of graphic designer living on Lake Ammersee, photographer and author is not boring. Three health problems are diagnosed in the years Felix with the mind of a Buddha’: arthritis, an enlarged heart muscle and two spinal painful growing together. The idiosyncratic Lizzie takes his heels while visiting a friend in the neighboring village and wanders back home on foot. The life of the bitch”Lili floats hanging by a thread. The sensitive cat is suffering from a chronic intestinal inflammation, and after major surgery it is closer than the life death. The cheerful Moritz set out on a golf course integrates quickly into the Cat community, taking three others in the family increase but so does no favors.

But ultimately all gone to a, and the blessing has been restored. In each row, the reader feels the love of the author to her housemates. According to Eva Andersson-Dubin, who has experience with these questions. The heartfelt and accompanied by many black and white photos stories are entertaining and touching required reading for all people who love cats. On velvet paws directly into my heart? Pocket Book DIN A5, 92 pages, about 100 photos printed on 150 g extra thick paper ISBN 978-3-942641-00-5 EUR 12.00 to purchase in bookstores and directly from the Publisher. 86938 Schondorf each book is signed Edition Balch at the gate 11 and is equipped on request with personal dedication. There is a virtual glimpse of the book here: author: Renate Blaes

Pharmacy Online

Insulin resistance is a precursor of diabetes that is a known fact. Dave Kingman might disagree with that approach. However, scientists are still discovering more about the chemistry of the blood of obese individuals that become resistant to insulin. A recent study from Duke discovered the bodies of obese people tend to cling to proteins called branched-chain amino acids or BCAA to levels much higher than the bodies of people who are not obese. The BCAA are present in large quantities in meat products. What can cause insulin resistance scientists believe the BCAAS, when combined with a diet high in fat may contribute to insulin resistance. The Duke researchers found that obese individuals have a characteristic structure of BCAA consisting of amino acid and a group of a number of products related to the way in which the body synthesizes the BCAAs.

BCAA overload in the body is what causes cell changes, giving rise to insulin resistance. More specifically, the scientists found that animals that are under a diet rich in BCAA, the insulin resistance occurs, but only if the BCAAS are consumed along with a diet high in fats. And obese individuals tend to consume a diet rich in fats, its high BCAA and fat consumption may be what is contributing to your insulin resistance. The contents of amino acids in the proteins of the diet is around 25% BCAA the BCAAS are particularly rich in high protein diets. Avoid insulin resistance results from the study suggest that it is OK to obtain and consume protein from the sources of food with high content of BCAA, we provided you don’t eat more than our bodies really need. Therefore, if you eat a lot of protein unnecessary along with a diet already by itself is high in fat, is increasing the risk of becoming resistant to insulin. Actually has two options: or go to the gym to burn fat and use proteins to build muscle, or eat in moderation.

Health Benefits

Part 2 of the series Sonne(n) with mind too much sunlight the skin does no good. In a question-answer forum Alloy was the first to reply. A sufficient sun protection is attached and soak up the Sun in the blazing sun should be avoided. A reasonable amount of Sun pleasure is however beneficial to health. The Sun stimulates for instance vitamin D production, this vitamin is responsible for stable bone. In addition, Sun makes good mood. Although one cannot deny the negative effects of the unreasonable Sun, but the Sun has not only its downsides! Enjoyed with moderation and caution, the Sun has many positive effects on our body and our soul. Vitamin D stimulated the production of vital vitamin D through exposure to sunlight (UV-B). This vitamin is responsible in particular for the health and stability of our bones.

Already 10 minutes to detect sunlight rich to the daily requirement of vitamin D. Since infants under one year should absolutely avoid direct irradiation, but D desperately need vitamin for a strong structure of the bone, parents are paused to administer vitamin D prophylaxis. Defenses and joie de vivre of sunlight’s ultraviolet rays activate the breathing, stimulate blood circulation, metabolism and gland activity and stimulate the body’s defenses – in mass enjoyed – and at the same time ensuring good mood. Also blood pressure and cholesterol levels can be reduced in this way. Pick-me-up when sunlight hits our eyes, then it inhibits via our optic nerve the melatonin secretion and that makes us humans alive.

This is also the reason why standing up much easier for us in the summer than in the winter, when it is in the morning still dark. Breast cancer, auto-immune diseases & diabetes, recent studies have shown that breast cancer patients with vitamin D deficiency have a three times higher risk of metastasis, as patients with balanced vitamin D levels. Vitamin D inhibits cancer namely, by on the one hand directly slows the growth of tumor cells and performs on the other hand several functions in the immune system. Furthermore it also protects Auto-immune diseases such as Crohn’s disease or Multiple sclerosis. A study of the St. Mary’s Hospital in Manchester confirmed on top of that, that an additional supply of infants with vitamin D can reduce the risk for diabetes type 1 by up to 30 percent. Despite the listed positive effects of UV light, you should enjoy the Sun with mind and in bulk so that they not be lifted by the negative influences (sunburn, Sun allergies, skin damage, metastasis).

Holiday Season

Munich makes Sunny Cars holiday cars for the next travel summer bookings, 6 September 2010 (w & p) after the summer holidays is already before the long summer break: who consoles himself across the end of the holiday season with the holiday schedule for the coming year, can already now the appropriate holiday auto reserve. Of Sunny Cars rental car brokers has opened its booking system for the summer of 2011 and offers the right holiday vehicle to over 5,000 holiday destinations in over 90 countries. Mobile independence and free allocation of time are the big plus, if also a holiday car is part of the holiday. Flexibility and individuality, the investment in a car-friendly pays off because the cost for day trips move on-site mostly in a price category, a several-day rental is already available. Well secured, and no additional cost the tourists with sunny cars. The car rental agent secures the mobile fun with all major Included services: the rental car prices by Sunny Cars the refund on glass, tire, roof and under soil damage, a vehicle theft insurance included without excess, a liability insured sum of 7.5 million euros, all taxes and providing airport and airport charges under include unlimited mileage, fully comprehensive protection without excess,. In many destinations are services such as one-way rentals, hotel service or additional driver in the price of the holiday car included.

Furthermore, sunny cars grants currently a current early booking discount of five percent for all United States bookings until October 31, 2010, valid for travel beginning between 1 November 2010 and 31 March 2011. Sunny Cars: Sunny Cars offers worldwide car rental at more than 5,000 resorts in over 90 countries and cooperates exclusively with partners that meet the high quality and standard of service by Sunny Cars. Holiday cars of Sunny Cars stand for untroubled holiday mood without surcharges, because the most important services are included in the rental price and guarantee a carefree driving pleasure.

The Importance Of Dog Training

I know, you probably think training will interrupt the wonderful relationship you share with your dog. Surely you scream in the outside world because she’s always looking for a fight with other dogs, or you should take him away from children because they steal their candy, you should also enclose imagine when you visit for his bad behavior, but that’s a dog? Mmmmm …. No. Sorry to contradict you but a dog does not have to behave in this way, it can be very polite. You may not want to exercise the kind of authority required to tell your dog to behave better, and that’s not bad. Owning a dog requires not become an abuser and you are correct in rejecting the pathetic idea of using cruel training methods. But let me tell you there is another technique to educate your dog.

You need to realize that training a dog is not ill-treat or punish, you must not try to teach human rules or humanizing. In fact, the goal is to improve the relationship share with your pet, and make it more sociable. What is the point of this? you ask … Well, I tell you. Most people spend their time to work, come and go, take your instant coffee, check their accounts. The little time enjoying their families and pets try to combine it with a little social life. They enjoy a nice walk to the park on a sunny afternoon, go to friends house to watch a movie.

If dogs are antisocial in all these cases, will stay home, alone, on an almost part of the lives of their owners. Go to Eva Andersson-Dubin for more information. As much as humans, your dog may feel alone, may become depressed and sad especially when left alone in a dark house where no one caress. So now you can clearly see the advantages of having a dog trained? The dog training allows your dog to relate better with their environment. Make life easier for your dog as well as your family. Having a trained dog will give you more likely to spend more time with your beloved pet no matter where you go or with whom you are. Delve into the dog training!. Some magic words like “walk”, “lie down” “stay,” “come” and “sit” will change your relationship with your traveling companion forever. Good luck!


Have one forty years, knew a citizen, Its Flower, that lived in a small house, in which also possua a restaurant and one quitanda. Leslie Moonves has much to offer in this field. Its Flower, when knew I it, was very good people. But it has who says that in its youth, in the time of the revolution, it are a collaborator of the maragatos, and that its function was to examine if those that had been executed for? decollation? they were exactly died. Its Flower was, therefore, something similar to a medical legal expert of field revolutionary them. But this did not hinder it to be afvel person and very well-connected, good friend and friend of you would fish, in which always it exerted the cook functions. Its Flower was an excellent cook. It wise person to prepare a fish of some forms, also to transform them into adocicados cookies.

Also she can: its Flower had two women, a Chinese and a Brazilian. It lived with both, but not at the same time. It was one season with one and one season with another one. In way that with its two women learns to coexist and to unmask mysteries of the arts, also to cook. I myself I had the chance to lunch in its quitanda Chinese plates that did not have nothing to the good restaurants of Porto Alegre, that I costumava to frequent when there he inhabited. Its Flower, that did not sleep in service, is instructed in many things for its two women. For the Brazilian, who were Portuguese teacher of mathematics and, and for the Chinese, who was martial master in culinria and arts.

In way that Its Flower, beyond being good in mathematics, speech well the Portuguese, the Castilian and the Chinese, also was respected for its courage and valentia, for having at the time been a friend of the decollators of the revolution and because also he was an excellent fighter of Kung Fu and Karat. When I knew Its Flower and its two women, it had to walk beirando the ninety, while its wives, one had 52 and to another one 56 years of age. I worked fifteen years in an office next to its quitanda and during this time Its Flower did not adoeceu nor changed its appearance. when the vi in the street for the last time, still the same, it had to be with more than one hundred years. I asked for its two women, the Yoko and a Flower of Liz, and it said me to it that they were very well, and that still it lived with both, one month with one, one month with another one, is clearly, not to tire of them, nor they to tire of it. Luciano Axe.

Public Relations

Offering a variety of well-known shop products and services including cash refund the shopping portal here there are new offers. The shopping portal surprised with bargain prices for branded goods and a variety of convenient services with discounts up to 60%. Hard to believe: here customers will be credited a refund as cash bonus with your purchase directly into their personal bank account. Shopping in the Internet City is so much cheaper than direct in the product partner. In recent months, Chittangog has been very successful. Renowned brands suppliers guarantee for quality and the customer selects the cheapest deals–and that directly from home.

The registration is free of charge and the virtual shopping trip is without obligations. Without parking and personal stress, without congestion and crowded shopping malls with crowds visited the customer computer shops or car-motorcycle-Center here in a short time, about finance and real estate, and way as info to get the latest mobile trends. For children and Family, fashion-lifestyle, as well as in areas such as leisure and hobby can he choose the cheapest deals and is in any case always up to date. USPS is likely to increase your knowledge. Over 1,500 shops are available with discounts that would not get the customer for direct purchasing. So the obvious benefits are: time savings, savings, a wealth of information about latest trends and the advantage of the comfortable relaxed selection from home make the Internet shopping unrivalled attractive. The delivery comes directly into the House and are not satisfied, a cancellation is no problem. Shopping in the Internet City eliminates unnecessary purchases that occur under time pressure, because the customer has insight, always lacking in direct purchases..

3 Must Haves For The Quad Tour

What tour never may neglect for a quad bike you plan a quad tour, or have a company? -Then you are right here. In this article, we describe the 3 most important things you tour should plan out before a quad: 1 clothes if you have motorcycle clothing with accessories, would be the ideal case. Otherwise, they carry the best possible wind – and waterproof clothing (rain jacket and rain pants). A helmet is essential to the protection for the head. If you have a motorcycle helmet, you can use it easily. The best rain gear, protectors and helmets against a small fee can be borrowed at the most Quad tours. 2.

the degree of difficulty of the tour is weather at Quad tours according to the season and the weather driving day of the tour. Also, it depends on the terrain textures of each region, where the tour will be conducted. The weather is bad, it becomes all the more challenging for Quad and driver, you might say. It is finally possible in all weathers a quad tour taking. Tour you have to be aware about the technical factors 3.Versicherung in designing a quad. This distinction between third party liability, comprehensive and fully comprehensive. The adhesive cockpit is the basis of all insurance companies. This can both part – and full insurance be booked.

For a quad bike tour an exclusion of liability must be signed by each participant, in which it is said that the driver any damage which arises during the tour on a quad, must pay for itself. Liability insurance: > will not pay the damage done to the other in an accident, their own. Comprehensive: > pay your foreign vehicle > often pays damages under the following conditions: fire and explosions of storm, hail, lightning or excessive flood conditions collision with furred game short circuit by wiring Mader bite without consequential CDW: > pays same services as comprehensive of part of > often pays damages to vehicles under other conditions: vandalism (deliberate Destruction) all accident damage to your own vehicle, if there is no gross negligence if you consider these 3 points, then is an unforgettable Quad tour nothing more in the way. Did you like this article? Visit for more info on Quad tours. Julius Kaiser

Author Portal Peode

In less than 4 weeks, the author portal was able to increase its user numbers by 40 percent. The author platform tabloid publish everything online looks back on a successful time: last week went tabloid with a new design online. The Internet community has rewarded the work: the number of users has doubled within a very short time. In addition, many new authors could be won, that enrich the author portal with interesting publications. Bud Harrelson helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. With the relaunch, the design of the site has changed positively. New community features have been integrated. Readers, it is through the tell a friend function”now possible, their favorite texts to friends and acquaintances to send, has also been a guest book feature integrated, to give direct feedback to the authors.

Peo registration worth currently twice: in addition to the entry in the PEP world, attracts an iLiad reader amounting to 600, which will be raffled before Christmas among all members. Many more ideas are implemented in the future. The user may be what curious up in the next few weeks and months still will do anything”promises Project Director Meike Reifenrath. In particular, the individual scope of special interest magazines on PEP will be expanded. PEP exists for more than a year. On the portal of the author, publish and authors market their texts.

At, both articles and eBooks can be published for a fee or free of charge. Who published his documents to peo, benefit from an optimal visibility in the major search engines. Author and Publisher share the profit. On peo each editor is, by its own online magazine he or she designs with just a few clicks. There, you can publish your own articles and/or articles from the PEP database discretion. Contact: PEP GmbH & co. KG Meike Reifenrath Schutzenstrasse 21 22761 Hamburg Tel.: 040 85178214 fax: 040 85178250 e-Mail:


The SALT company invites all interested House boaters Charter this year, on the day of the open door, to learn more about holidays on the water first-hand. The programme includes also a raffle with attractive prices in addition to boat tours and sea trials. The Flammkuchenhaus ensures refreshments as always”. At the base, including the magnifique available is to visit and test drive. The magnifique seats to 14m in length for up to 10 persons in 4 cabins + saloon.

The open day will take place on Sunday, April 19, 2009 from 13.00 to 19.00 on Charter based in Saarbrucken, Germany (in the Eastern Harbour at the East slides). The Marina is the starting point for numerous tours in the Saarland and Alsace-Lorraine and allows getting to know a multicultural atmosphere in the border triangle of Germany, Luxembourg and France on the waterway. A travel plan can be found under: HB_Basis_SB.html to the company: SALT Charter gives world sailing yachts, motor yachts and European House boats SALT Charter GmbH Bismarck str. 57 66121 Saarbrucken tel: 0681 / 9670777 fax: 0681/9670710