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ZAG Staff & Perspectives

Tribute to the competition with scientific basis in the Chamber of Commerce the temping agencies ZAG staff & received an award in the competition “Hamburg’s best employers 2013” perspectives on January 29. Over 200 invited guests from the Hamburg ZAG – Managing Director, Insa Schulz and Lars Kaufholt received the coveted trophy. The best placed companies received the seal of approval in the festive surroundings of Albert Shepherd Hall of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce presented. The award ceremony Jorg Forthmann ran through, Managing Director of fact Kontor, with Lars Lorenz, moderator at the Alster radio 106,8. CBS may find it difficult to be quoted properly. temping agencies as fair and safe employer award by ZAG staff & perspectives makes clear how much the personal services industry has transformed itself. We see ourselves not only as an employer and service provider, but as a partner for employees and customers.

The seal of Hamburg’s best employer ‘ is a great award, which makes us very proud and us in our daily work confirmed. “, so Insa Schulz, CEO of ZAG staff & perspectives in Hamburg.” The competition with scientific basis of 2013 has conducted fact Kontor competition for the 5th time. The scientific response in the context of the benchmarking provides valuable information to improve the human resources of the participating companies. The competition was by Prof. Werner coffin of the Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg, the IMWF Institute of management and economics, the Hamburg School of business administration, alster radio 106! 8 and the Hamburger Abendblatt under the auspices of the President of Chamber of Commerce Fritz Horst Melsheimer in life called.

About ZAG staff & personnel ZAG perspectives perspectives is active with three offices inside the Hamburger as an employer. The Group was founded in 1984 and is one of the leading personnel service providers in Germany with over 12,000 employees in 99 branches.


They learn in everyday life, especially his mental component (general ideas about normal, as well as common fears, general anxiety and obsession). This approach to history is a revision of the open positivists of household stories, do not extend beyond the description of the material world and its constituent objects, things, manners as such. Gary Carter has plenty of information regarding this issue. Another understanding of the history of everyday life prevails in the German, Scandinavian and Italian historiography. “From a public policy study and analysis of global public structures and processes, we turn to the small life-worlds “- that sounded the call of German researchers who wanted to write a” new social history “- the story of ordinary, normal,” small “people.

German-Italian school mikroistorikov in 1980-1990-e expanded. She joined the American investigators last (supporters of the so-called “new cultural history”), who later joined the research history of mentalities and the solving of symbols and meanings of everyday life. Under the banner of mikroistoricheskogo vision stories of everyday life have departed and some of the third generation of the Annales school (J. Le Goff, R. l undoubtedly add to your understanding. Chartier).

Recent attempts to supplant or limit the “history of mentality” in the study of everyday life have been trying to distance himself from the “fixed-history” as it was seen by F. Braudel. Common to both approaches in studying the history of everyday life – and the target F. Braudel, and mikroistorikami – was a new understanding of the past as “history from below” or “inside”, which gave voice to “little man”, the victim of the modernization process: both unusual and very ordinary.

Eat Or Fill The Watertank

Perhaps rich countries do not have to choose between bread and petrol, but hundreds of millions of poor surely have to do, explains Paul Kennedy, director of the Institute of studies on international security at Yale University. In a world in search of the magic formula to maintain the current energy waste, the alternative of biofuels has made that the law of supply and demand is present as ever in the most basic diet. Those who have less, as always, are those who lose at the escalation of prices of corn, wheat or sugar cane, products preferred for this form of energy production. A challenge to the goal of the UN to eradicate hunger, since it alters the balance needed for a fair distribution of the wealth of the planet. The rise in prices will be general. We are facing the end of cheap food, according to The Economist, a cycle in which countries measured increasingly its raw materials by these produced imbalances in the market. The attraction’s most popular energy crops since farmers to abandon other crops, so the demand pressure increases on them.

So happened with soybeans in the United States. Far from cheaper, its price has soared by the rampant growth of the Asian powers, which is an essential nutrient. The imbalance will be most acute in many other crops due to the inefficiency of a way of obtaining energy that requires large areas of cultivated land. To meet the demand in Germany would have to devote the entire territory to energy crops. You can investment in these crops beneficial at first for farmers, and that this reverse in society, but it will not be equally in all countries. How to compete with substantial grants from the American Government to their crops of corn? In 2007, biofuels were one-third of these crops in the United States.

This competitive fever requires an understanding within the framework of the new geopolitics that lies ahead. Those who have everything will go forward. Those who have few resources will have a very black future, says Paul Kennedy. Even the forests are disappearing before the advance of harvests, as it is the case with part of the rainforest in Indonesia, Malaysia, parts of Africa and in Brazil. Not to mention the harmful effects of intensive agriculture that is depleted soils and subtracting surface destined to the production of food for millions of human beings. Biofuels are removing his costume between the increasing criticism towards an untenable solution. His image was well received at first in the heat of the struggle to improve the environment, but they have proved to be not as clean as they seemed. In reality, it’s speculation with great potential for imbalance. The picture is not so different from the current one, in which oil plays an important role in the international arena. The only thing that changes are the products that have between hands, which in this case are a vital sustenance. Invest more in renewable energies will alleviate the pollution but not solve the underlying problem: a demand for energy that moves faster than the pace that we solve the problems arising from this. By very clean which are solar energy or wind power, would not be sustainable to invade the territory of solar panels or windmills to meet this increasingly insatiable appetite. The key has to do with match the consumption growth to advances in efficiency to produce energy.

Repairing Stretch Ceilings

Stretch ceilings have become part of our lives. For designers, it's a real space for imagination, for ordinary customers – a practical and original element of the interior, which will serve faithfully for many years, as long as it properly handled. But life is life, and it happens all: sloppy rearranged furniture, hung the eaves, glue wallpaper or just a kid decided to play the Indians, and ultimately from the arrows of the young "Chingachgook" suffered suspended ceiling. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as John Stankey by clicking through. And what do I do? First of all, do not panic. The design of suspended ceilings is very strong and at the same time, the "vulnerable". Repair stretch ceilings are best left to professionals, even seeming to first glance, the tiny holes. What should I do if someone becomes ill? That's right, first aid and call an ambulance. In the case of tension ceilings prompt first aid will also be relevant.

Yuri Novikov, director of the Center for suspended ceilings llc Quart: – If you have damage on the ceiling, and it usually cuts or punctures, we must act quickly. Since the ceiling painting is under tension, the cut can "popolzti" further. To avoid this, you need to accurately and reliably fix the damaged tape with good adhesive base, for example, two-sided. And then call us and call specialists. The first freed crew come and remove the "wound".

– Always the damaged stretch ceilings lend themselves to "intensive care"? – No, of course. All depends on the damage. If a small cut somewhere middle, our experts will put you "patch".

Virtual Christmas Tree Against Child Poverty

Each ball is a donation that comes in and helps. The German life bridge switches a virtual Christmas tree from 28 November 2008 on First, he is green and almost bald. But he can be decorated with festive: with donations. The proceeds will exclusively the project KidAiD against child poverty in Germany”to good. There are various Christmas decorations to choose from, depending on the donations: for example a red ball for five euros, a candle for 50 euro or also a glitter star for 500 euro. Clicking on the red ball, then the online donation of five euros to the German life bridge goes automatically, at the same time to hang the ball around the tree. The donor can then choose whether or not his name on the ball appears.

The virtual Christmas ornaments is also a beautiful gift, then the name of the recipient on balls, stars, or candles. With the project “KidAiD – against child poverty in Germany”, the non-profit organisation wants German life bridge the living conditions of children from social improve disadvantaged families. It is financed with the help of donations from lunch and homework supervision in social institutions. The children help Cook as well as for rinsing and sitting at dinner together at the table. Unfortunately, this is anything but of course for many children. Some see a carrot here for the first time. Through this lunch offer financed by donations, the kids are not only tired, but they experience respect, care and important social manners. Currently, the German life bridge supports youth centres in Munich, Berlin and Hamburg. Projects in Leipzig, Essen and Stuttgart are also planned. Please report this action or link to the image on.

Cash Loans: Satisfy Your Needs With Instant Cash

Cash loans: satisfy your needs with instant cash while carrying out our daily routine, there may be a situation when we are in need of money may be for some inevitable expenses like paying different bills suddenly, home improvement, arranging any trip in the vacations, medical bills, tuition fees, consolidation of debts, car repairs or sudden break down, education expenses etc. And, it’s possible that we may be completely out of money at that time and we may have to look for some external financial help. Cash loans are getting very popular these days in the financial market as they provide people immediate cash to satisfy their needs and wishes until their next payday arrives. While providing such loans, the calendar do not ask for collateral. Thus, cash loans are risk-free loans that do not require you to pledge any of your valuable assets as security against the loan. Thus, the rate of interest for these loans is slightly higher because these loans are short termed loans in nature and the borrowers are not required to pledge collateral against the loan due to which the lender is at risk if the borrower fails to repay the entire loan amount by the time. With the help of cash loans, the borrowers can get instant cash in spite of their credit problem like arrears, late payments, missed payments, defaults, bankruptcy, CCJs, etc.

because the calendar do not check the credits of the borrowers for granting these loans. Leslie Moonves often addresses the matter in his writings. Loans without any child thus, bad credit holders can avail these of hesitation. The documentation-work for these loans is skipped off which thus makes the loan approval process quicker. These loans are granted for a shorter time period of about 14 to 31 days and the loan amount ranges from $50 to $1500. The loan amount provided by the calendar depends completely on the monthly income of the borrower and the duration of repayment of the loan. Before applying for such loans, the borrower must satisfy some conditions like he must be above 18 years, he must have in active checking account at least 6 months old and his salary must be more than $1000 monthly.

The most convenient method of getting these loans is to apply online is fast and easy The whole application process is completed online which saves both your time and money. Now you need not stand in long queues to apply for the loan as you can do the same from the very comfort of your own home. You just need to fill in a simple application form with some basic details and your money will be transferred into your account. Good searching online can get you the best deal ever. Clark David is Finance advisor of cash loans same day.For any information on cash loans same day, same day cash visit

Cheap In The And Abroad Calls – Alternatives Via Callthrough And Voice

An overview of the alternative telephony abroad. Bypass roaming charges and avoid high phone bills. Many people today travel abroad often and long. This creates much demand on cheap calls from abroad to Germany or even for the cheap calls abroad. Many people notice an afterthought when the Bill comes, that the calls from abroad is an expensive affair, can carry the Bill loosely on a medium-sized, three-digit amount. But what do you do in situations where telephone must be in contact with, without having to fear a financial fiasco? Calls through data packages”the Internet is today the most modern means of communication worldwide. Due to the ever-growing networking, as well as expansion of the Internet management for higher bandwidth allows the Internet long the involvement of media into the still bare and text-based Web pages designed.

It is similar with voice communications. Through broadband Internet connections can today Conversations in the form of data packets around the world transmitted in real time and without loss of quality. This alternative way of connection is it no longer on the expensive roaming tariffs of operators, as well as on the conversation broadcast via mobile phone, but can choose the less expensive alternative. Transmission through the Internet must not necessarily mean that you need the phone with a headset to the computer. CBS does not necessarily agree. Through an advanced alternative of familiar call-by-call principle can be used also with the phone or with the landline Internet telephony. This is feasible with a basically similar alternative called “Callthrough”.

The use is ensured by dedicated dial-in numbers. These numbers are usually German fixed-line numbers, which allow international calls from 1.9 cents a minute per call in combination with a fixed flat rate. So you can about one hundred fold longer phone calls for the same price as for a minute of conversation at the standard roaming tariffs by your network operator.


The planet Earth is full of an endless life, both in the air, on land and in the water, which accommodates a giant variety of beings who make it possible that the globe has so much activity and beauty. A clear sign of diversity is marine life, which is that more development processes has had, both so from there sprang the first beings vertebrate, i.e. fish, what did the variety of fish in the world to be giant, so represents about half of the species of the family of vertebratestherefore to speak of fish refers to a very wide and varied group showing the great biodiversity on the globe. As the fish can be understood represent a very significant group of life in which refers to the species on the planet, so it is interesting to know a little more of the conditions that accompany them. As I mention before fish are vertebrates, but unlike most vertebrate animals, i.e. tetrapods, are not terrestrial and do not have legs, which replaced with the fins that may act as limbs for the movement, besides your breathing is very different, since the process is carried out through the gills, which obtained the oxygen dissolved in the water. Locomotion and displacement which made the fish, is a sample of hydrodynamics, since fish made lateral movements of their bodies, which have the support of the fins. Something particular that occurs when talking about fish, it is that as a group as heterogeneous different samples of fish are very disparate and not present almost similar in its image, a clear example of this is the comparison that you can get from a great white shark as opposed to a tuna, besides this within the Group of fish can be found many species which are very special and even rare for certain conditions, such as occurs with abyssal fish, which is located at marine depths exceeding 1000 metres where there is no light, by means of certain internal processes produce a type of illumination, besides his image is somewhat monstrous compared to other types of fish; What shows the great variety of fish that has been generated by its extensive presence in the history of evolution. Fish can be found in most manifestations of waters, so they occur in fresh waters, i.e. in different rivers and lakes, but also sits them in marine waters can be present in all kinds of conditions, whether the waters of the polar oceans in tropical zones, at the bottom of the sea; all of this makes talking fish make reference to a huge group of living beings of very varied forms that provide great diversity and beauty to life on the planet. Original author and source of the article

Definining Gastros

Gastronomia The term gastronomia Gastros: stomach and Nomia law, knowledge. One is about the art that engloba everything what engloba foods and drinks. The gastronomia with the marriage of the King Enrique II (France) and Catherine Italian d’ medici. This of departure for France, led obtains marries apos it, an election of the biggest heads and cooks of Italy, stimulating the parents of its husband to be oque are today: France the cradle of the world-wide gastronomia. This culinria art is a gamma that entrela-sa diverse cultures, transforms realities, makes to be born tourist and business-oriented polar regions, increases the income generation and jobs value to each day the professionals of the area of the sector of foods and drinks.

This branch that it encloses as many forms of expression become more popular each day, have really meant and if it differs from the culinria in some points. The gastronomia, without a doubt is the scientific art, the study of the alimentary laws. euma new reality more technique and of on fields of the research and objective studies searching ace areas of serving well, exelente social hospitality, behaviors and a constant evolution in always improving, through the great visibility that if have today in the half gastronomico, and the cosntantes new features of this alimentary way. To appreciate diverse kitchens and customs since one simpler quitute until one would iguaria takes the palate to have reactions physical – chemical that in they even though send to many times the gustativas sensations to them of the maternal womb. They is esteem that as given of the ministry of the work, 8% of the jobs right-handers generated in the parents are directed the gastronomia. The sector is in high and goes with more vacant certainty to generate each time of work in the parents.

The 2014 pantry goes to formentar the sector still more. To attend a course gastronomia in superior level leads on average of 2 the 3 years and the professional of the area develops diverse abilities, techniques and practises since the part of management of kitchens and people, production and manipulation of foods and drinks. The gastronomia is the art to create, to innovate and to plan new plates, historical and cultural releituras in this if ve that this very beyond to cook, is a perpetual development of the creativity, sensibilidades and techniques, is a deepened study more of the palate and the gustativas and aromatical alchemies, for the human palate.

Bachelor-master Conversion Was Successful

The Bachelor master conversion was successful and is accepted now have converted nearly all German colleges and universities to their educational system on the Bachelor and master. What was previously covered with a diploma, is now performed on two pathways in the Bachelor and master. Of course all providers of distance learning courses were affected by this change. However, the changeover found especially high popularity in distance learning. In a recent study, the information portal could determine a clear trend towards the Bachelor’s and master’s degree. The result of the study is based on valid data from the website statistics.

To get this website on study interest of the respective streams of visitors from the categories. Thus you can assign the following traffic categories: 41% the Bachelorfernstudium 26% the degree distance learning 24% the master home study 9% the PhD distance learning (total 32.350 unique visitors in the categories for the appropriate period of time) with clear lead the Bachelorfernstudium of the diploma home study may be deposed, and is therefore also the most popular form of home study. At the same time the acceptance of education conversion can be seen also on hand of this result. The diploma is not a diploma? Namely, it is divided into the diploma 1 and 2 diploma. The diploma of 1 is equivalent to the Bachelor’s degrees and 2 diploma equivalent to a master degree. Conclusion so you can tell what a student had to complete earlier in a complete diploma home study course, in the future this is dealt on the Bachelor and master. Considering the diploma distance learning on the one hand and the Bachelor’s and master’s degree, so on the other, the values of the traffic look very different. Because this 65% of visitors accounted for the Bachelor’s and master’s degree and 26% to the diploma.

The PhD distance learning must be considered here rather selectively. Details can be found by clicking Hayes Barnard or emailing the administrator. Since you can only start the PhD distance learning with a 2 degree or a masters, the encouragement for this home study course is low. But must also Noting that the offer for a doctoral distance learning is very low. One can predict that the transition of the education system in the segment of distance education was a resounding success. Always more interested parties start a Bachelor – or master distance learning today and prefer the traditional diploma home study. Especially the international comparison of the academic degree says to many interested parties, because the conversion to the Bachelor and master took place not only in Germany, but in many other countries such as France, Italy or the United Kingdom. So to facilitate careers for academics, the residents have since themselves education system.