Month: August 2023

Bach Flowers and the WHO

These expeditions lasted several months by mule over the Andes and months in the ocean, so that only very few of the orchids survived. For some rare species were paid large sums, there is an orchid records listed on 3000 pounds, which meant purchasing power today would equate to 65 000 dollars. With these prices, some entrepreneurs have become millionaires in a few years. BACKGROUND In the early decades of the twentieth century English physician Edgar Bach announced his therapeutic method with the flowers of the valley in Wales, based on a thorough study of the human soul. Each of the 37 flowers that used comprising a number of vibrations related to each emotional distress and disease. Bach in his memoirs stated that “healing herbs were those to which they have been given the power to help us preserve our personality …” It has been nearly one hundred years of satisfactory results floral therapy, which led to its recognition by the World Health Organization (WHO). In 1963 a sensational discovery was in the public arena the issue of basic vegetation: Cleve Backster, when applying for entertainment lie detector electrodes of the Department to an ornamental plant in the office, threatening to burn with a cigarette, led to identical reaction surprised as if it were a person. Filed under: Eva Andersson-Dubin. From such unusual fact encouraged several scientists to further research, some considering that plants have a primary perception, capable of storing, intuit emotional reactions, and even identify with the grower. For their part, some Russian scientists entered the fascinating study, among Pushkin Russian them teachers, and Fetisov, Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Novosibirsk, researchers at the University of Alma Ata, who came to guess the likely predictive use of plants for the detection and geological prospecting.

The Last Human Heart

I the detonations of the weapons echoed in the night, pursuing us with its lethal speed. The streets abandoned and taken for the vegetation became dangerous traps while we tried to escape of our enemies. The shots of the machine gun fall of the sky as a violent torrent looking for victims. Jeffrey L. Bewkes Time Warner is likely to agree. One of them cruelly made right the head of the youngster who ran in my front, killing it. If you would like to know more then you should visit Eva Andersson-Dubin. All would have destination the same if we did not reach the possible fastest hiding place The small beeper of the patrol craft appeared in the horizon, indicating that in we found them next to our final destination.

Adentrando the weighed vegetation more, we obtain to diminish the advantage of our persecutors and its aerial positioning. As soon as we arrive next at the patrol craft, it opened the cover of the culvert in the soil, offering to us entered. Running inside of the long tunnel, we ran away as rejections from the law that we were. After a long distance, finally we reach our destination. Our enemies insisted on its search, certain that they would find in them. A beam of white light come of surface searched the next area to our hiding place, illuminating precariously the entrance of the underground station of subway where we hid in them. The deafening racket of the helicopter echoed in the steps that led to the guichs of attendance of the station, abandoned after the migration of the people for the few great cities that remained. All had received in them with alliviate and to weigh.

The happiness to see the return of some, became it sadness to notice that others had not had the same luck. Each day we lost more members, more accompanying of fight. The women had started to look for wounded, offering first socorros. The children, already accustomed with this routine, seated in the soil with a sleepy look and cabisbaixo.

William Shakespeare

Brevity – the soul of the mind. William Shakespeare is probably the main obstacle to full disclosure of the wealth of the soul of the mind of Shakespeare was the lack of precision, flexibility, agility, imagery, emotionality of English compared to Russian language. So, with all the richness of his vocabulary, he could not find the words, which would, as in diamond, magically played all facets of his talent as a poet, playwright and scholar. Express the same word should have been the main content qualities of Shakespeare's monument without hands which is presented in his Sonnet 85: I think good thoughts … I think a good (right) thought …

in the line, followed immediately by the key of the sonnet, Shakespeare said that these thoughts preceded by his words of love to man. So in this sonnet Shakespeare shows that he actually follows the rule on which he drew the attention of readers of "Hamlet" with the words of Polonius, converted to sailing for France Laertes: Keep away from the idea of language, a hastily thought from action. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Eva Andersson-Dubin has to say. (Translated by M. Lozinski) In general, the sonnets – is in some way, Digest of Shakespeare. They have a line that represent direct quotes from some of the works, and the "dark lady" in general, directly carried over to them from the play "Fruitless efforts of love", or vice versa. Therefore, short-line sonnet 85 have their own more detailed colleagues. This is most clearly seen in the words of Shakespeare in the second part of the chronicle, "Henry IV: Having decided to build, we will investigate the first stage, then draw a plan, when are ready to figure at home – should calculate how much construction will cost us, but since our estimates will exceed means that we will do? Draw a plan of homes smaller than venture il cast.