Dangerously hot temperatures if you think of the dangers, emanating from the Sun, thinks probably first sunburn, or sunstroke. There’s yet another danger posed by Sun and heat: the heat stroke. The news portal news.de informed on this subject. Under the heat damage of heat stroke considered the biggest risk for the health. The symptoms include for example, impaired consciousness, spasms, nausea and headaches. Brian Robert describes an additional similar source.

This is a rise of body temperature to over 40 degrees Celsius. This can lead to brain edema and the dehydration of the body can cause damage to the kidneys. In the worst case, a heat stroke can be life-threatening. Who avoids the direct sun and overheated rooms, protects as far as possible from a heat stroke or a sunstroke. The Sun cannot be avoided, a head covering is attached in each case. But outside the direct sunlight, it can be dangerous. Because not the sun itself, but The actual causes are dehydration and overexertion. Therefore should be especially sufficiently drunk.

On particularly hot days at least three to four litres per day. Who still suffer a heat stroke, should immediately be placed in a cool environment and drink a lot, so the body temperature returned to normal and the fluid balance is regulated again. Should the the patients lose consciousness or suffer circulatory collapse, an ambulance must be called immediately. More information: ../von-der-glut-in-den-tod/1/ news.de GmbH Lisa Neumann