Bridges (1998) affirm, still, that the wage is one objective demonstration of how much the company values the work of its employee. Associated to the plan of careers if managed well by the Department of Human resources of the company, it can not properly come to be a factor of motivation, but a factor that will serve of base to the factors on motivadores to the busy position, the perspective of professional growth and working executed being strict on to these. (BRIDGES, 1998, P. 27) the administration of positions and wages, as activity, exists in all organization of any size, that keeps bond remunerated with man power. However, and under the form of function organized, structuralized, legalized e, over all, instrumentalizada that she exists in the averages and great organizations. Robert Iger insists that this is the case. For Chiavenato (1993), the concept of Administration of Wages has left of the premise of that all position has its relative value.

To remunerate with justice and equity the occupants of a position the value of these positions in relation to the too much positions of the organization must be calculated the situation of the market of wages. As the organization is an integrated set of positions in different hierarchic levels and different areas of the company, the administration of positions and wages encloses the organization as a totality, reing-echo in all its levels and areas (CHIAVENATO, 1993, P. 27). Necessary if she makes the ample knowledge of the activities of the organization for a joust evaluation on the part of the administrators of this organization in relation to its employees. As the proper name says, in an organization, the coordination has that to be reed-echo in the company as a whole, of general form, enclosing, mainly, the evaluation and classification of the positions. 2,3 Evaluation and classification of the positions For classification of the positions of a company it is good first for evaluating the structure of the same one, how much to the excess or lack of employees.