Amateur tool for astronomical observations can now afford to everyone. The telescope can be purchased for less than ten thousand rubles, binoculars – and that is cheaper. To know more about this subject visit Leslie Moonves. What beauty will open sky begins astronomer? First, the Moon. Its kind of enchants, which would you go again sent her a pair of binoculars or a telescope, but friends and acquaintances, jewels you have a small astronomical tour, and do stay in delight. With optics, it appears no longer just a glowing piece of the sky, and a huge cosmic body, a ball with a visible area of the penumbra which separates light and invisible part of the surface.

Besides all this, the Moon is also an elementary find, without having any skills. Planet. At various times on the horizon are visible different planets. Of greatest interest are Saturn and Jupiter. Naked eye, they are barely distinguishable from stars, but the magnifying devices can see their true form, and the available satellites. The biggest interest is the ring of Saturn, is also highly visible in a telescope. Find the world is simple – they look like a star, but much brighter, even in illuminated parts of the sky, for example, places where the sun went down recently. Galaxies, nebulae and star clusters.

Beautiful in numerous photos taken with a large exposure, the observation with binoculars and a telescope disappointing. Galaxies and nebulae look barely visible even with the aid of optics muddy spots. May be of interest only star clusters. Barely visible to the naked eye in the eyepiece telescope they sparkling shimmer loose points.