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Otto Martin Maschinenbau GmbH

Wood machine specialist Otto Martin solves ‘Software-Zoo’ proALPHA ERP from Kaiserslautern the Otto Martin Maschinenbau GmbH & co. KG, July 28, 2009, is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of woodworking machines. The family-owned company has 135 employees and develops, designs, and manufactures its high-quality milling, sawing and planing machines until today exclusively at the headquarters of Ottobeuren. While Otto Martin achieved more than three quarters of its turnover abroad: are supplied through a global network of dealers Joineries, carpeting, and furniture manufacturer in Europe, but also in North America, Australia and the Middle East. The company was focused in 2007 new strategic and aspires to the comprehensive expansion of quality and technological leadership in the divisions of sawing, planing and milling for the compact and premium. However, the IT landscape developed over the years the company with many connected island solutions hardly capable of, was fast and comprehensive Business processes efficiently to represent and support.

The care of many interfaces was much too elaborate and expensive. Managing Director Rolf Krupezki decided about the purchase of a modern and integrated ERP solution. The selection process was precisely prepared and carried out tight. Initially, eight vendors in early 2008 received the specifications. Four providers were invited then to half-day presentation. In the final selection stage were simulated in a two-day workshop based on real data of corporate core processes related. Just two months after answering the requirements specification the ALPHA business solutions AG was awarded the contract to the introduction of their ERP solution proALPHA engineering finally.

For the first 70 user introduces proALPHA in future in all areas of the company including logistics and financial accounting. The impressive presentation and following the convincing performances in the workshop spoke clearly for the ALPHA business solutions AG and Acclaimed. Together they corresponded to our expectations – just perfectly on one the future software partners, on the other hand on the software itself. Last but not least the great wealth of experience the alpha business solutions have in engineering secured our decision and confirmed”, so Dipl. economic engineer Rolf-G. Krupezki. Now we can our software Zoo at Otto Martin”finally replace.” ALPHA business solutions AG the ALPHA business solutions AG is one of the leading specialists for business process optimization and the introduction of business standard software in Germany. The company was founded in 1994 as the first subsidiary of proALPHA Software AG and released in 2003 from the proALPHA group of companies. ALPHA business solutions manages more than 300 ERP projects in over 1,200 companies. The solution portfolio includes proALPHA also own developed industry solutions on basis of proALPHA besides the complete ERP solution, also, the company is also early partner of SAP for the beginning of 2008 On-demand solution SAP Business ByDesign. Thus, the company offers a wide range of powerful and requirement-oriented ERP solutions for medium-sized industrial, commercial and service companies. With a comprehensive industry expertise, many years of experience in business process optimization and ERP project management, as well as a professional software-based ERP implementation methodology, ERP projects be implemented efficiently, safely and successfully.

Moyabamba Person

So they think the narcos, criminals, who are dedicated to living from the Vice of people, stealing, cheating. It is easier for them to get comfort, auto smart selling drugs to children, adolescents, prostitute girls, young girls, rather than working. When you you get used to deceive your heads, company, presenting Diplomas purchased on the street, fool yourself and you’re getting to be a fraud. It is very suspicious that a person who works 6, 8, 12 years in the State as the master, which has in its curriculum vite Diplomas and certificates of 120 institutions educational, when the State undergoes an evaluation, exit disapproved. Is one question: How can it be that, if this person each year has presented at the offices of the personnel department 10 diplomas, in the last twelve years?It has been in permanent training, studying, but do not pass the assessments. The explanation is very simple. This person who has numerous Diplomas and certificates, will buy them. I pay so they sell it, but I study absolutely nothing.

There this the reason of because we have so many public servants throughout the Administration publishes that you despite their numerous diplomas, leaving disapproved in the assessments, which must be held before different instances. For sample a case: ALEJANDRO LEON mail electronic writes so on February 23, 2010: good morning I am interested in a diploma, please send prices and relationship that you have and if there is a problem because I am in Moyabamba interested thanks: alejandro leon this message has been sent through the contact form on your ad published in evisos. Your email address has been kept confidential. Immediately send you the information, detailed, costs, prices, duration, mode, form of payment, is told that you can study no matter in which part of the world is located, etc.

Real Economic

Customer would normally buy the price lower. However, if this more economical system stays inactive for three times more often than the other maintenance, it would be in millions in losses for the customer. The system with lower price and lower operating safety is a false economy. I used the Real value to defend the PrecioCasi all products have something of economic value beyond the cost of the product. His work as a sales representative is to explain this value so that the client understands that the price is higher. That is the economic value? It is the total monetary value of its offer from the perspective of the client. The things that are derived from the basic product, such as information services and support that is provided to customers before, during and after the sale.

However, as the customer not necessarily sees the economic value of their offer, you should help him understand how its offer improves performance, total cost and/or reduce exposure to risks. The real value of the sale is to focus on the customer in this economic value. The majority of business purchases are made to solve some problems. For example, problems with productivity, delivery problems, problems of quality, etc. These problems consume resources and costs in the the customer’s organization.

Depending on the size of the company client can, or not realizing the economic value of these problems. For this reason, the first step in the process of economic justification of sales is to identify the problem that the client is trying to solve and then determine how much what is really is costing them this problem. The next step in this process of economic justification is to determine which are the causes of the problem. This will allow you to offer a long-term solution which will create more economic benefit and will also help to increase the real economic value of its offer. Then seek opportunities in which you can help client to identify the causes of the problem using the product or a combination, most additional information and support. As show the economic value you see economic value by asking questions that gradually reveal the true cost of customer problems. This is very different from the traditional sales process, which presents the characteristics and benefits of the product, answer questions and then the deal closes. Instead, here you inquire to the client, it asks questions that help discover areas where there are problems and in which the client has not understood yet the cost of these problems: representative: do have moments of inactivity in the system as the cause of problems in the inventory? Prospect: If. Representative: do as those moments on that system is not functioning properly impact to the company? Prospect: I’m not sure. Representative: can it help him to find how they impact these problems to your company? Prospect: That would be a great help. You then work with the customer to take into account the costs of the problem that is solved by limiting the discussion to only those costs. If you make it right, the client only focus is on those costs to solve problems, rather than the price of the product which is offering you. Many times the cost would be so good, that the difference between the price you offer and the price of its competitors, it becomes irrelevant.


Moreover, it made possible that the periodic ones assumed the electronic character, reaching scientifically, new ratios (VALRIO; PINE, 2008). 4 CINEREOUS LITERATURE cinereous literature nothing more is of what a scientific literature, considered in the scientific field as not-conventional, in format printed matter or electronic, therefore its access is practically restricted and without commercialization of this production due to inexistence of control on the part of publishers. Leaving of this aspect, Poblacin (1992, P. 244), affirms that cinereous literature can be established as ' ' fugitive documents that are not vendem in catalogues of publishers, bookstores, libraries, etc., of difficult localization, and that, in the majority of the cases, it contains given excellent and importantes' '. One becomes important to stand out that for the character not-conventional, the content of the information for displayed it contains veracity and trustworthiness. This sample that the recovery control is of difficult access, differentiating itself, thus, of white literature, commercialized and of easy access, therefore basic documents are the books and the periodic ones, found to the disposal in informacionais institutions.

According to Gomes (2000 apud FUNARO; NORONHA, 2006, P. 220), cinereous literature is used to assign not conventional and semipublished documents, produced in the scopes governmental, academic, commercial and industrial. It characterizes documents that has little probability to be acquired through canals usual of sales of publications, since in the origins of its elaboration the aspect commercialization if opposes to that it assigns conventional or formal documents, that is, white literature. One of the raised questionings more on the part of studious scientists and of diverse areas, how much to cinereous literature, one meets on account in its restricted character, since it is a scientific literature produced and spread more quickly in the scope of the scientific community, but of this restriction and for not a centralization, it causes a difficulty of it searchs.


At the beginning of the Decade of the eighties, the person in charge of the network of data within the Organization had to send information to the end users or data communication terminals. This person installing proprietary cabling systems as the coaxial RG 62 for IBM systems. Companies began creating its own rules for wiring installations, and so appeared systems of wiring owner. Subsequently, the Association of the industry of telecommunications (TIA) established what today is known as the standard 568 for wiring of commercial buildings, is related directly to the wiring system concept structured. A system of structured cabling is defined by opposition to the problems of the wiring not structured, not standard or closed, or owner of a particular manufacturer. A wiring system opened on the other hand, is a cabling system structured that it is designed to be independent of the provider and application at the same time. The key of a cabling system features Open are all the outlets (outputs for connection) of the area of work are identically connected in Star for central distribution point, using a combination of hardware and media that can accept any need for application that can occur over the life of the wiring, which is estimated at around ten years. These features of the system wiring open offer three main advantages to the owner / user: to) since the cabling system is independent of the application and the provider, network and equipment changes can be made by the same existing wires.

(b) since the outlets are wired in the same way, the movements of staff can do without changing the basis of wiring. (c) the location of the hubs and hubs on your network in a central distribution point, usually a telecommunications closet, allows that the wiring or network problems are detected and isolated easily without having to stop the rest of the network. It is important to identify, in First, the position that holds the wiring inside the computer network; It is divided into three basic components: 1. DCE (data communication equipment). 2. System wiring or cable plant. 3 DTE (data terminal equipment). The basic components of cabling system are the physical link media, carry information from the DCE to the DTE and can be copper or fiber.

Even though the basic concept of a wiring system structured is the same, there are cynical different systems: 1. UTP layer3. 2 UTP level 4. 3 UTP nivel5. 4 STP/FTP. 5 Fiber optic. To get all these advantages of structured cabling, it is important to properly combining software and hardware resources. Original author and source of the article.

Xinhua News Agency

The festival, 600 years old, is held each October in the city of Qianxi. Local legend held a slaughter of dogs by the troops of Zhu Yuanzhang, founder of the Ming (1368-1644) in the capture of the city. Due to numerous poisonings, sellers began to sacrifice dogs in public to prove that their meat was fresh. China decided to ban a 600 year-old festival in which ingested meat dog due to protests from Internet users, reported this week the authorities in the Eastern Province of Zhejiang. The festival, which is held every October in the city of Qianxi, sparked resentment of Internet users, since dogs are slaughtered and skinned in the streets to celebrate, so the Government has had to cancel it, said the official Zhang Jianhong to the Xinhua News Agency. The discontent of the Internet users moved to the residents of the city registered in the jurisdiction of Jinhua, after the cruelty of the killings of dogs was made public on the Internet. According to a local legend, Qianxi dogs were slaughtered by troops of Zhu Yuanzhang, founder of the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) until they take the city to prevent their bark to keep their assault plans. After the conquest, the winners held a banquet which was served dog meat, so the neighbors began to adopt this custom to celebrate a festivity in honor to the Emperor and his wife.

This festival, which consisted of a fair installed in temples, was replaced in the 1980s by a modern display of goods that kept the tradition of serving dog meat. Over time and due to numerous food poisoning suffered by China, sellers decided to sacrifice dogs in public to alleviate the fears of the buyers that the meat wasn’t fresh or is contaminated. This initiative provoked criticism from thousands of Internet users, to the extent that, called Weibo, microblog service carried out a vote in which 91% of the 12,000 users who took part opposed the celebration of the feast. Source of the news: Internet slows down a festival consisting of torturing and eating dogs in China

Good Marketing Advertising

After starting a new year, many companies made count of the results obtained in the previous year and also analyze what benefits them yield advertising marketing carried out. Sometimes is mistakenly reversed a high cost in the advertising of the company without first assessing if the medium advertising chosen will allow us to achieve our goals. It must be taken into account until that point is worth, making this a preliminary study of gastos-beneficios. Many times the advertising marketers decide to advertise the company through promotional articles for two reasons that are often simultaneous: maintain the stability of the business, caring for their regular customers and at the same time expanding if possible their databases with new potential customers. Try to publicize in the market a company that is in its infancy or who has not provided good economic results throughout the year. So far the existing means to make a good advertising marketing were and are very costly, sometimes implying a great sacrifice for the entrepreneur. Advertising gifts are a solution to this problem. It is a very attractive option since good advertising results is achieved at a low cost.

There in the market variety of promotional items in which the employer can attach company information to be known to a large number of consumers. While these gifts include both the article and print advertising in them, they do not imply a high cost, since they are advertising gifts that are intended solely for advertising and that many companies engaged in the advertising sector as regalopublicidad offer on their website. There are plenty of promotional items that may be useful, as for example, pens, key chains, lighters, calendars, articles of stationery, umbrellas, t-shirts, caps. Firstly, most advisable to carry out a good advertising marketing, would decide what kind of publicity we want to perform and which sector of the population will be directed. If we want to entertain a our regular customers or want to expand the number of consumers of our products or services. If we are going to carry it out in some concrete such as a meeting, Congress, anniversary event, or if on the contrary it will be a more extensive advertising. It must also take into account whether it will be done at a specific time of the year such as the holiday season or so long it it. If they are not clear for which of all these gifts choose you don’t have more than contact with professionals in that sector and they will advise you of the most appropriate way.

Organization Benchmarking

While you can also find this word in reference to the original meaning in the Anglo-Saxon language, it is in the computer field where its use is more widespread. More formally you can understand that a benchmark is the result of the execution of a computer program or a set of programs on a machine, with the aim of estimating the performance of a particular item or all the same, and to compare the results with similar machines. However we will stop at the end of Benchmarking, Michael Spendolini in his book entitled Benchmarking which defines it as: A systematic and continuous process to assess products, services and work processes of organizations that are recognized as representatives of best practices, in order to make organizational improvements that process, can result in significant benefits for the Organization, since allows: w satisfy consumer needs in a more efficient way. w Increase the level of competitiveness. w define the objectives and strategies according to the actual conditions of the environment. w increases the participation of workers, through the generation of ideas to be applied in different processes and activities within the company.

Since the Benchmarking applications are infinite, it is necessary that organizations establish guidelines to determine that function or processes will be explored as part of the programmes to be developed by them. That is why, the most important stages can be summarized in the following points: firstly, should plan. Division managers should start by choosing which wish to improve processes (for example, the system of distribution), select the company that most stands out in that (distribution) and decide how they will measure the differences between the two processes. Then comes the making, stage in which the process of others is measured and then own (adaptation). The following is the stage of comparison, in the example of the two systems of distribution, looking for details on which is is more efficient.

Chinese Taxes

The artist and Chinese dissident, arrested on 3 April without an official order, refund of all taxes that have allegedly evaded. The designer of the Olympic Stadium in Beijing has been released by his good attitude and chronic disease suffering, according to police sources. The dissident and Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has been released on bail due to his good attitude and after confessing their crimes, once the past April 3 was arrested without an official order, as reported Wednesday by local police in a statement released by the official Xinhua Agency. The brief message ensures that another reason to release to the designer of the Olympic Stadium in Beijing has been the chronic disease that suffers, not to mention diabetes and high tension afflicting the 53-year-old artist, and which will return all the tax money that has allegedly evaded. However, the older sister of Weiwei, Gao Ge, said in a telephone conversation that the family It has not yet official news of his release nor has been able to communicate with him. The arrest sparked condemnations from Western Governments as the EE UU, France, Germany, Taiwan, Australia or Japan, as well as the European Union, organizations of human rights and the arts sector and museum world, since it occurred in the midst of one of the most repressive campaigns of the Chinese regime in decades. Although Beijing said that the dissident was being investigated for an alleged economic crime, family, the States and institutions that have requested his release considered that the detention of the artist was due to his outspoken opposition to the Chinese regime and its human rights dnsa.

However, the police statement asserts that Ai has confessed his crimes and has reiterated that he is willing to pay the taxes evaded, and that does not have an official figure so far. Destruction of accounting documents according to the police statement, the company owned by Weiwei supposedly investigated, call The Beijing Fake Cultural Development, would have escaped a lot of taxes and intentionally destroyed the accounting documents. The family of the artist has not received any official news of his release, unaware of his current whereabouts and still not has failed to speak with Ai, noted the stepsister. One of multiple Internet platforms that support the artist and have been informed of the details of his arrest, called Ai Weiwei Never Sorry, points out that of intellectual, Gao Ying, mother will not comment about his alleged confession of tax evasion until not to talk with him and check their State of health. The official note not reported neither the situation nor the whereabouts of four others who were arrested along with the artist, and who are his cousin and driver, her accountant, one of the designers of its study and a journalist friend of dissident.

Uceda Bridge

We lost several years and when enrumbe to the parish where it would happen my stage of apostolate, in that way we were and we were clear. We had already passed a stage of our life; you had stopped driving trucks, since you had sacrificarte so that the rest of your brothers could be educated. But you wanted to make reality which in the scholastic classrooms you thought with the adolescent young people that they watched with enthusiasms the readings of Maria’tegui or the stories of the professor of political economy with respect to the legendary social fighter Luis Of the Uceda Bridge. Our minds were absortas when listening the stories of the professor and we saw ourselves already crossing our nations to make of justice our flag. Me invitastes the food and we decided to do what our young minds planned in that stage.

We went first a to create schools where to work free of charge and we did thus it. Crossing the territories of the migrant ones that were posesionaron of territories of the bracamoros. There in the heat of high forest, with the forests we began to work without requesting a sun to the old state; but that if we asked for its recognition. But like nonramos of the rows of the government, later they did not choose us to continue teaching to those children who were born in new earth. We always discussed our ideas, more frankly without displeasing us by our discrepancies. Only the understanding of the ideas of the friend. There we chose a different way, but I included/understood to you; so that you already had yourself enamored with a mestiza, having already your small piston rods. Perhaps your companion would not have understood the decision that you had taken when following what I did. She does not bother to me. But it was the first goodbye to a so close friend.