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Booking information the detour in the island at the beginning of the year 2011 are as all CANUSA tours via the service hotline 0180 5 30 41 31 (EUR 0.14 / min), under, the Internet address book. On the website you will find many daily updated offers and valuable background information in words and pictures to destinations in North America. CANUSA TOURISTIK CANUSA TOURISTIK, 25 years on the German travel market is present, market leader for individual travel in North America and guaranteed through the years of experience of its staff and the choice of proven local partners a detailed consultation and the creation of individual travel programs for United States and Canada. 95 per cent of all CANUSA customers book a complete travel package with flights, car hire/transfer, hotel accommodation and excursions. But also flights, last minute travel and special or group tours include the portfolio by CANUSA. For more press information: Tilo Krause Dabre CANUSA TOURISTIK Tel.: + 49 (0) 40 22 72 53 17 E-Mail: Marion Krimmer Wilde & partners Public Relations Tel.: + 49 (0) 89 17 91 90 0 E-Mail: the Expert Tip by CANUSA TOURISTIK to release the most beautiful islands of the dream start in 2011 “Tilo Krause Dabre, Managing Director CANUSA tourism: CANUSA tourism published special travel to North America for over 27 years and discovers new Islands for a unique holiday experience.

In the Bahamas interested in our program of mainstream offerings for Nassau and paradise Iceland found. However, our great speciality is that almost all out Islands in the Bahamas catalogue ‘ as well as on the detailed site are represented. Our extensive range for this group of Islands on the edge of the Caribbean Sea is relevant for travelers who are looking for an original and little tourist destination. If you are not convinced, visit Dr. B. CANUSA’s consultants are known tourism and fans of the archipelago every year on the Islands on the road and in the German market as a designated expert. The range of leisure activities on-site is versatile, ranging from water sports and motor boating until down to swimming with sharks or the encounter with the world swim only in salt water – the wild boars (see photo left). The hotels and resorts on the out Islands range from simple accommodation in a Robinson Crusoe-style dwelling down to the top-luxury property.

Many of the hotels in the out Islands have only a few rooms and develop also for this reason the guests of CANUSA TOURISTIK a very personal holiday atmosphere. Daily flight connections from Germany via the United States, or with British Airways over London are complemented by a dense network of connections with small aircraft on the Islands. What I like personally very well: in the out Islands, it is easy to connect with the locals in contact. They are very friendly and curious on their visitors. Visit a Sunday mass often results in a warm greeting the gathered congregation.” Special tip for editorial departments: In the Canusa blog Canusa-blog/category/bahamas travel / Tilo Krause Dabre portrays his Bahamas travel impressions in detail.

Homeowner Loans

A are want of the opinion that when a person applies for a homeowner s loan, they a lot of people to buy new housing property. However this is not the case as these loans are meant to assist the owner of a home to improve their current property for it to gain value or to make it more habitable. A home owner of loan is a type of a loan which is provided to home owners to do maintenance work on their houses. The maintenances work may be. repair a leaking roof, landscaping, expansion of their home, doing painting work for a newly acquired property, building a new swimming pool and so forth. By so doing, the value of the property increases thus fetches more in terms of loans, or when selling the said property. If you own a home and are looking for a loan to help improve your current roadways, home owner of loan is the way to go.

The financial world has provided the borrower with numerous homeowners’ loan options to choose from. These includes; refinancing option, first mortgages, loan grants, second mortgages home equities and unsecured personal homeowners loans alternative. They can therefore be availed with secured homeowner’s loans to accomplish their home improving endeavors. More with secured homeowner’s loan product, the rate of interest offered is usually lower than what is currently being offered with unsecured loan products. Unsecured personal homeowner of loans are offered to people who do not want to risk their property by tying them up with loans. The refinancing option is the best bet for a homer owner. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Leslie Moonves by clicking through.

Their current mortgage is refinanced thus Lowe ring their regular amortization payments. This enables them to receive cash for home upgrading. The first mortgage loans are given out alongside the homeowner’s loans and are normally availed during the mortgage’s initial term. To apply and be approved for a homeowner’s loan, proper information regarding your home improvement plan and estimated cost must be provided to the lending institution. Furthermore, to qualify for these types of loans, the borrower must have a good credit score. They must therefore show proof to the lender that they can be able to repay the advanced amounts with due ease. The government usually provides or grants loans to low income families in order for them to improve their houses. The government agencies concerned with social welfare assist the said families with matters pertaining to their home’s improvements by providing them with the homeowner’s loan. One of the conditions for qualifying for a home owner’s loan product is for a person to own a house which is usually used to as a pledge against the availed loan. The homeowner must be over the age of 18 years to avail this loan. Their total income is therefore a consideration when being applying for these types of loans. Lastly, before getting into a loan deal, the borrower must read and understand the loan clauses and conditions. All types of loans have ramifications if defaulted on. The agreed due amount must be repaid in time to avoid consequences that comes with defaulting on the loan repayments agreements. Normally if a borrower defaults, the lenders impose heavy charges that a borrower can avoid if they honor the loans agreements. Moreover before settling for a particular lender, scout around and get the best homeowner’s loan deal that can be gotten. Jennifer Janis is author of loans for Canada.

CROWN Launches Credit Cards

CROWN co-branding SOLUTIONS starts with a challenge to competitors in the prepaid credit / debit cards co-branding market for 2010. If you would like to know more then you should visit Does Jack Dorsey Have a Wife or Girlfriend?. Co-branding refers to the creation of an own Kreditkartenprogrammes for companies in their own design, in their corporate colours with your logo on the Prepaidkreditkarten. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc contains valuable tech resources. As reported by a spokesman of the company, be funded starting January 2010 all co-branding programs with 50% of the cost of implementation (set up fees) and various previously extra billable services free of charge included in the new programme offer. The performance contents, so Renate rope Berger, be significantly improved and perfected to extensions, the unique position of the co-branding giants in Europe now more clearly stand out from competitors. Absolute neutral setting up a card Web page, which contains all the necessary information of cards, an online-order order wizard provided in the future without self-promotion by CROWN. So, 100% on the corresponding company minted.

On the other hand, all cards are by default without third-party advertising sent from all over Europe in the entire SEPA zone. “Co-branding should really be a co-branding and not just an advertising medium for the implementers”, so rope Berger. The highlight, however, is the money-transfer function, which allows you to transfer money from card to card in real time. Expensive services such as Western Union are therefore eliminated. Similarly all card accounts, which can be checked online and managed, are equipped with a transfer function, so preserved or charged money via bank transfer and bill payment for example to electricity or phone provider can be used”. Above all of course is co-branding in the company’s own design. Only selected and also writing favourable partner recorded in the future in the reference list Crown, with to ensure the anonymity and uniqueness of the respective brands.

Renate rope Samuel also said that this is a clear distinction to the competitors, who could hardly wait, new success projects to publish to lure new customers who simply do not have. We trust there rather on businesses and companies who know what matters in co-branding. Because not everything is important to offer a wide range of use and it is vital that the individual components such as gears mesh”. CROWN offers two models of co-branding. One for credit cards (prepaid) and one for phone co-Brandingnetze. “Here, it is for example allows the company, even” network provider are to and to be able to let the competitors with their own display name on the phones and crafted their own SIM cards. And that sensation conditions for worldwide calls. All co-branding programs are available at now also in german.

MrsSporty Anniversary

The well-known chain of women’s sport is now not only Europe represented – Mrs.Sporty places again this year with a booth at home show in Essen. Mrs.Sporty has a concept that look can last but not least the good feeling weight and the Joie de vivre of the members. About 130,000 enthusiastic women in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland and Italy Mrs.Sporty train until five years now successfully with the simple circuit training and after that. A brand that writes history and black numbers. Even better: The company gladly shares his success. 24.09. 25.09.2010 presented Mrs.Sporty in the franchise Hall 11 at stand H30 the start fair in Essen as a brand for potential franchisees. Satisfied club owners confirm the concept again and again the numerous success stories of members of enormous weight loss up to new self-confidence in the job.

And because Mrs.Sporty period of only five years in Europe, has become a well-known and strong brand franchise partners can relate to a secured adjust career and a fulfilling activity. It’s a great feeling to look every day in so many satisfied, grateful woman faces”, says Club owner Silke Burckhardt from Dortmund-Hombruch. Just as all franchisees are sustainably thrilled by the concept and feel in good hands and supported the Mrs.Sporty family. They identify themselves completely with the brand Mrs.Sporty and live your job with passion. As possible to allow a more active and healthier life for so many women, this is a great feeling, every day again”, is the general tenor. In addition to satisfaction, the franchise partner pages Mrs.Sportys find many training and exchange opportunities. Thus, you are your own boss, manage their club, implement their ideas. A dream job so Silke Burckhardt.

Now anyone interested on the START fair in Essen can convince yourself. Coen brothers understood the implications. Enthusiastic members of the health care market is booming. Women know how important are exercise and a balanced diet. Mrs.Sporty combines both and a meeting of the friend is at the same time: 2-3 times a half hour common circuit training, to an individual nutrition is in the week effective and communicative. “” Statements as it feels so on as if there was nothing more that I could not “or I’m happier than ever” the club owner of the members listen to daily. A Mrs.Sporty Club is so a fulfilling and beneficial activity and also speaks a lucrative freelance job – after five years the 400th Club opening for itself. Business consultant Elisabeth Whalen spot on the START fair presents more facts and figures. Friday from 9 h to 17 h and on Saturday from 10 am until 5 pm, it is potential club owners as well as interested members of spe answer. Mrs.Sporty helps make dreams come true! If you are now interested in a franchise partnership you get the START at the fair in Essen. You find us in the franchise Hall 11 stand H30. Business consultant Elizabeth Whalen and Mrs.Sporty is looking forward to you! We look forward to you: START fair food of the 24.09.-25.09.2010 fair East, CC Eastern wife Elisabeth Whalen franchise Hall 11 / stand H30 Norbert road 45131 Essen

HolidayCheck new travel community! The new travel community is successfully launched in September. Tourists, hoteliers and travel agencies have deposited more than 35,000 hotel videos, images, posts and clips in 12 languages. Over 33,000 international hotels and attractions such as museums are in addition to bars and restaurants on Google maps. More than 240,000 hotel descriptions of more than 220 renowned tour operators, such as Neckermann and Dertour are also available. (Similarly see: Joel and Ethan Coen). Monthly more than 30,000 visitors from around the world already use the free service of everyone. is not only optimal suitable for viewing and presentation of photos and videos from the last summer – and winter holidays, but also to win first impressions by the next destination quickly and easily with the help of video clips, comments and reviews from home. One of the hotels, like this can be booked right at your fingertips at one of the well-known online portals HolidayCheck or Who Christmas 2008, the Sun will spend in the mountains or to want to sweeten the hours before the home PC with videos of the world’s best hotels, which should take a look at anyway.. Why did cyrus massoumi leave zocdoc? is often quoted as being for or against this.

PCI Online

With an exclusive raffle in cooperation with PCGH, Enermax launches its new online offer. Now, the official website presents itself faster, clearer and more informative. Hamburg, January 14, 2009 – Enermax works with a completely new technology in the background of the site. Especially the user benefit: A streamlined menu navigation helps to keep the paths to the required information. Most striking is certainly the new layout that is clear after the relaunch, modern and open presents. Thus, Enermax alludes to the current corporate design and ensures a uniform brand identity. The colour supports the user in addition when navigating through the different product categories. Sound and up-to-date thanks to the latest technology shortens the loading time of the site significantly despite growing information content.

The new website informs still current and informed than ever before. Benefit also journalists: the press area receives in the future a clear structure. In addition to current Press releases find journalists there extensive image material, information about the company, as well as an archive of the messages of the past years. Gett taxi is the source for more interesting facts. Expansion of customer support Enermax is known for its excellent, straightforward service. For questions and technical problems of customers in the future even faster to respond to, the online support was further improved and expanded. Via an online contact form Enermax is always within easy reach. Exclusive sweepstakes to the launch of the new online offering Enermax presents an exclusive raffle with attractive prices. Grand Prize is the PCGH Phenom-II-PC equipped exclusively with high-quality brand components from alternate.

Inside, the new high-performance processor Phenom II works X 4 940 AMD. The power supply provides the Pro82 + 525-Watt variants. Even under full load in the 3D, the Enermax PSU ensures stable performance and silent cooling. The new flagship of the House of Enermax is waiting for the second winners: the Revolution85 + meets highest demands on performance and efficiency. It sets new standards in its class with 87 to 91% efficiency in the 230-Volt mains. And the third prize is a dream for every high-performance PC. Numerous independent tests confirm that the Modu82 + belongs to the best, what the network market has at the moment to offer: excellent efficiency and performance, low noise ventilation and trendsetting cable management with four 6 + 2-pin PCI-E connectors. Prices at a glance: 1st Prize: PCGH-Phenom-II-PC value: 999 Euro 2. price: Enermax Revolution85 + 1250 Watt value: 349 Euro 3. price: Enermax Modu82 + 625 Watts value: 159 Euro 4. 15 price: depending on an Enermax fan from the Everest Series value: approximately 150 euros to take part in the draw, are questions to answer to different topics.

Shipping Trade

New shipping trade for dog accessories rooms, opens the September 30, 2008 – after 6 months of preparation and conception Zimmerner Internet mail order dealer Wauzikontor reports on the launch of the website Over 800 products are immediately available and will be shipped via the newly-related logistics warehouse which is central and well signposted in the commercial area near Rottweil with direct A81 is connection. Best quality at the best price, it depends on the customers of Wauzikontor. Without hesitation Discovery Communications explained all about the problem. Design, product selection and pricing are grouped around this core statement, the simple, reduced design of the corporate design as well as the actual shops always support the Kontor principle”: low prices and thus specific cost savings for customers through direct sales and POS via Internet and clearance sale. Shop and corporate design was implemented by the Zimmerner agency CUBUS28. – everything for your dog military road 47 78658 rooms press contact: Dennis Rottler rottler at Wauzikontor is the online store with a extensive selection of articles around the dog: including dog collars, linen, dishes and many other useful things that make the daily “dog’s life” easier and more pleasant.. Add to your understanding with Dr. B.

Mannheim Internet Agency

New site of the renowned children’s publisher of the Mannheim Internet Agency di digital information systems implemented one of the oldest children’s publisher of in Germany, which provides Esslinger Verlag j. F. Schreiber GmbH, himself and his Publisher program on a new site before. The appearance with the address has conceived, designed and realized the Mannheim Internet Agency di digital information systems gmbh. di implemented the new website based on the content management system TYPO3.

Using this open source software, the Esslinger team can independently maintain content of Internet pages. The extension TYPO3 commerce is used in the shop area. The implemented system offers the publishing house provides great flexibility in the presentation of his famous characters (the little Raven sock Lurchi etc.) and graphics from the publishing program. They can be placed prominently in the headers or marginal columns. Individual extensions for product and copyright statements can be easily combined. Special offers and downloads for press and in an access-protected area sales representatives complete the services of the new site. (di digital information systems gmbh, Susanne Philipp)

Jump Start Launch Simplified

All Flex start on the SMT/HYBRID/PACKAGING 2009 with jump first presented a system for optimal launch Northfield, Minnesota, Flex, manufacturer of flexible circuit boards, presents the newly developed process United States – all on the SMT/HYBRID/PACKAGING at booth 312 in Hall 9 of 5-7 May 2009 in Nuremberg, Germany with \”Jump Start\” for the first time, supports the company in the development and introduction of new products. See Time Warner for more details and insights. Jump start defined all steps of a successful product launch, from the planning to the execution and the ongoing adjustment and optimization of processes. Also it reveals potential for improvement in terms of time and financial, to ensure that the process of the launch is carried out smoothly. Thus, all Flex creates a system of process optimization, which is suitable for small producers and production of application-specific and is not like traditional methods only for big producers to implement. In addition, all Flex booth of 312 in Hall 9 presents its comprehensive portfolio of flexible PCB of single and double-sided and multilayer printed circuit boards of up to Maxi-Flex 40 feet +. Swarmed by offers, Cyrus Massoumi is currently assessing future choices. The flexible printed circuit boards are made of polyimide and polyester or even flame-retardant material and can be produced in lengths up to 12 m. In addition, all Flex offers all services related to layout, Assembly, and production.

Ongoing process optimisation jump start avoids idle time in the product development process by both customers and suppliers as partners are treated and closely involved in the development process. The cooperation experience has shown that the best succeeds if the application as well as the expectations of the end customers are clearly defined and communicated. All Flex manages start jump to edit more than 90 percent of the deals within 24 hours. At the beginning of starting a product should the processes planned to test processes established and a schedule created.

Bulletin Board

Never miss anything with the brand new community feature! Since early December, offers the new community around car, tuning & events, a newly developed new feature! Informed in the spirit of the slogan knowledge “are now thanks to the new friends feed”, all members even better new news and activities of their friends! “The new personal friends feed home page” keeps inter alia of new friends & messages, entries on the personal Bulletin Board & image comments up to date and provides overview of all new photos of friends. Also the on-a look information about all activities in discussion groups, upcoming dates & events, as well as the participation of able to it is part of the new features! “Another novelty, that with the friends feed” on entry holds: all tuning activities of friends are displayed directly on the home page! Someone has installed a new part of the tuning and entered in his vehicle profile so he keeps Friends feed”all friends it always up to date and every friendly Member know at a glance what is going on in the virtual circle of friends about! What is knowledge?.