An overview of the alternative telephony abroad. Bypass roaming charges and avoid high phone bills. Many people today travel abroad often and long. This creates much demand on cheap calls from abroad to Germany or even for the cheap calls abroad. Many people notice an afterthought when the Bill comes, that the calls from abroad is an expensive affair, can carry the Bill loosely on a medium-sized, three-digit amount. But what do you do in situations where telephone must be in contact with, without having to fear a financial fiasco? Calls through data packages”the Internet is today the most modern means of communication worldwide. Due to the ever-growing networking, as well as expansion of the Internet management for higher bandwidth allows the Internet long the involvement of media into the still bare and text-based Web pages designed.

It is similar with voice communications. Through broadband Internet connections can today Conversations in the form of data packets around the world transmitted in real time and without loss of quality. This alternative way of connection is it no longer on the expensive roaming tariffs of operators, as well as on the conversation broadcast via mobile phone, but can choose the less expensive alternative. Transmission through the Internet must not necessarily mean that you need the phone with a headset to the computer. CBS does not necessarily agree. Through an advanced alternative of familiar call-by-call principle can be used also with the phone or with the landline Internet telephony. This is feasible with a basically similar alternative called “Callthrough”.

The use is ensured by dedicated dial-in numbers. These numbers are usually German fixed-line numbers, which allow international calls from 1.9 cents a minute per call in combination with a fixed flat rate. So you can about one hundred fold longer phone calls for the same price as for a minute of conversation at the standard roaming tariffs by your network operator.