Christmas in the three countries corner the magic experience the magic, Christmas in the 3 countries enjoy corner presented in the traditional manner. It is a world of magic and magic, when the locals and guests alike will enjoy. Christmas is magic, it’s magic, it’s probably the last great bastion, which exist in this world. It is a time in which people once again to the essential reflect where they take some minutes, reminiscences requires to leave and spend the days together with the family. Christmas in the 3 countries presented corner in traditional, but beautiful manner. Christmas in the 3 countries could corner but be not versatile, and could creates a composition with the Christmas markets in Linz, the granite Christmas in Hauzenberg quarry and the Christmas market in Passau for the senses and experience, which hardly be prettier.

Every year the Christkindl markets Linz give a special shine and ensure well-being all along the line. In a traditional manner are the locals and guests of the Austrian city the main marketplace for Christmas and the Christmas market in people’s Park and succeed with a beautiful frame to bring the magic of Christmas to life. There are the many lights and traditional Christmas mood, which could become a hallmark for the Linz Christmas markets and ensure that they enjoy a permanent place corner Christmas in the 3 countries. But also the Christmas market Passau, which brings the eyes of young and old in a classical manner to the rays provides an experience of a special kind. The scent of gingerbread and toffee roam the streets and already upon arrival in Passau you noticed it quite clearly – Christmas is in the air. The Christmas market Passau held a stunning backdrop, before the traditional St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

All those who love the traditions and enjoying most trains, make a choice full of magic and spells, but also with the granite Christmas in Hauzenberg quarry the could be more varied little. In a romantic atmosphere, it creates the hotel o Doherty in the Passauer land to make Christmas the pleasure for the senses. Typical Bavarian hospitality is complemented in the charming house with large and small culinary masterpieces. The bright shine of Christmas is a theme that runs through the House and provides an atmosphere in which one feels like Christmas as if you were at home. Tensions and surprises are, however, in the run-up to Christmas in the House and round off the wide range of flair hotels o Doherty in the Christmas Passauer land. Flair Hotel o Doherty – Sun Trail 12 – 94107 Untergriesbach, Tel. 0 85 93 / 90 05 0, fax. 0 85 93 / 90 05 44, e-Mail:,