This is known as feedback. We cannot give what we don’t have. I recommend reading physical books by renowned authors. These works have the advantage of having been reviewed in terms of style and form by professionals and therefore are of great help. Good writing if you import. Coen Brothers can provide more clarity in the matter.

Anoto this last because once that I indicated to an entrepreneur in internet of some obvious mistakes that had seen in his writings, he replied: I am trader, not a writer. Judge for the reader. *-A summary is important. The abstract consists of a brief description of the content of the article. When published in articles directories, most of these web sites require to introduce a summary of at least 200 or 300 words describing the content of the article. This is a great help because that gives the reader an idea of the content of the article, and if this is quality, will make the visitor to read the entire article. Therefore, you should put effort into the wording of the summary. Sometimes it is sufficient to copy the first paragraph or part of this summary, depending on how it is focused and makes the article interesting.

Recalls that this aspect may depend on your article is read or rejected by the reader, and not abide by the initial purpose: promote your business. It’s your decision. *.-Placing links in your article. Since the beginning of our article indicated that one of the purposes of the articles is to promote our business. It is therefore important to keep in mind include links from our business, product or web site, in published articles. Carried out appropriately and applying basic principles of Copywriting, you have an excellent and cheap way of promoting your business or article articles. Take advantage of them.