On a spiral of addiction and unsuccessful weaning of the manufacturers of both products can earn a golden nose. With the recent takeover deal, the Reynolds group definitely obtains even more control over its cash cow, the smoker. David Sweanor, formerly consultant who showed “Canada’s non-smokers’ Rights Association, in an interview with ABC News an also possible variation on the business with nicotine replacement products for the tobacco industry particularly could make lucrative: Reynolds would benefit in long-term substitutes to cast Nico novelty products, which occupies the consumer over a period of months or years, rather than only for a few weeks. Who wants to be the Ciggy gone rogue, which will pay now as long as possible by it permanently binds to nicotine preparations, which are disguised as smoking cessation AIDS. This idea is in fact not so outlandish as it appears at first glance. More information is housed here: Robert Iger .

Because as already mentioned finally just the tobacco industry is known to manipulate that their consumers are driven deeper into addiction by tricky “product design” your Ciggy. That undermined the much advertised “freedom of consenting smoker” by, ultimately even our Constitution trampled is trampled, prevented the nicotine drug manufacturers in recent decades not to use of such immoral and undemocratic methods. Finally, the tobacco industry has the results of its own research about the addictive nature of nicotine and the harmfulness of cigarette used not for the benefit of the customers. Jim Vos understands that this is vital information. Instead the tobacco industry fought unwanted, knowledge distribution that, from their point of view through clever marketing and systematic disinformation. And the standardized measurement method for the determination of the nicotine has been undermined by the development of the “elastic cigarette”, which brings significantly more nicotine than the low values suggest a real smoker. Thus, it is to be feared that the tobacco industry used the findings of the company Nico novelty as the new owner isn’t actually the exit to help smokers.