Gastronomia The term gastronomia Gastros: stomach and Nomia law, knowledge. One is about the art that engloba everything what engloba foods and drinks. The gastronomia with the marriage of the King Enrique II (France) and Catherine Italian d’ medici. This of departure for France, led obtains marries apos it, an election of the biggest heads and cooks of Italy, stimulating the parents of its husband to be oque are today: France the cradle of the world-wide gastronomia. This culinria art is a gamma that entrela-sa diverse cultures, transforms realities, makes to be born tourist and business-oriented polar regions, increases the income generation and jobs value to each day the professionals of the area of the sector of foods and drinks.

This branch that it encloses as many forms of expression become more popular each day, have really meant and if it differs from the culinria in some points. The gastronomia, without a doubt is the scientific art, the study of the alimentary laws. euma new reality more technique and of on fields of the research and objective studies searching ace areas of serving well, exelente social hospitality, behaviors and a constant evolution in always improving, through the great visibility that if have today in the half gastronomico, and the cosntantes new features of this alimentary way. To appreciate diverse kitchens and customs since one simpler quitute until one would iguaria takes the palate to have reactions physical – chemical that in they even though send to many times the gustativas sensations to them of the maternal womb. They is esteem that as given of the ministry of the work, 8% of the jobs right-handers generated in the parents are directed the gastronomia. The sector is in high and goes with more vacant certainty to generate each time of work in the parents.

The 2014 pantry goes to formentar the sector still more. To attend a course gastronomia in superior level leads on average of 2 the 3 years and the professional of the area develops diverse abilities, techniques and practises since the part of management of kitchens and people, production and manipulation of foods and drinks. The gastronomia is the art to create, to innovate and to plan new plates, historical and cultural releituras in this if ve that this very beyond to cook, is a perpetual development of the creativity, sensibilidades and techniques, is a deepened study more of the palate and the gustativas and aromatical alchemies, for the human palate.