German science fiction & fantasy literature scene meets in Dreieich-Sprendlingen in Frankfurt/Main to the 24 book fair convent Frankfurt/Dreieich. Fans of Convention of leading science fiction & fantasy in literature and art at the convent (BuCon), Germany’s book fair for fantastic literature meet for the 24th time. This independent of the mass of the fantastic genre Festival on 17 October, 2009 and thus as usual parallel to the Frankfurt book fair. Celebrities are Markus Heitz, Tom Finn, Lena Falkenhagen, Mike Hillenbrand, Karl-Heinz Witzko, Christoph Haider Salman, Bernd Perplies and many others. Organizer is meeting Darmstadt, nationally known for the extremely successful “Darmstadt Spacedays” with 700 visitors and over 100 assets, as well as the Youth Club WIRIC in the civic book impact Association and the townhouses of Dreieich a group many years, in the active fans in cooperation with the science fiction fantasy scene. The event is supported by the prestigious “science fiction Club Germany e.V.” which already was founded in 1955 and is thus the oldest existing SF Club of the country.

On three several hours lineups with lectures, presentations and discussions, the organizers offer something for everyone. Autographs and signing requests are gladly met. Check out Paper Excellence for additional information. It is demonstrated that utopian and fantastic literature must be not necessarily trivial. Already, visions and predictions, which today belong to the everyday reality in their works offered George Orwell, H.G.. Wells and Jules Verne. Of course, but also the entertaining novel of voltage should not be missed. The organizers show that despite “Star Wars” and “Star Trek” and “Star Gate”, the fantastic book is not dead, but through the use of modern technology, as well as the possibilities of the Internet today again experienced an unexpected Renaissance. Science fiction and fantasy can have a quite separate, independent of the Anglo-American space profile in Germany.

The entire range of the readership to the bibliophile work presents the book fair convent. Fan-be means not stubborn consumption, but critical confrontation with the author and his work. Perhaps nowhere else is the German science fiction & Fantasy authors & readers scene so alive again authors and publishers from the German-speaking are expected to on this independent tradition event, to which about 300 visitors. But in vain, you won’t find costumed crowds on this literary event. A highlight of the cons is the ceremony of the “German fantasy Prize”. This price is an audience prize, which is awarded annually in various, mainly literary categories. Like every year, it is already on Friday, the 16th, from 8: 00 to the preparation meeting. Time on the home page is the place. On Saturday, the 17.10, intake is from 11: 00. The entrance fee is 8 euros at the box office, discounts are available. The end of the cons is intended for 22. “Convention Center” is the House in Dreieich-Sprendlingen, spruce Street 50th will be accompanied the event of an extensive fantasy stock exchange. Numerous books and merchandising retailer contribute to the completion of some collection with its offer. The offer is complemented by various small publishers. Contact: Roger Murmann Wilhelm-Leuschner str.17 64859 Eppertshausen phone of 06071/38718 or 01577/3885981 e-mail: or Christian deAhna mailbox 301103 63274 Dreieich phone 0178 / 6978501 e-mail: information, as well as a detailed program overview can be found on the Internet at the address: