Easier transition from Google Alerts with talkwalker alerts can locate it after his own name or the own brands, but also entries from competitors or topics on the Web. talkwalker sorts the search results by the influence of the media on the Web. Talkwalker just the transition make: it is possible to import queries from Google Alerts in talkwalker alerts. Vanessa Morgan has plenty of information regarding this issue. “The transition is done in two steps: who is logged into Google, go to and click on alerts manage”. “Bottom right, there is a function export Google Alerts”, it creates a CSV file that you store on your computer.

This file can then import via talkwalker alerts with one click of the mouse. The main advantages of talkwalker alerts in the overview of free service for up to 100 keywords and unlimited alerts immediate notification possible easy Google Alerts with one click integration supports 187 languages very large search base including online news, blogs and forums very good content quality: Without duplicates, spam and irrelevant results continuous further development of the product according to user feedback about Trendiction Trendiction S.A. is a technology-oriented social media monitoring provider. Specializing in crawling and search technologies the company provides direct access to publicly available social media information is available. Trendiction crawls the Internet since 2008 and therefore belongs to the leading European companies in the online crawling (Accenture innovation award finalist 2012, ICT Young talent winner, Paperjam ICT winner). Its customers include more than 100 references: agencies, consultancy, market research institutes, Medienbeobachtungs companies and companies all over Europe.