Compare interest rates at the current level of interest rates very important the interest rate is the “price” for investments. Therefore, consumers should as always interest rates compare when shopping at the supermarket, even with cash. The easiest way, investors in the interest of the Internet can compare. For the different funds, there are corresponding comparison sites, which date to determine the interest rates of different banks for overnight deposits, deposits or savings bonds. As a result, investors can find the most attractive interest on own capital. Why an interest rate comparison makes sense the interest rates, the banks for cash offer, be determined on the basis of various factors. Each bank has it own calculation methods and its own margins, which is included in the calculation.

In addition the situation in the money market and the competitive situation to other banks. Almost every day, a bank changes its interest rates in Germany. For an individual investor, it is impossible to retain any interest rate changes at a glance. The timing and logistical costs would be enormous. The Internet offers here for investors a significant improvement and facilitation in the selection of the optimal investment. The comparison of interest is online available virtually around the clock.

Investors remember no opening times and can usually also immediately online complete the matching system or over the Internet to send the documents for account opening. Just the Internet banks are interesting for many investors, because they have fewer costs for personnel and administration and thereby offer increased investment interest. Savers must therefore no longer with pitiful”interest from the Bank settle at the place of residence. Compare the fixed deposit interest rates and day money at all financial investments, which are available every day again, a comparison of interest worth the most. In short-term time deposits at overnight day investment savers very shortly decide and can switch to another bank that offers better interest rates. Day money rates are typically variable and fixed deposit interest rates only for the fix agreed period of time. A short time after the opening of a time deposit – or day money account interest rates may change. Investors who want to always have the best interest rates, should compare interest rates at least once in a month for their deposits and if necessary change the Bank. The change to the most attractive Bank always pays for itself: at an interest rate differential of 0.5 percent achieved savers at a facility from 10,000 Euro 50 euro more in the year.