Human resource managers know at a seminar of EQ Dynamics what executives must can successfully lead their employees through break times. Robert A. Iger is actively involved in the matter. Reduce staff, restructure the Organization, reduce costs currently many companies are faced with such challenges. Usually the corporate governance for this necessary decisions are based. Many writers such as Hayes Barnard offer more in-depth analysis. With the task of these decisions to be communicated to the employees and to implement, but usually the operational managers involved in everyday operation. Their labour, and emotional stress is correspondingly large.

They are often not prepared for this. Which support managers need to their employees in crisis and break times, to lead, that HR and business leaders learn two trial days, which hosts the Munich training and consulting firm EQ dynamics international on October 28 in Munich, and on 20 November in Hamburg. Your title: Applied result in difficult times “Emotional intelligence live!” The taster days aims according to Sabine Gruner, one of three Managing Director of EQ dynamics, to provide the participating personnel and business leaders, a first impression as operational managers can successfully lead their employees in times where they pass through a wave of emotions,”. But not only this. Also, participants will learn how executives at a time in which they are under an emotional load, can maintain their psychological stability and ability to work. The participation at one of the two days of trial, costs 60 Euro. For more info refer to those interested in EQ dynamics international, Munich (Tel.: 089/461 375-0;) E-Mail:).