The free2play has established its ‘item Mall’ officially mmorpg Shaiya Aeria games Berlin to December 15, 2008 – the free2play mmorpg Shaiya Aeria games has its item Mall to December 15, 2008″officially set up and offers the opportunity to now each player to purchase consumable items through purchased Aeria points (AP). On the 21.12, on the occasion of joyful fixed 300 Aeria Aeria games is give away points to all those, who are online from 17:30 to 19:30. As attention AeriGames holds a gift package in the new item Mall for all the players, who immediately sense want to create your 300 earned Aeria points. Read more from CBS to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The Marketing Director A. Kabisch: With the launch of the item Mall, the game becomes even more attractive. So that the player can test the item Mall, and there properly, we are with us to distribute our Christmas campaign to all interested players of Aeria points.” To get also the atmosphere of joyful celebrations close, Shaiya with the new patch in skirt and Cap of the snowy Christmas time presents itself. The GM Prejore it is important that players can experience the winter Christmas atmosphere in the game us!”