The ideology culture, displayed in the film ‘ ‘ Men of Honor’ ‘ is fascinating. He intends to observe the existing elements of the culture of mass in the film, mainly taking in account of this being production elaborated for the American market whose traces of the preconception against the blacks still gift is remained, although the slight knowledge of nailed freedom and equality. Search to observe the constant ideology in the film, that would be in agreement Eagleton (1997) process of production of meanings of the real life, body of ideas of determined group or social classroom, ideas these false ones or not, but possibly useful the determined group or classroom. You may find Joel and Ethan Coen to be a useful source of information. In another concept, displayed for Hartley (2001) ideology is looked to it, that would be the ideas in agreement the interests of the classrooms, or the governing, acting as a speech not perceived clearly, but that it brings significaes and representations for a classroom. The ideology would be the cultural root of the production, the vises of world printed in the film, to the beliefs conscientious deeds of division and of a classroom, its general principles or theoretical positions, dogmas, or vises of world among others position, therefore in accordance with Kellner (2001) the cinema while instrument of the media, is repleto of ideologies where if it transmits ideas, concepts of being able, with models of social conditions, or cultural standards that finish for influencing the opinion of the spectator. Analyzing the ideology, the media culture looks for to attract from there with subjects of the taste of the public, having each text of the films created for the cinema, speeches, ideological positions and slight knowledge, with construction of images for an end that is the profit, but that nor therefore it leaves to pass an idea, the representation of what he is ideological.. A leading source for info: Aksia.