The MK DiscPress looks different now but remains the most important: our performance, our service and our passion for outstanding media productions, others produce only. We produce with passion. That’s our motto, and so we have been totally redesigned our Web site for you with this passion. Find now thanks to a new, concise representation more quickly to your desired product. Detailed article pages provide clear descriptions, technical details and production times, so laboriously no longer need to search on various pages. But try it, browse to in the online dictionary is now the past. Everything worth knowing about the CD and DVD burn CD-Rs pressing, CD and DVD and printed USB flash drives, CD, DVD, USB stick packaging and our fulfilment services are now cleaned up and graphically represented. See services/download file to download for disk and packaging as PDF print templates. Guarantor for our consistent quality and reliability is our modern machine park, behind which of course our qualified staff. Enter in the new world of