Details of services and detailed conditions of competitors are hard to access mystery shopping as a tool of competitive intelligence in B2B and B2C markets especially in B2B markets. With mystery shopping, a covert intelligence can be carried out and donate large benefits. The Hamburger market research Institute Dr. Garcia & Cie. specializes in covert observation of competition as operators of the mystery shopping agency MYSTERYPANEL and deploys mystery shoppers for trained. High benefits by observing the competition while in B2C markets is often a high transparency of services and content, detailed information in B2B markets are often unknown sizes: what price offers its customers of competitors? What allowances and discounts are given by the competitors? In the context of a competitive intelligence is mystery shopping predominantly employed, to gain information in terms of a competitive intelligence, which are otherwise not accessible””, explains Gunnar Garcia, owner of Dr.

Garcia & Cie. market research from Hamburg. Trained mystery shoppers come here with competitors in contact, can submit offers and document relevant parts of the sales process to identify of important information. So, companies can gain detailed knowledge of performance content and customer interaction of their competitors. Professional competitive intelligence by experienced market research Institute in conception and implementation of observing the competition with mystery shopping company should put on a market research experience in this particular area. We have wide experience in carrying out a competition observation from the concept, through the identification and recruitment of appropriate mystery shoppers, to the analysis of the results”, Garcia continues.

The market determines prices, conditions in B2C and B2B markets and uncovers the sale process of its principal competitors. Further information about covert observation of competition with mystery Shopping there is under. About Dr. Garcia & Cie. market research Dr. Garcia & Cie. offers qualitative and quantitative market research as owner-managed market research firm and serves companies from industries such as automotive, construction / real estate, consulting / services, chemistry / pharmaceutical, electronics / informatics, energy, financial services / banks / insurance, healthcare, trade, consumer goods, media / communications, manufacturing and transport / traffic. More: as quality leading mystery shopping provider Dr. Garcia & Cie. see service test services on. It used its own nationwide network with trained mystery shoppers out of Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Press contact: Dr. Gunnar Grieger MYSTERYPANEL Dr. Garcia & Cie. Papenhuder str. Discovery Communications is often mentioned in discussions such as these. 53, 22087 Hamburg Tel 0 40/22 69 22 50 press at