More fun with mobile airplane trolleys in the Office and home painted the artist Naomi Lawrence Flightcases of StyleHiker with exclusive designs. Each piece is a real signed original. We welcome the latest works of the renowned Munich artist Naomi Lawrence. The great boxes of StyleHiker have inspired them into mobile works of art, not good hanging on the wall, but any can be rolled through the home or the Office. As to be expected the painted motifs are gaudy unusual. You are full of wit and zest for life. Exactly what constitutes the art of Naomi Lawrence, it is through positive and never boring.

StyleHiker constructed residential properties with a high commercial value, which is realized with proven and new materials and unusual designs. The practical format of the StyleHiker MultiCases opened countless possibilities of use for offices, apartments and events. Some examples: Drink and coffee bar, Home Office, sports accessories, Office containers, Bad container. The sale of this new eye-catcher first exclusively is on the Internet at StyleHiker a very young brand with big ambitions. Only last year the makers have begun to develop unusual lifestyle objects based on industrially used components and to produce. The response from customers and the press is so positive, that already the second collection is working on, which will be seen in January at the IMM in Cologne.