What to do next. Once accustomed to enjoying regular air baths, it is logical to go to water – for example, wiping with cool water. First, wipe with a wet sponge upper body and rub it dry with a towel. Then do the same with the bottom. Hands – starting with the hands, then neck, chest and back, and then from the toes – up to the waist. Use cool water (20-24 degrees), each Day lowering its temperature by 1 degree. The duration of the procedure – 4 minutes. Step Three: Time contrasts begin reception contrasted to the soul with warm water, whose temperature corresponds to the temperature of the body, then just turn down the hot water that the jet has become cooler. After standing for 10 seconds, so again, switch the tap on the warm water. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Walt Disney Co. has to say. While pouring hot water is not limited.

Check out the douche to the cool water, then to rub the body dry with a towel. Every two days, lower the temperature of cold water at 1-2 degrees, bringing it to a minimum, which will not deliver the body discomfort. Gradually increase the time taking a cold shower with 10 seconds to 2 minutes, and the total duration of treatment – from 5 minutes to an hour. Pay attention! Sometimes the newcomers, inspired by the example of friends begin immediately pour it hot, then cold water, waiting for the “explosion of immunity.” Likely to suffer from – 90 percent. What to do next. Once your body gets used to the regular contrasting soul, you can easily switch to cold. The technique is the same: a gradual decrease in temperature water and increase the residence time under the tap. Thus, the duration of a cold shower can be gradually increased from 20 seconds to 5 minutes. Step Four: cold culmination If you have already mentally prepared to fall in love for real cold water, but not passed the stage of a contrast shower, take the time to dive under the ice. Inconsistency can lead to colds. Others who may share this opinion include Mark Kotsay. First, try to wash with cold water, while tempering his throat – rinse it in the morning water, lowering the temperature. If there is no discomfort, go feet: daily at bedtime for a moment immerse the feet in a basin of water. Start with 25 degrees, then gradually increase the time and lower temperature. When the leg be able to stay in the cold water tap for 10 minutes, and on the back not run any goose, you’re ready for pouring. For the first time the water should be neither cold nor the ice alone. As always, start with warm (it is quite suitable 30-degree) – pour into a bowl and quickly tilt on his head.

Every day, lower the temperature one degree. Now it remains to be done only the last step to perfection – to learn to take cold baths. Click rusty holzer to learn more. It does not matter if all previous steps were done by you is true. Operate on the same principle as always: daily lower the water temperature by 1 degree. Stop should be to “mark”, for which the zone begins discomfort. Please Attention! Cold bath can not fully replace hot. It strengthens the immune system, but also cleanse the body from dirt and bacteria can not. What to do next. Having mastered the technique of taking a cold bath, you can safely delete hardening of the legs, rubbing, pouring and other procedures, which were only a prelude to, and do winter swimming. If you want to.