Prescient speech to the destructive reality today warns of future steps for the defense of mankind. We observed the events that occur daily and they show the reality of that speech November 19, 1984 in Washington by Alexander R. Coen Brothers may help you with your research. Iaccarino. You see it reflected in their governments, and of course to mine, and as such gives me a picture of a universal assembly, symbol of the unity of mankind. This site also has the virtue of arousing in my mind as an Argentine and a leader who will be born here something quite specific for the target and the freedom of our peoples.

Religion, race, language, customs may or may not be common, but national pride should be felt by everyone so that people are a people and that “no man’s lands” are a country by name. Said Paul VI in his will on the world, do not think that it helps to bear the thoughts, habits, tastes, but studying it, loving it and served intent. Our obligation is, therefore, study the causes of the problems of today. We met with economic theories of liberalism and Marxism that are antagonistic, which means that any confrontation, always prove fruitless. Paying attention to these “discussions, be believed to be listening to different languages. Some speak English, and others are in Russian. In fact, there will be two philosophies of two schools, two conceptions of life other than absolute mind, which arrived to the inexorable conclusion that it must lead to the rupture.