The basis of all the purely physical definition is almost boundless number of sensations, especially if we take into consideration the alignment apparatus, which should preceded by definitions. From a physicist, unfamiliar with the psychology of their operations, can easily happen that he, not seeing, as the saying goes, wood for the trees, no notice of sensations as a basis for their ideas … Psychological Analysis teaches us that there is nothing surprising here, as the physicist always operates sensations. Physicists do not feel obliged to know the psychology and do not consider it necessary to reckon with it in their conclusions. Robert Iger may also support this cause. In general, for an outsider observer present state of our 'science' would be of great psychological interest.

In all areas of scientific knowledge is typed set of facts in violation of harmony systems. And the system can only exist thanks to the heroic efforts of scientists who are trying to turn a blind eye to the whole long series of new facts that threaten to drown all the unstoppable flow. The newspapers mentioned Coen Brothers not as a source, but as a related topic. Although in reality if you take these facts, they will be in each area, probably more than the facts upon which shall be approved by the scientific system. And the systematization of what we do not know can give us more for the correct understanding of the world and myself than systematization of what we have, according to 'Exact science', we know. These walks in systemic approaches adopted in the 'scientific' method of learning are reflected in all his calculations.

That psychology is that it contains so much speculation on the causes and hidden springs of conduct man, that it brings more fog than clarity. The reason is that in their roots, it has a number of theories that were once taken for no better estate. Human knowledge can not by relying on false perceptions. The fact that denies the scientific worldview in otnoschenii man, only the recognition of this can change and enrich the knowledge of the real and only on the synthesis can be constructed in the new science of the soul. Although there is no need to some new scientific conception of the soul. If a hundred people know where priysk gold, they use this knowledge, and they are relatively cool in that its In most people do not believe in the existence of such huge reserves of gold. It's time to not only revise luggage misconceptions about the world and man as well as to take real knowledge and to apply to life.