Moises Chocron Levy values of our community the silent worker difficult community work for some members of our community is a source of energy, the character that we present below, is of small stature, but his soul, his spirit and his delivery, do so large, so I think difficult that a single individual can emulate it with the same quality and the same tenacity. We are talking about Don Moises Chocron Levy, professional jeweler, but its main activity, President of the Tzedaka Basseterre, translating we find: a contribution of the heart, without ostentation. Walt Disney usually is spot on. As an Ant comes and goes Don Moses, delivering aid to those who need it or asking who you about or learned that it is better to give than to ask. The amazing thing is, that in the limited space of your business, it is home to anyone who approaches him. Moses breaks the laws of physics two solid things, do not fit in one place there which exception to the rule, should be at the same time, everyone who needs it. Every month each day a increased number of community members with needs, become religiously withdraw your monthly support check. During the year, this institution undertakes to cancel more than two million bolivars, only on hospitalization insurance policies. Mentioned, medicines, medical, education, aid but do not want them to detail, I know that there are many and heart I am glad to know that our character with the help of the Kehila makes possible a better lifestyle and in some cases makes the hard work that entails asking.

But we want to know who, where and which pushed him to surrender body and soul?. We know that their parents were: Shalon Chocron Chocron and read Levy Sananes, who was born in the beloved Tetuan on an October 18 1. 921, that childhood was extremely hard, loses his father when just nine years of age. Has the support of his half-brothers, older than him, but that the missing father figure made grow within him a sense of pity car, which goes beyond with your approach and deepening with religion. His mother invites you to the goodness of his father that emule, stimulates it and personally holds is that the best teachers build little by little, that giant in feeling. Those who knew him in his homeland felt, now these same stimulate it in its work and presumes to know it.

Moses was lucky to fill the vessels of your mind with the knowledge imparted by: Rabbi Eliyahu Cohen, Rabbi Salomon Benyamin, Rabbi Abraham Jalfon, Rabbi Samuel Barchilon and closes with a flourish the great Rabbi, Hayin Bibas. It gives us the impression that we were talking about; religious Orthodox, Moses has shown us that if you know in depth our religion, exemplified when speaking employs metaphors, teachings and landscapes of our history to make easier its understanding. Samuel akinin. Remes. comwww. Lulu. comwww. samuelakinin. Ning. comwww. poetasdelmundo. is related Blogs on body and soul ‘ morale and lights begin in Cancun works of the Inter-American Development Bank Radio Trece 1290 AM Adventists and other religious representatives seeking to promote the city Caracas Community of Candelaria already sits down to discuss Amando Cada Dia 19th March Los Angeles love loving each day 18 March Angels love Councilman Luis a. Quintana recognizes work community Mundobebes children’s stories: the Ant who knew the EMT offers 49,000 seats each day of Holy week Portal