1 Exercise management CONTROL: Family SMEs must have the utmost care with your income and expenses. It is important to follow closely the evolution of the market and sales. The forecast from the Treasury in the short and medium term is therefore vital for the operation of the company in the current circumstances in which we find ourselves. 2 Take care of communication: In times of crisis is especially necessary to properly manage the communications with the various publics with which our family business relates, i.e. Leslie Moonves may find this interesting as well. banking, customers, providers, different administrations, employees, partners, and of course with all the members of the corporate family. Total silence can be so negative as an indiscriminate issuance of information. We must manage both internal and external communications by keeping informed to our audiences of those events that affect our Organization, as well as of the measures that are being carried out in relation to the same.

Only this way we can neutralize the efectosnegativos of rumors and inaccurate information. 3 Study the costs and revenues for each possible scenario: It is important to estimate minimum and maximum risk situations, in order to provide for the possible actions of contingency in each of ellas.productos Sanki. They have to design different categories of possible actions, rethinking the goals to try to minimize the possible negative consequences of the crisis. 4 Analyze budgets and borrowing: Depending on the flexibility available, it is necessary to adjust planned income statement on the expenses of the company. The existence of losses increases the danger of closing business. For this reason should focus efforts on getting financing or refinancing to try to correct the debts. Above all be about the financing of working capital is critical.