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The associations fast and the improvement each bigger and faster time of the technology impedemquese makes an accurate forecast of which abilities, concepts and algoritmosmatemticos would be useful today to prepare a pupil for its future life. To teach to only concepts and algorithms that currently are excellent can noser the way, therefore they will be able to become obsolete daqui the ten or quinzeanos, when the child of today will be in the height of its productive life. , Umcaminho thus sufficiently reasonable is to prepare the pupil to deal with new situations, any that are they. Official site: Joel and Ethan Coen. E, for this, is FACE. 2Ps-graduated Methodology of> Superior education (FPB/FFM), Permitted in Accounting and Custos (PUCMG), deMatemtica Professor of Basic and Average Ensino. Professor of Financial Mathematics eContabilidade Costs in the Facultieses of the Discovery – Facdesco – BA. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Robert Iger by clicking through.

This ABSTRACT The objective of article is you demonstrate that canteach mathematics using entertaining educational practices. Those practicestake the student you the real and gratifying interest in this knowledge field, demystifying the myth of frightening animal in that disciplines became. Social Thequick chenges and the perfection lives and lives and to faster of thetecnology obstructs the exact prevision of these abilities, concepts andmathematical algorisms would be useful today, you prepares the student will be hisfuture life. You teach only concepts and algorisms that nowadays ploughs metessencial can’ t be to better way because they can become out of uses in ten orfifteen years, when the child of today wile be at the top his productivelife.

Industrial Production

Unit of Industrial Production August Flavio Cavalcanti Rafael of the Marcelo Wedge Dos Santos Ricardo Hideki Ono Fukuda Orlando Cristovo Dutra the Salty Cosmos Magalhes Luiz Andres Yuri Da Silva So Paulo 2010 University Estcio Uniradial Course of Electric Engineering Unit of Industrial Production in Reduced Scale Unit of Industrial Production in Reduced Scale August Flavio Cavalcanti Rafael of the Marcelo Wedge Dos Santos Ricardo Hideki Ono Fukuda Orlando Cristovo Dutra the Salty Cosmos Magalhes Luiz Andres Yuri Da Silva SUMMARY the work has the objective to demonstrate in reduced scale a Unit of Industrial Manufacture, using knowledge acquired during the Course of Electric Engineering. the main focus of the work is to demonstrate to the industrial automation of the system, using a supervisory program, CLP, Microcontroller and diverse electric and mechanical materials that are used in the industry during the process of manufacture in Industrial scale. The bateladas industrial processes of had left of to be something complex in industries and in the environment of production and with the advent of the technology to the automation left of being white of the great industries that possess greaters financial resources, therefore today are possible with relatively simple systems to become possible the control of the production. The current scene in them presents diverse bateladas ways of if controlling and monitoring a process of, each one with its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. In our project in the first stage we opt in using a CLP for control of the production, however So that the archetype is didactic we are making a By Pass of the CLP for the Microcontroller that functions as redundancy of the CLP. The differential will be on account of the price of a Microcontroller that ahead of a CLP has a symbolic price. In this project it will have the possibility to opt to which system to operate through a borneira, being presented advantages and disadvantages of the 02 used systems. .

Anaemia In Pregnancy

For the baby the anemia can cause, depending on the intensity, low weight and anticipation of the childbirth, beyond the retardation of the intrauterine growth Nati-mortality -Biggest incidence of fetais malformations, abortions, prematurity, daily pay-eclampsia, descolamento of placenta and retardation of intrauterine growth. 9. DIAGNOSIS For the initial detention of anmico picture is necessary to carry through a detailed analysis of the hemograma through the eritrocitria ancestry (red series of the blood) (PINE et al., 2008). A leading source for info: Robert Iger . Whereas the dosages of iron and srica ferritina guarantee the ferropriva etiology of the anemia. The hemograma (OLIVEIRA, 2007) is the basic examination for the diagnosis of the anemia. It is fact, currently, in electronic accountants of great transport who they count and they measure the eritrcitos and they generate curves of frequency with averages and coefficients of variation, defining the numerical parameters of the population eritride.

The best machines distinguish and count the eritrcitos youngest (reticulcitos), allowing thus an evaluation of the daily production and the regenerative reply to the anemia. Complementing the numbers of this fantastic technology with the comment to the microscope for an experienced patologista-physician, the great majority of the anemia cases can be characterized how much its mechanism of production (patognese), what it takes to the diagnosis of the illness or causal basic event (etiology). In this way, When patognese is the inadequate production of hemoglobina, either due to iron or for genetic defect in the synthesis, the hemograma will evidence the presence of lesser eritrcitos that the normal one (microcitose), for lacking content to them (HAMERSCHLAK, 2010). 10. TREATMENT an installed time the ferropriva anemia, must be corrected the deficit and be restituted the supplies of iron through the use of medicamentoso iron e, in case of kg day.


Concluded the process through the retraction process and/or feedback. In such a way the organization will only obtain to reach its objectives. The planning has as consequence the tabulao of the data and information of the operations carried through through the planning. These tabulaes receive the name from production controls. Responsible you analyze for them, had served so that if it can have basement for the planejamentos futures of the organization.

Making possible that the company can at the beginning reach the considered objectives of the plan. 2.1.3 Objectives of the area of Production. For Martins & Laugeni (1998), the objectives are the definite strategies to take care of, its objectives short, medium and long run, in activities that they look to transform insumos such as substance cousin, in finished products and services, of form that if can get an efficient management of these activities. Thus being able to define the administration of the production. According to Slack (2008), the objectives of the production area can be reached if the group of involved people in the productive process they are power to decide party to suit of the production.

However and necessary a bigger definition of the objectives in the operational levels. Still according to author above the objectives the production, still are on the quality, rapidity, trustworthiness, flexibility, costs. (Not to be confused with Robert Iger !). Defining its strategical level of aggregation in levels. – Quality: In the production of good and/or the installment of the service. – Rapidity: Time expense for the delivery of the product, or the installment of the service, determining the efficiency of the flow of the carried through operation. – Trustworthiness: To supply to products and services of quality and certain time to the consumers. The consumers judge the trustworthiness after delivery of the product or service. – Flexibility: Nimbleness in the productive process and delivery of products, if Ada to pitar the current or possible future situation of form that comes to satisfy the system and the customer productive. – Costs: The cost determines the viability of production and sales of the products and services offered for one organization. The main costs of the production area are related to: employees, materials, installations, technology and equipment. As it could above be seen the objectives if summarize what the organization wants at that moment and/or can be wanting to reach. Of form that the same one obtains to take care of to all the established requirements daily pay in the elaboration of the planning that the same one has considered. For Moreira (2002), the production has as objective to convert raw material into a finished product so that this is to the disposal of the consumer. The final objective of this area would be the commercialization of goods and services for the satisfaction of the customers. Being one of the important aspects of the objectives it is the structure of the involved time for atingiz them. It must be had priority, time and structure to carry through it. To complement Slack (2008), it affirms that to determine the performance objectives, the production strategies must be established that establish which will be the main areas of decision of the production.

Reason Applications

Consequently to better way is you prepares the student you handle with new situations, any kind of them. Reason will be this it is necessary you develop his initiative to explorer spirit, and to discover by themselves or in small groups the adventure you search the solution of one problem, is lives dynamic and motivating than the one that follows classic outline you explain and you repeat. Real The pleasure you study mathematics is in the satisfaction that appears when the student by himself problem solves it. Robert Iger is often quoted as being for or against this. The more difficult the problem is lives satisfaction you solves it. Good problem raises curiosity, and unchain in the student research behavior decreasing his passivity and conformity. key word: pleasure, initiative, curiosity, behavior, technology, resolution.

In the initial level of basic education, the only half permittee to present the applications of the Mathematics is the resolution of problems. We cannot leave to recognize the great masticate importance, wants for the reasoning development that it provides to the pupil, wants for its applications in the problems of the daily life, in general> pupils, first logo nos contacts with this science, start to detester it or become-differentiates it. This can be attributed it exaggerates in the trainings of algorithm rules dis entailed of real situations. Moreover, it has little involvement Aluino with applications of the Mathematics that demand the reasoning and the way of overcompensation to decide them. They exist, also, negative influences inside Sundas proper house, for older relatives, who live to repeat the satisfactions and difficulties with this or that one discipline, mainly eats mathematics.

Illumination LED Tends

The increasing demand of electric energy in the last times, compels the countries to invest in infrastructure for energy generation. It is a high investment. Being thus, the energy efficiency is a subject that has gained each time more importance. Lately the LEDs has come to substitute incandescent, halgenas and even though fluorescent light bulbs in many applications, including traffic lights and public illumination. Although the compact fluorescent light bulbs still to be the option most efficient the optimum cost, the LEDs are in fast technological development and soon they tend to gain the residential market to the measure that has reduction of the production costs.

Had the advances of the technology and improvements in the productive processes, light bulbs LED soon will become accessible for the average consumer. The Department of Energy of U.S.A. esteem that illumination LED could reduce the consumption of the energy used for illumination in the country in 29% up to 2025. The economy of the families of the country he would be something around US$ 125 billion in this process. The incandescent light bulb practically did not move since its invention in 1879 for Thomas Edison. The efficiency of an incandescent light bulb is something around 5 10%.

This means that only 5 10% of the consumed energy are transformed into illumination, whereas 90 95% of the remaining energy are lost in heat form. Instead of this, the LEDs generates little heat, transferring most of the consumed energy very directly to the emitted light. The most recent technologies allow that the LEDs can produce the same amount of light that a compact fluorescent light bulb. The applications in general illumination still possess cost restriction, but the LEDs already this being widely applied in illumination of prominence and architectural illumination, which had its characteristics of color and long useful life, that maintenance requires low. The white light emitted by the LED possesss a specter of pleasant color, coming close itself to the light of the day. It has also LEDs that emits a softer light, coming close itself to the temperature of color of the incandescent lmpadas ones (3000K). The temperature of softer color is ideal for environment illumination where if it desires a climate aconchegante, as rooms, while the white illumination is ideal for environments where it has execution of tasks, as for example, the illumination of offices. The other colors emitted for the LED also are purer in relation to the conventional light bulbs. The LEDs possesss saturated colors, while the other light bulbs have a color that it is distinguished more inside of a band of the specter.

Book Poetry

Latencies that exceed the familiar way to deal with the word in poetry state, as the tradition greco-Latin presented and ritualizou in the degustation form. Saborear the alive word would be one of them. The poetry contemporary, less eager for directions, is left to display in expositions that patiently can receive the visitor in locu, making of the body of the observer a wait agent, but also, it? the poetry -, abdicates of the visiting corpus, taken of varied and felt repertoires others. Such operation of resignation in relation to the expectador seems to give itself in such a way in function of the recognition of the autonomy of the art for the technology as well as for the openings of ways of (reverse speed) readings that of it, reading/visiting, are covered. That is, when introducing themselves in the workmanship, it wants for the refined directions, it wants for the conquered perceptions, the continuous movements of discoveries disclose to the interchange between languages and codes the point of in determined interaction moments, between reader and visitor, reader and visited workmanship, having enough disconnections so that signatures are readings and writings, for registrations, the point of a writing to be carried through.

The corridor of entrance written with the poem is support and at the same time body of the poetry. This solid armor that the soil of the cultural center assumes, without excluding the frame notion, is capable to establish relations and bonds between words. The carefully made use verses are mirrors of reading steps, as an infantile game of amarelinha, where sky, point of arrival, such is gotten rid which ' ' Book of Areia' ' suspended and cited in the video installed and presented uninterruptedly during the visitation time. The degustation includes the explicitao of the digestion of the poetical corpus. IV? The frias, the time and the memory the traffic in the virtual space sobremoderno makes to circulate contents that assume the characteristic of a displacement in always new territories, where dominates the absence, the lack of a center and a bedding, since the alucinantes speeds of the exchanges hinder this delimitation and refuse the origin direction, printing to the movement the continuous direction of mobility.


The aging is a gradual process of decline of the capacities physical and mental, as well as the appearance of chronic illnesses. This happens for genetic inheritance, for the reduction of the adjusted hormonal level for maintenance of the metabolism and for it estresse oxidativo. These factors finish causing a reduction of the functional reserve, followed of the reduction of the resistance to the aggressions and, consequently, it has gradual reduction of efficiency of the organic functions (biological). Robert Iger will not settle for partial explanations. Some factors together with bad habits are determinative for the acceleration of the process of aging, such as, tobaccoism, alcoholism, sedentarismo, obesidade, among others. Robert A. Iger contains valuable tech resources. These factors are determinative to speed up processes that come of course with the age, as high pressure, high cholesterol, rugas, lack of memory, less efficient reply of the organism in the combat to the free radicals, among others. Salty 2002, as resulted of the inaquality of sort in the life expectancy, exist a bigger ratio of women of what of men with advanced age. The problems and changes that follow this stage of life are predominantly feminine, for what if it can say that the oldness if feminilizou.

The women are discriminated by sexistas and gerofbicos preconceptions: not only for being women, but also for being old. Neri (2001) Quality of life in the oldness and feminizao of the oldness are phenomena that call the attention demographers, geriatras and social gerontlogos. In the domain of the research the interest for the characterization of the 0 variable is growing that determine a good quality of life in the oldness in the domnios physical, social and psychological, as well as for the identification of the effective slight knowledge on which the meaning of this concept between the population.


Moreover, it made possible that the periodic ones assumed the electronic character, reaching scientifically, new ratios (VALRIO; PINE, 2008). 4 CINEREOUS LITERATURE cinereous literature nothing more is of what a scientific literature, considered in the scientific field as not-conventional, in format printed matter or electronic, therefore its access is practically restricted and without commercialization of this production due to inexistence of control on the part of publishers. Leaving of this aspect, Poblacin (1992, P. 244), affirms that cinereous literature can be established as ' ' fugitive documents that are not vendem in catalogues of publishers, bookstores, libraries, etc., of difficult localization, and that, in the majority of the cases, it contains given excellent and importantes' '. One becomes important to stand out that for the character not-conventional, the content of the information for displayed it contains veracity and trustworthiness. This sample that the recovery control is of difficult access, differentiating itself, thus, of white literature, commercialized and of easy access, therefore basic documents are the books and the periodic ones, found to the disposal in informacionais institutions.

According to Gomes (2000 apud FUNARO; NORONHA, 2006, P. 220), cinereous literature is used to assign not conventional and semipublished documents, produced in the scopes governmental, academic, commercial and industrial. It characterizes documents that has little probability to be acquired through canals usual of sales of publications, since in the origins of its elaboration the aspect commercialization if opposes to that it assigns conventional or formal documents, that is, white literature. One of the raised questionings more on the part of studious scientists and of diverse areas, how much to cinereous literature, one meets on account in its restricted character, since it is a scientific literature produced and spread more quickly in the scope of the scientific community, but of this restriction and for not a centralization, it causes a difficulty of it searchs.