"Once the demigod Maui was presented udilny hook from an old guy named Tonga. This hook Maui pulled out of the water … the island, which is named after the old man. He took a few islands, and trampled them. The islands are flat as saucer. Others, however, he left the hilly. God Tangaloa Eitumatupua peopled them with their sons and their wives. One of his sons, he gave the name of the Tui Tonga, who became the ancestor of all kings.

" It is a legend about the origin of a hundred Seventy Tonga Islands in the southern and northern parts of the Pacific Ocean. However, only thirty-six of them are homely. The first settlers came here three thousand years ago from the islands of Fiji. For scientists, as more interest are the remaining one hundred thirty-four. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Samantha Lewes. Those that, according to legend, the demigod left hilly. The Kingdom of Tonga has never belonged to a colony than the locals are proud of so far. Tupou dynasty kings ruled the country since 1845.

The capital Nuku'alofa is situated in one of two main islands – the island of Tongatapu. Second, it is considered the island of Eua. Nukualofa is the symbol of the royal palace – only wood palace in the world. The pride of the island of Eua is savannah and rainforest. Vava'u Islands – the most beautiful group of islands. A total of thirty-four, thirteen of which are inhabited. On these islands, vast coconut plantations and vanilla, amazing natural harbors and beaches with white sand. It is through these beautiful white sand beaches and spectacular natural beauty of the island of Tonga is very popular among tourists. Lovers of sailing appreciate the harbor of Puerto del – Refudzhio. Highly popular Tomb Kings, located on the island of Tongatapu, laid out in the form of terraces of coral. Tonga Islands – a paradise. Nature is more than people. Visitors to this day can be found in this realm of coral reefs and volcanoes lonely coves and pristine forests.