Until today lice it is a shame signal. Fara orders to call Moiss to finish with that. 3×0 for Moiss. But again the heart of fara is hardened. d) 4 PLAGUE? The FLIES (Former 8:24) In the three first plagues the people of Israel also suffered, to perhaps show they who everything in the life has obstacles, everything has a price to be paid, so that they gave to value the things of God. In Egypt the escaravelhos or beetles were adored, then Jehovah orders varejeiras flies, those that leave a thing under of the skin that in the interior we know for ' ' berne' ' , if you do not know, nor you want to know. Were flies for all side nobody slept, the food were with visible worms still in the table, that horror, then fara orders to call Moiss, so that? It guesses, to ask for pinico is clearly. 4×0 for Moiss.

But for misfortune of fara it hardens the heart. e) 5 PLAGUE? PLAGUES IN the ANIMALS (Former 9:6) As I said the ox to the cow and bezerrinho, is sacred back in Egypt, and there it has the Aps god had ox head, the Hator goddess with cow body, that humilhao, that fights good, Moiss you arrasando fara. Then fara makes what? It orders to call Moiss, one more time will go to ask for penico, that shame lack, any one would order the people even so. 5×0 for Moiss. But fara hardens the heart again, I already arrives to think that the hardness was not in the heart of fara and yes in the head, that burrice! IT HAS, ALMOST I FORGOT MYSELF, THE ISRAELI CATTLE THEM NOTHING HAD SUFFERED. f) 6 PLAGUE? ULCERS AND TUMORS (Former 9:10) Moiss play gray in air, and believe or it air also was not a god in Egypt, and air, or the god air, if it puts in charge to spread a plague ordered for God, who if became in tumors that arrebentavam in the men and the cattle.