Food: The book series Essen studies on semiotics and communication research welcomed in September two new under their volumes. Thus, the number of publications in Shaker rises to 22. Thus 20 new volumes of the series at Shaker appeared alone between 2003 and 2007. The two newest books, “The communicative structure of authentic emotions” by Robin Kurilla and “only on the legs” Thies Eisele, are just two of the three volumes published this year. While it is of a new communication and the communicative design of emotions, involves the other killing in military self understanding.

The thematic variety of individual volumes is under the umbrella of the Essenes communication science ( kowi). Before the institutional background of the Institute for communication science, the series of Prof. is Dr. H. edited Walter Schmitz, Prof. Dr. Achim Eschbach and Prof. You may find that Robert A. Iger can contribute to your knowledge.

Dr. Jens Loenhoff and published by Shaker. Although the first volume, “linguistic criticism and political was Correctness in the Federal Republic of Germany “by Jens Kapitzky, already in November 2000 appeared. After the subsequent release of Nikolas nail, it remained until May 2003 first silently to the series, as with the release of Gregory of the kinda. “If you come too late, the the waiting punished” a productive line of development was initiated, which continues today. Visit homepage