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Unprofessional design bug, many owners dental clinics bought a site at a friend of a student or student acquaintance introduces students to … Obtained cheaply (a sentence like “any website for $ 100) and unprofessional: clearly visible when the site was made” on knee “in the spirit” that was “. This site is easy to identify links that lead “to nowhere,” a lot of flashing and jumping pictures emerging from different sides of the text “5% discount for all” and a wild variety of colors / fonts on one page. Even inexperienced visitors save money on creating the site and will also apply to your clinic. Site Design Clinic can be compared with the facade of the building: if he became dilapidated and plaster falling off, the desire go into this building drastically reduced.

Mistake 3. “Page is under construction,” How do you like when you visit the site on topics of interest to you, find the right link, look click on it and … see the inscription “The page development. How do you like this? Return you to this site again? Like any other project, the site of a dental clinic needs to close. This means not “done and forgotten, but the completion of work on it until a certain stage: all the links work, contact details are entered, all images are displayed, and any user can easily find what they need. That is why if you have started work on a site, bring it to its logical end – the testing phase, in which all texts should be written and each page performs its specific function.

Check Visitor

Site dental clinic – it is not only representation in the Internet, but also a powerful marketing tool. Few clinics make your site truly effective: leads for new clients and, accordingly, increases the profitability of the business. In this article we look at ways of attracting clients to the dental clinic, which you can implement right now. If you do not have a site, knowing these techniques, you'll know what needs be on the site and what to look for his order. Admission 1.

A call to action each page should encourage the visitor to action: call, send e-mail, write to the doctor. Leslie Moonves takes a slightly different approach. Call to action must be clearly visible and pronounced the verb, for example: "call us now." Check out all the pages on your site: each must somewhere to the user. Reception 2. Unique Selling Proposition reading texts site, the visitor must be clearly than your clinic better than others. Why he should apply it to you? Maybe you have some kind of exclusive services, modern equipment, special conditions for families or patrons. Think about what your hospital is better than others and write about it on the site. Every detail is important: proximity to metro, convenient parking, round the clock operation.

Do not forget about the importance of pictures – sometimes quality image can say more than text. Just want to note that the discount to the unique selling proposition is not included. Firstly, at low prices falling confidence in the services, and secondly, the visitor is unlikely to treated tooth just because of what today discount.