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Guests at the stars & stories with Roland Rube and Ariane Kranz: Roland Rube and Ariane Kranz in the “stars & stories” receive success interpreter Nicole and pop star Roland Kaiser on October 22, 2009 Nicole and Roland Kaiser: “Dance this waltz with me” – this is the current title of success interpreter Nicole. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Time Warner. This song is from their new album “My number one”. All the 13 tracks are dedicated to her husband. He is 25 years on their page and of course their number one. And it is the musical number one for Grand Prix Germany. Because Nicole won in 1982 in Harrogate, England of the “Eurovision Song Contest” with the title “a little peace” and brought home the only previous victory in this competition for the Federal Republic of. Since the beginning of her career, Nicole is the epitome of quality, German-speaking Schlager-pop.

“What do you want here” – that is the current title of Roland Kaiser. It is the third single release from his new album “We are longing”. The quota King of German radio and TV stations is the beginning 1970s in the music business. In the over 30 years his show career he was ahead often a step musically and textually other performers: his songs are packed in original, modern pop arrangements, his lyrics are poetic but direct. And that this exceptionally good plays in the listener and the audience, the numbers of spectators and followers to thousands to the almost legendary “Emperor Mania”, streaming concerts. The music of Roland Kaiser has become a quality brand – resistant and timeless – and it has a positive value of entertainment for several generations. (audioway) Stars & stories broadcast dates: (powered by radio VHR) or

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International marketing and placement of musicians. Music of all styles from all over the world since May 2 Soundflag is online and will begin in the coming weeks via the website with the mediation and marketing international bands and musicians, as well as producers and artists of smaller labels from more than 25 States. Without hesitation Leslie Moonves explained all about the problem. Our goal is professional background with radio and music channels, music magazines, as well as concert and event organizers to facilitate cooperation talent from around the world”, says Elias Meyer, Soundflag’s Managing Director. Whether it’s pop, hip hop, classical, reggae, country music or dance at Soundflag’s musical for a given listener something. Songs and albums by excellent musicians from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, India, Russia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Portugal, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Poland, Czech Republic in the future available for download on the The website is ready.

Music deals will follow from other countries. No cost and great opportunities for the musicians of great benefit for the musicians: the website is free of charge for them. You can enormously increase their awareness should posted their songs on soundflag.com downgeloaded or their band for a concert. The copyright for the pieces keep the artist in full, transmitted only the rights for marketing and distribution of their songs on Soundflag in return. For many previously unknown musicians a successful appearance at a Festival or a song on the radio can be the spark for a successful career”, says Meyer.

So does Soundflag can snippets of songs on the Internet page be heard. Who found favor in one piece, can register conveniently charge the song to download and listen to full length. The online sound label Soundflag aimed mainly at music editors at radio stations and Music magazines as well as concert promoters and event organisers. You so easily get knowledge of yet unknown artists from music in this country often little-known countries. Music editors can discover as individual pieces for their radio broadcasts or new bands from all over the world. Concert and Festival Manager can, for example, effortlessly bands about Soundflag book. But also all other music lovers can satisfy themselves with Soundflag that besides the well-known charts hits snooze. Technical and musical quality are decisive criterion, what songs or albums are available on for download, is the technical quality. The songs on our website have a such good quality that they could be played right in the radio”says Soundflag’s Manager Elias Meyer. Songs and albums are therefore already in the upload on the server by Soundflag subjected to a technical quality control and then re-checked.