EL-DRAC shows large Installaion of Jo Pellenz (DE, ESP) the exhibition makers of EL-DRAC won the international artist for a spatial installation in Cervera del Maestre (Spain). Show Jo Pellenz valles from July 26, 2008 in the Ermita de San Sebastian his PAPERWORKS under the title “. “Pellenz thus continues a series of major installations begun in 2000 in Cologne and is inspired in particular by the Moorish flair of the mountain village on the Costa del Azahar: such a place for art to open, fun and challenge,” says the artist. The Ermita in the old centre of the village has been located, temporarily used as a hospital after the Spanish civil war, mid last year renovated and stands now for the first time for an art installation available. “Del Dragon is at the same time the exhibition series of Amigos Casa europeos en el arte” continued, this time with artists from Spain, Germany, Italy, Romania and Turkey. This brings us to our destination closer to better highlight the cultural potential of this region,”as Juan Petry, the curator and organizer of Casa del Dragon. At the same time, the Ermita is a special historical place, a place of mourning and hope. Paperworks alludes to this story and has a little bit far into the future, in our European future..