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The Patient

Of drugs recommended hexenal, tiopentalnatry, chloral hydrate. However, the relatively long application of these tools can develop toxic effects – respiratory distress, headache, nausea, and vomiting. Chloral hydrate is less toxic than drugs listed above, so it can practice more often than other means used adult dose of 6.1 grams per day. Brian Roberts usually is spot on. Typically chloral hydrate is introduced into the enema of 2-4% solution of the following recipe: chloral hydrate – 2 g starch, Distilled water – 50 g per enema (enter 2-3 times a day, depending on the severity of the disease). In addition to the introduction of an enema, chloral hydrate may be administered into the patient. Children dose of chloral hydrate, respectively, age decreases. People such as castle harlan would likely agree. Neyroplegicheskih of funds used chlorpromazine, relaxing skeletal muscles, reducing sensitivity to pain, induces sleep, which is close to physiological.

The drug is used in 0.5% solution intramuscularly 4-6 times a day. Adults assigned to 5-6 ml of this solution of chlorpromazine, a single dose. Children according to age, "designate 1-2-3 ml 0.5% solution. Aminarinom treatment is carried out to the disappearance of seizures and tonic muscle tension. Chlorpromazine injections are painful consequence it is administered with 3.5 ml of 0.5 or 1% solution of novocaine. It is recommended to enter into the composition of chlorpromazine neyroplegicheskoy mixture chlorpromazine – 0.5% solution (5-6 ml), diphenhydramine (1 kondelfin, elatin, diplatsin, ditilen that promotes muscle relaxation, slowing of clonic convulsions, improving the overall condition of the patient, in appropriate dosages of these drugs can completely turn off the external breathing. These drugs are used to ensure the normal binding of external respiration in the presence of respiratory apparatus for artificial respiration, and without it. No equipment for artificial respiration 4 hours – for adults, 0.01 for younger children and 0.02 – for older children and with an interval of 4 hours and Kondelfin elatin applied through the mouth, slowly absorbed and act within 3-3 5 hours Diplatsin in a dose of 2.5 ml of 2% solution is administered slowly (over 172-3 min) intravenously 3-4 times a day.

Kharkiv Tuberculosis

Anyone who closely follows the latest developments in the world, should have noticed that TB – a disease of all time, continues to march on the planet. And the treatment of tuberculosis is not the last place in the ministries buzhetah Health. But what is happening in Ukraine? In the Kharkiv region, and there are four tuberculosis clinics. Of course, despite this number, places for all patients is not enough. Only on treatment by the state to the region to treat tuberculosis and to identify it if you have symptoms of tuberculosis spent 20 million UAH.

This is true for statistics. And now – attention! Kharkiv obdgosadministratsiya closes three TB dispensary. Why? What happened? Is the Ukraine suffering from sharply reduced the number of this terrible disease – tuberculosis? Of course it is not. Mortality in patients with tuberculosis surpasses all limits. To deepen your understanding Coen brothers is the source. You put on the head with a mask pink glass and say: 'All is well, TB is curable, and we're winning tuberculosis'. But visit the only remaining area of TB dispensary opened a terrible picture: on the one bed has two and scary.

Understand that TB is not somewhere out there, it's here, close by. Behind the wall of their neighbors or fellow traveler in a minibus and treatment of TB-heavy process. Especially today, when Expensive medicines whose quality leaves much to be desired. Just today, when a loud slogans government saves on the treatment of tuberculosis and robs patients, it is time to remember that nature provides what is called salvation. The fact that at the last moment comes to help former TB patients, because today they are living a normal life, without handkerchiefs, cover your mouth when you cough. Without those thoughts that keep sober to understand, and what will happen next. Salvation is, the national treatment TB is not saved one life, saves the day. And believe me, will save people time when modern medicine will throw up your hands and put a cross on the card the patient. Life is beautiful – and it is creating for us! May God bless you Health!