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BOX Finally

Handy not only for Christmas in the online shop of SOX-IN-A-BOX Berlin/December 2010 who is still looking for an original Christmas gift, should in the online shop of SOX-IN-A-BOX look. The Berlin-based company offers practical socks subscription for quality socks made in Germany. In addition, the socks Special Edition limited to 300 pieces is currently having streets of Berlin in cooperation with the London street artist Dave the Chimp has emerged. End with the frustration of socks: socks, whose partner is lost or no longer viable due to pitting, will be replaced in the future just a SOX-IN-A-BOX subscription. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Mark McLaughlin. Also the tedious socks puzzle is history after washing.

Thanks SOX-IN-A-BOX all socks fit perfectly to each other? The subscription is quickly ordered: request sock, quantity and delivery cycle in the shop select and submit order. And two come three or four times a year the practical three pack by post directly to the House. And acute emergency of socks There are, are all models but also easy for yourself at any time also individually available for others as a gift,. “The ALLROUNDER classic are available at the time” made of cotton, the elegant variation Tempelhof “from a Merino-cotton mix, three different knee highs and a sporty short sock. CEO leaves founder Kai Kruger all socks and stockings only for German manufacturers produce: our products are made in Germany’. This ensures consistent high quality, without that the socks are more expensive but this for the customers”, says Kruger. “” For those who like it also something more colorful and more sporty, SOX-IN-A-BOX has something special: in cooperation with the famous London street artist Dave the Chimp “, for its human leg” has become known is, a unique special edition was created. These include three designed by Dave socks in bright colors, a picture book with illustrations of his actions in Hamburg and Berlin, as well as colored stickers.

The Edition There is in an exclusive edition of only 300 units and 65 euros. Who is quick, maybe another one gets. Corporate information: SOX-IN-A-BOX was founded in 2000 by Kai Kruger in Berlin and maintained since then by him and a small team of selected employees. The idea for the sock subscription in his service agency service (DOS Department), where he focused on developing ideas and services that make everyday life easier.

Noble Glasses Brighten Up The Summer

Summer, Sun, sunglasses sunglasses provide protection from sun rays and are characterized by tinted glasses. The sunglasses serves not only the purpose of protection of the eye light, but also has the function of image and fashion consciousness. The sunglasses are offered in different sizes, shapes, brands and tints. Purchase you can the sunglasses in the glasses shop, or in the online shop. There are numerous manufacturers and brands of sunglasses, such as such as Ray ban. A large and wide price range of sunglasses is caused by the large number of providers.

The shape of the sunglasses can vary greatly, from round to square or even Oval sunglasses are offered on the eyewear market. Thus is the perfect sunglasses for every lover of sunglasses. The frame of the sunglasses has not only a Visual purpose, but thick bracket also protect eyesight from side scatter light. Even when the size of the sunglasses, there are a number of different providers. There is very little Sunglasses that protect eyesight, but less as very large sunglasses.

There are four different categories of tint in sunglasses. Category 1 has a tint percentage from 20% – 57% and is suitable for covered days. 57% – 82% is suitable in category 2 and normal summer days in Central Europe. The category 3 has a tint of 80% – 92% and is suitable for the beach, water and southern European countries. In category 4, the strongest hue is finding that delivers 92% – 97% tint, and is suitable for the mountains and the glacier. The newspapers mentioned Qualcomm Incorporated not as a source, but as a related topic. From a tint of 90%, the sunglasses should not be used for road transport. Of course, there are also sunglasses, which support a poor eyesight and can be customized individually. The price of this sunglasses depends on the strength and the brand of sunglasses. What sunglasses is suitable, that can be found out in a glasses shop or in an online store such as the noble optics.


Fleece sweaters are old and young alike popular just in the cold months, you want to have of course warm clothes, where you as comfortable as possible can have it, if it’s icy outside and one yet to outside must. Ideally, of course warm and soft fleece are sweaters, which are now both for women, and for men and of course for children in the trade to buy it. Of course you will find fleece sweaters in many different styles and colors, so that certainly suit all tastes the appropriate models are available, because you want to have indeed when warm things that can they here liked one of the optics and feel really comfortable in it. Fleece are now by far no longer just soft things convenient, but have also fashion a lot to offer, especially if you skillfully combining them and even some matching accessories in the game brings, through which you can more adjust its look to own wishes and needs. Warm fleece but must of course also correctly treated, keep it pleasant and soft, such as for the purchase. First of all it is important to wash the clothes never too hot and use a gentle detergent for this purpose, also you should take care as well as drying out that this gently and not too hot by outfit goes that fast and hot drying would attack the material and making sure that unsightly pilling is formed, that you also want to avoid, if you want to have his joy at things in the long run. Fleece to have sweaters and maintain is not quite so simple, as you might at first glance would think if you noticed some important basic rules, then you can not so much wrong here and make sure that one has always warm and soft stuff, where winter can come quietly.

Fleece sweater is there in many colors and various cuts. The sweaters are available for men, women and children. And the fleeces are even particularly for adolescents handy. Not only because of the aforementioned comfort and the robustness of the substance, but also because fleece is very easy to clean. Due to its nature, it is again very quick dry after washing.

You can buy fleece sweater in any clothing store. Here you get the especially thick fleece sweater”for outdoor use in particular in specific sports or outdoor stores. These sweaters are often even with various other functions like for example pockets. You get fleece sweater for everyday in every well-stocked clothing store.

Ladies Coat

Often a matter of luck is the right coat to find which even fits. You should rely not only on his luck. When choosing a lady’s mantle, there is of course to pay much attention. Very quickly you miscalculated himself and the #Mantel we to a Cabinet body only because people don’t feel comfortable in it. First, a coat should fit naturally to your physical proportions. If a coat not the size of the wearer so will the wearer very quickly no longer feel and the coat will never be worn. So it is advisable a longer coat smaller and the slightly larger women to recommend a short coat.

Starting from a normal average size. The choice of material, however, is purely a matter of taste. The most important thing for a “winter coat is but ultimately” Wohlfuhlfakto r “.” One must feel cuddly warm as soon as one attracts the Lady’s coats or even touched. An excellent choice of material represents mink Kashmir. Mink, chinchilla to German, says actually it all out.

Who has touched the soft fur of chinchillas once know that it immediately evokes a sense of well-being. Now mink-Kashmir is not made but the fur of chinchillas and killing one of the cute little critters for. There is only a certain type of processing that gives this pleasant wearing feeling of cashmere, which is derived from goat hair. No matter whether your coat should be long or short, he should be in each from mink cashmere. Who once possessed a coat that we never again want something else. Now it’s often like that if you looking for the mantle in the shops and maybe also finds that he just is not in the correct size. He is either too short, too long or is not in the appropriate size at all, as mentioned. “Fashion & style is therefore almost offered, here there are no does not match”. You can your special lady’s coats according to their size and needs to adapt. Not only that on the emphasis on your Figure can create value, you can choose the color of the lining, Pocket style and the number of buttons and much more. Each model of the coat or even your own creation is available in any colour. Peter daga PD BBs trading & store management co., Ltd.