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National Conference

Politically he is sufficiently advantageous to firm the model of democratic state of right, over all for the participation of the society organized in the process of conduction of the actions to be developed for the state, diminishing with this the power of one alone person. Exactly in way to this sprouting it model of society and state that comes being molded in Brazil, appeared our Only System of the Health. Stuck in the conceptual root of the new Brazilian democracy and with the main objective to take care of the demand of the people who as much lacked of worthy assistance of health; Without some was revealed of form the assistencialismo and the clientelismo, and under a participativa management where the users, workers and managers could have a participation accomplish and direct in this new model of global public health. The concept of social control is one of the basic principles of the SUS, beyond being an important innovation guaranteed for constitution, as form of magnifying of the citizenship rights and as form of magnifying of the participation of the workers in the management, generating surrounding solidary and new possibilities of bonds of the workers with the institutions – as revealed for the National Conference of Health of 2004.Dito this we have finally that to reflect on the conduction of the current SUS; New challenges appear to each day and make with that let us have all (worked, managing and using) to assume, the responsibility for a maintenance of a social conquest that is of the Brazilian people. We have that to face with courage and determination the task to understand that a public health plus one not to have solely of the state and that it cannot more determine of sovereign form the routes to be followed. me to the same conclusion. It is vital that the participativa management exactly assumes the default of some public managers does not have the minimum of knowledge of the principles of the system; Its propositor, fiscalizador paper and of citizenship next to the system. Diligent we we have that to have the full conscience of effectively we are you mainly participate effective right-handers and in the condition of health of the population and that with public health is not played. Everything is very technician and must be reverted for the society as a whole, and it does not stop taking care of to yearnings politicians of whom it has in the assistencialismo its bigger flag, without understanding that with this they are only increasing the social inaquality.. .

Direct Administration

Destaforma, the Direct Administration of the Federal Executive is composed for serviosintegrados in the administrative structure of the Presidency of the Republic and the dosMinistrios. We consider, however, that the legislator was not happy to aodefinir this type of Administration in the Decree in the 200/67, therefore, of acordocom the legal device, ' ' Direct administration is formed by rgosque integrates the administrative structure of the Presidency of the Republic and dosMinistrios' '. Of this making, she does not enclose the Legislative and the PoderJudicirio, confusing Direct Administration with Executive. The indirect administration understands osservios of interest publishes dislocated of the State for a elecriada or authorized entity for. She is formed by people legal of public law ouprivado, that is the autarchies, public companies, economy society mistae foundations. The autarchies are independent entities, created for law, with personality of public law and proper patrimony queexecutam typical activities of the public administration, as the specific atribuiesestatais. According to Kohama (2003, p.36): The autarchy, generally, is indicated services that require greater specialization and, consequentemente, organization adjusted, autonomy of management and technician-specialized staff.

Aautarquia is a form of administrative decentralization, through dapersonificao a removed service of the centered administration. The public companies are entidadesdotadas of corporate entity of private law, with exclusive ecapital proper patrimony of the State, created for law for the atividadeeconmica exploration in which the intervention of the State for ends is necessary deregulao or development. They consist in the form of anonymous, cujocapital society belongs exclusively the Union, to the state or the city. In general, they are created when it does not have interest of the private initiative, had to the elevadoinvestimento and delays in the return of this investment. As Kohama (2003, p.40): She is a company, but a company estatalpor excellency, and its activities are conducted for the commercial rules, consisting, organized and controlled for the public power, and this through daentidade the one that will be tied, supervised, with the purpose to deajustar it the General Plan of Government.