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The People

Making a connection of experience and ready concepts, we have that to stand out that in the City he is that the life happens, where the people they deposit its expectations and they survive to the daily adversities. The idea of sovereignty of States and Federacy in trying to decide situations of the reality of I change it to the Cities of votes is cruel in the against-hand of the reality, therefore what currently it happens in the plastered idea of public administration can become the greater of the empecilhos, when the vote to come to be facultative. Therefore this, is not distant idea, this already is project in the House of representatives presented in 2009 to be voted, but, as they, the mentors of the monarchic interventions are, can wait this voting in a distant future and look at there. Today we have that to defend the concept of term of office as a set of social processes, in which managemental action if develops by means of actions negotiated between its actors, losing the bureaucratic character in function of the direct relation between the administrative proceeding and the multiple social participation politics. It has of if also attempting against, for the maquianismo of the participation forms, therefore it has many impediments, us we know, in the true sociopoltica integration to leave the society to participate and to divide to be able is to reduce to be able of who manipulates and commands the public administration and social. We do not want in them to adentrar in the mritos of fetiches politics, but we do not have to try not to see the reality socioeconmica which we are crossing, the social scene that we are living and the diverse forms of organization and expressions that we have that in them to come across in our daily staff and professional, happened exactly of a historical process, where the lack to face the local realism as form of diagnosis of the real term of office would be the thermometer of the development, of the changes which we need, of the dynamic reality of the events it is here where we are and not where they find that we are.

Brazilian State

These relations define the participation of the population in the public administration making possible the implementation of the public politics contributing in the overcoming of the problems and formularization of new politics partners for the viabilizao of a democratic and participativo model of administration for the collectives. A leading source for info: Coen brothers. The governabilidade perpassa for the joint of the instances democratic politics and in the State. The Reformation of the State is a reality politics and economic, it makes possible a new administrative structure in the direction to plan the politics and to become the public Brazilian State for the great mass that is edge of the decisions of being able. It is through the Reformation of the State that if can establish the democracy in the daily one of the men. According to Diniz, Brazil is entering a new perspective. One expects on the part of the new actors politicians, in new functions politics, the opposition that however arrives at the power, a different vision of what it means reform of the State. ' ' Technician is not enough and to more concentration of the power more. She is necessary to take in account the dimension politics of the reform of the Estado' ' (Idem: 12).

She is necessary in the new relation politics, to have governabilidade and governana as necessary criteria in the direction of if taking the good term the public interest on the part of the State, syntonizing itself thus with the new democratic spirit (Diniz, 2001). More than what to argue the paper of the State in its relation with the market, the important one now, under the new impact politician, is to place this State the service of the public interest, in the attempt firmly to satisfy public conveniences, guided for decisions politics and not for a supposed bureaucratic rationality. The true and legitimate reform of the State, in the Brazilian case, is to become it an institucional instrument politician capable to incorporate the rules of the democracy in its structure, being made with that the administrative machine takes care of what was determined in the plan politician, instance adjusted for the quarrels and great decisions of collective interests (Diniz, 1996).


Being in is intended to the point to construct It the bridge to arrive itself at point B. Exists some types, since the possible scenes, passing for realizable the finding those that are desirable. To arrive itself at a reasonable and possible construction of agreement for that of it they will be to use itself it is necessary to follow a standard that contemplates a heading, a philosophy, the 0 variable, the actors, the scenes and the trajectories. They are component permanent and in importance degree the limiting item are the heading and the philosophy, being the first one as advent of this.

The emphasized characteristic more of if glimpsing the scene consist of if having a plural vision of what it will be the future, a vision of long stated period with qualitative aspect. Still, the scenes how much to its way of construction can be tipificar normative or exploratrios as. Being the first tracings from the desired future so that later if it traces the trajectory, and the seconds if they originate in the simulations of initial conditions. Conceptually, in relation what it is defined as future, the scenes can be extrapolativos or multiple, being the future? in the first ones? but one prolongation of today and the past, without surprises, and already the last ones take in account the uncertainty as analysis base, the rupture in the way of the initial point to the end point is had as most likely. With the great amount of scenes generated by the inquiries it became easy if to lose in the time and if not to produce nor if to arrive at the delimited objectives, for such situation the studies indicate that a number pair of scenes is the ideal (since an uneven number would facilitate and provide an escape route: the exit of the half term), how much to the amount, they vary very and, but it is possible if to abstract average around four the six.

National Conference

Politically he is sufficiently advantageous to firm the model of democratic state of right, over all for the participation of the society organized in the process of conduction of the actions to be developed for the state, diminishing with this the power of one alone person. Exactly in way to this sprouting it model of society and state that comes being molded in Brazil, appeared our Only System of the Health. Stuck in the conceptual root of the new Brazilian democracy and with the main objective to take care of the demand of the people who as much lacked of worthy assistance of health; Without some was revealed of form the assistencialismo and the clientelismo, and under a participativa management where the users, workers and managers could have a participation accomplish and direct in this new model of global public health. The concept of social control is one of the basic principles of the SUS, beyond being an important innovation guaranteed for constitution, as form of magnifying of the citizenship rights and as form of magnifying of the participation of the workers in the management, generating surrounding solidary and new possibilities of bonds of the workers with the institutions – as revealed for the National Conference of Health of 2004.Dito this we have finally that to reflect on the conduction of the current SUS; New challenges appear to each day and make with that let us have all (worked, managing and using) to assume, the responsibility for a maintenance of a social conquest that is of the Brazilian people. We have that to face with courage and determination the task to understand that a public health plus one not to have solely of the state and that it cannot more determine of sovereign form the routes to be followed. me to the same conclusion. It is vital that the participativa management exactly assumes the default of some public managers does not have the minimum of knowledge of the principles of the system; Its propositor, fiscalizador paper and of citizenship next to the system. Diligent we we have that to have the full conscience of effectively we are you mainly participate effective right-handers and in the condition of health of the population and that with public health is not played. Everything is very technician and must be reverted for the society as a whole, and it does not stop taking care of to yearnings politicians of whom it has in the assistencialismo its bigger flag, without understanding that with this they are only increasing the social inaquality.. .