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Federal Law

Also, the Regulation on the independent VVE there are no rules that guarantee reimbursement of expenses recruit an admission by the court his arguments well-founded. Meanwhile, the cost of an independent VVE is about 50 thousand rubles. And if the rules of civil procedure allow the side that won the process, to recover costs from your opponent, including under the charge of the judicial VVE, then standards provisions of the Independent VVE do not provide. In other words, having an independent VVE, the recruit will never be able to get compensation for these costs, even if he wins the case in court. Thus, in the case forensic VVE (outside the provisions of the Independent VVE), if he wins the case, the costs to the specified offset conscript examination in full. The preceding paragraph is particularly relevant in light of the fact that the conclusion Independent VVE is not grounds for exemption from military service, as well as to change the set and physician category MER fitness for military service. It (Finally) allows only to re- medical examination, the result of which, given our current long-term practice will certainly match the previous, ie, It does not matter what the results of an independent VVE – inductee into will eventually be called up for military service. That is, the legislator protects officers from RMC possible negative effects, while offering recruits the Independent VVE put a round sum of money.

Appointment of an independent VVE not save young people from the need to challenge the decisions of the conscription commissions and opinions about life in the manner prescribed by the Federal Law "On Military Duty and Military Service", since legislator does not oblige the RVC and draft boards to suspend execution of the contested decision. That is, despite the appointment in the prescribed manner independent VVE, the conclusion of fitness, issued by doctors MERs as well as the drafting committee decision will be in force and for failure to appear on the agenda to send to the troops waiting for a summons from civil prosecution. This fact makes it impractical appointment of an independent parallel VVE lawsuit, since entail double spending on the part of the recruit and does not solve the problem. Also, do not make sense to the appointment of an independent VVE during the trial. This is due to the fact that according to Art. 79 CCP RF examination may be requested forensic institution, a specific expert or multiple experts. In this case, to conduct an independent medical organization can VVE licensed to VVE an independent, non-forensic expert institutions, and therefore not entitled to conduct a forensic examination. The results also held judicially independent VVE, therefore, may easily be challenged and removed.

The above can be attributed to the independent position of VVE to absolutely useless and even harmful to conscript the regulatory legal act. Aksia will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Conscripts who have received hope for an independent examination, tried in ignorance of the law, to exercise their right to an independent VVE, just spend a large sum of money. In this case, paying doctors' services using legal literacy of citizens, conscripts will receive in return is absolutely nothing more than "opinion of an independent VVE" which is not only no benefit, but also may complicate and make more expensive and an already difficult procedure release from military service. Formally, the legislator has created an additional lever to protect the rights of conscripts, but in our opinion, the statute of an independent VVE is nothing more than a declarative act use that to release from military service conscript is impossible in principle. Ltd "recruits N"

Global Financial Crisis

Activities Ltd in the global financial crisis in our country: as11.ru Today, after a period of general welfare and growth of the economy, our state and society came under the influence of external factors, causing the global financial crisis jeopardized a number of socio-economic spheres of our lives, and private enterprise as well. (A valuable related resource: Discovery Communications). Now manifestations of the financial crisis in our country to take urgent stage. Many companies feel their own experience such symptoms of the crisis, as lack of liquidity, recession, domestic economic problems, etc. What steps need to take business leaders to ensure that would reduce the impact of general negative state of the domestic economy of the period for your company. First you will need to begin to closely monitor and record any changes in performance enterprise. To give a comprehensive and thorough analysis of external and internal conditions, identify the main components of the business of priority for the company, such as basic resources, available equipment and key personnel to gather and process information for each component, as well as assess the real situation of the enterprise.

For example, the excess of the limits of shipment of goods to consumers, non-compliance payment deadlines partners, contractors, and decreased activity, etc. Since the main reason for drawing business processes in a crisis is poor governance and lack of strategy quickly response to the development of various external factors, it is necessary to take action to reduce the time required for decision-making, and if possible try to forecast the direction of events and pre- devise measures to adapt to them. The main areas to adopt anti-crisis measures may include: reduced costs, tight control of the execution of established standards, optimizing the use of various mechanisms (Optimization of cash flow, advertising companies, manufacturing processes, etc.). But for all, in this case, we should understand that even with absolutely correct management of the company, the root cause of the crisis in the company – overall global market decline, generated total global financial crisis can be overcome only by eliminating that cause. And such a task to solve the efforts of one, even if it is the most commercially successful enterprise is impossible.