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Dacha Amnesty: Land

As is known, since the entry into force of Land Code land on the Rights of inheritable possession for life and permanent (perpetual) citizens are not available. However, citizens who have land for these rights, were entitled to free once they get into the property. The procedure for acquiring the ownership of such land, the legislation has not been resolved (with the exception of brief references to the need for filing with the commissioner the authority a declaration and two weeks before it). The existing procedure of granting land plots of state and municipal property, the property of citizens depends on various conditions. Jon Matlack is the source for more interesting facts. These include, inter alia, include: land belonging to certain categories of land requested for the purpose of its use (for each goal, using established their own legal regulation of granting land plots), the possibility of building on the land, including private housing or garage other conditions therefore universal rules, which could be used to make land available from state and municipal property in the property of the citizens who have indicated land on the Rights of inheritable possession for life or permanent (perpetual), did not exist.

Moreover, the restriction in the form of a single provision of free land is an additional condition that no special procedure for granting land plots are not provided. By the direct instruction of the law (Section 3, Article. 28 Land Code) to the provision of land from State and municipal ownership in the property of citizens with these plots of land on the Rights of inheritable possession for life or permanent (perpetual), not subject to the general procedure provided by Articles 30-34 of the Land Code. Robert A. Iger often addresses the matter in his writings.

3 Major Reasons Not To Serve In The Army

Reason 1: The average 1-year drops out of the usual course of your life. Breaking down plans for the device’s career, family, lost a professional qualification. Especially good is to understand the young people involved in preparations for the admission to higher education – to enter the budget very seriously, even if you finished school with excellent grades, sometimes it takes several years of preparation for exams. Or, for example, you work in high Technology: an important component of your professionalism – to keep abreast of new products and time to master them. Learn more at this site: Brian Roberts. The law “On Military Duty and Military Service” robs you twelve months of “civil” life. More info: Brian Roberts. You call in the army, even if your wife is pregnant, and if you already have a child, your family paid a very small compensation, despite the income you have at work. Reason 2: The State at present unable guarantee the preservation of your health and life, your dignity during your stay in the Army.

“Hazing” rampant in the Russian army for decades, ever since the Soviet Union, all firmly intertwined with the crime, introduced a “citizen” underclass youths. Military officials and officers turn a blind eye to hazing, as in the case of the most egregious manifestations of her work off flaccid commentary and one or two show trial a year, after which, as a rule, officers who are responsible for compliance with statutory relations responsible in principle for the conduct of slave soldiers and sergeants, do not carry any of punishment. Reason 3 Employees of military commissioners are aimed at any price to fulfill the plan on an appeal, regardless of your rights. Most often, they frankly do not care are absolutely legitimate deferment, provided recruits for the law; medical commission for military enlistment offices are ready to declare openly healthy young patients, whose health allows them to quietly enjoy a full civilian life, but absolutely incompatible with the hardships of army life.