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After all, road stone in standard loads can withstand intense okatyvanie. This means that, for example, under the railway individual pieces of gravel will rub one on another. And, of course, the harder the stone, the less resistance. Here requires a granite gravel as the most stable: crushing strength of crushed granite more than 200 MPa – a tiny tear. Gravel from the same sedimentary rocks such as limestone for a railway is ill-suited as a very intense abrasions.

An important factor is the form of gravel. Usually as a result of fragmentation and its shape is close to a cube or a tetrahedron. This is the optimal form. Worst of rubble with flat grains (flakiness) forms, as they break easily. This gravel is not used in construction. Why? Because it is necessary that the individual pieces that make up gravel, had more or less the same size in all three dimensions. Only then will she be strong. In the worst grades of gravel contained between 10 and 25% of pieces of flat shape.

If a gravel introduce as coarse aggregate in the concrete mix, then in the manufacturing process, they may lie parallel to each other. In this case, the concrete will have unequal strength in different directions. Involuntarily, a question arises. How can form flat fragments of the crushing of rock on the gravel? All due to the anisotropy of rocks. If anisotropic, ie having different properties in different areas of minerals in the rock are almost parallel to each other, form a flat fragments.

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Wallpaper by painting glue butt, and do not forget about the picture. He has to dock between each sheet. patterns require a careful approach to raskroyke rolls, drawing on a canvas must match the pattern on another canvas. When you purchase is necessary to consider trimming roll, the bigger picture, the more scraps. Repair of apartments requires a qualitative selection of materials, so before Wallpapering to choose the right glue. Mark adhesive will depend on the type of wallpaper. Once you have chosen your favorite wallpapers bought the necessary glue for them – you can proceed directly to their pokleyke.

In the middle of the room free up space of not less than the height of your room and a width equal to the width of a single sheet. Cover the floor and roll film paper, if it is not possible to newspapers. Now enjoy a thread a few paintings wallpapers, taking into account the figure. Put them on each other, what would lie down and straighten sheet. At this time you should put on a vertical wall line on it will stick, and vertical alignment of the first sheet. The key to quality pokleyke wallpaper will serve as your patience and comfortable ladder. On which you can easily climb up, and with which no problem to pull out a top of the wall.

Preparation of glue should be performed in accordance with the directions on the package. If the adhesive is a liquid or vice versa thick, it can affect the quality of glued wallpaper, so closely approach the this process. Glue is applied to the leaf wallpaper evenly from center to edge, with its application should be qualitatively promazyvat edges of the canvas, it will save you from gluing the edges of the wallpaper after pokleyke on the wall. But when Gluing is necessary to know the measure of excess glue on the blade caused the wallpaper, in the process of stickers can go over the edge and soiling adjacent stuck to the canvas. After applying the adhesive, it is necessary to wait several minutes, the glue evenly soaked cloth and then stick a sheet on the wall. Attach a sheet of wallpaper to the wall and dock it with the edge of the blade edge is already pasted. Then use a plastic spatula, remove air bubbles and excess adhesive from the floor sheet of wallpaper. Do it moves from the center of the sheet to its edges, which appeared at the edges of any excess glue is removed with a clean cloth. Must be handled carefully to wallpapering next door and window openings, there must be carefully cut the excess pieces of cloth wallpaper. When pokleyke wallpaper in places of switches and sockets in advance to remove their top. Take care of your safety, unplug these devices. Wallpaper sheet glued as usual, and then determine the location where the outlet or switch. Make this place a cut crosswise, but we need the fate that its size must be smaller than the switch or outlet. Excess pieces of wallpaper cut, and put in place, the outer part of the switch or outlet. When pasted wallpaper in the room, you must wait until they are dry, and it is about about a day. During this time room to maintain a constant temperature and humidity, avoid drafts and sudden temperature drop. Do not forget that the observance of the temperature necessary to adhere to and during Wallcovering.