In his treatise "Y-Zi" is an interesting paragraph: "If you can collect a thousand chariots and ten thousand horsemen, they were joined the infantry, this army should be divided into five armies, each army must take one direction, then, consequently, the five armies will occupy five areas. Such a situation will certainly cause the enemy's suspicion and he will not know what to do. " On this basis, we can assume that the military part of the second excavation is missing four armies, or reducing the number copies. In favor of this statement says and the fact that different orientations of troops around the world. Columns in the dig number 1 focused on east, soldiers of the first sector is facing the second excavation in the north-west, and the second, third and fourth – to the north. To reconstruct the tactics of warfare tsinskoy army, consider the characteristics of the weapon used. In Depending on the distance of defeat, it is divided into several types: weapons of long range (20-100 meters): Bow, Crossbow, weapons middle distance (5-20 m): pi spears on the short flagstaff; melee weapon (1,5 – 3 m ): Mao spears, spear pi Klevtsov, tridents, and six weapons-hand combat: swords, daggers.

The presence of weapons of effective means of distance and melee tsinskomu allowed the army to actively resist the enemy. Nature weapons dictate a tactic in which it can be applied with the greatest efficiency. Crossbowmen, dressed in the armor protecting troops from the flanks, and being in the forefront – to attack the enemy, upsetting its ranks.