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In the wild bees are located mainly in hollow trees. Our homeland has always been abundant forests. Of course, that the bees in the woods was a lot. Our forefathers forefathers engaged in apiculture, ie, collect honey and propolis wild bees. In order for the number of bee apiaries multiplied, people bore cavity. Such artificial hollow called the board. In the western regions of our country have long made of twigs or straw sapotki, coated with alumina. Such sapotki quickly attracted the interest of the bees happily settled in them.

Nevertheless, over time, the size of the forest has become smaller, and our grandfathers, beekeepers have decided to cut down a side at the remote places of the forest, putting them in one place. This gave rise to the bee-bee-keeping. However, these designs were solid hives. A man digging them, the bees settle in, built up, but at harvest time beekeeper was razlamat bee house removing pieces of honeycomb. Of course, such that the hive was not practical, and yield to them was insufficient.

On that beekeepers have tried to improve the hives. First invented lineechnye hives. They settled down on top cover. Inside a lid mounted perpendicular to the line under each of which the bees build honeycombs. Thus, the beekeeper was able to gently separate the ticker with the honeycombs from the other without destroying or losing share of honey. Maybe many beekeepers have long suspected that these houses lineechnye bees became the ancestors of the current framework. In 1814 a famous Russian beekeeper Peter Prokopovich invented the collapsible frame new hive. However, before this the manufacturer was trying to make something similar. For example, a scientist from Bulgaria Mendelbah loved beekeeping training and engaged in the understanding of bees and used in his "book hive." In 1877, Belgian Hilzenberg scientist has invented a more convenient collapsible frame hive and patented it. Develop a framework hive was an important moment in the history pasechnitstva. Now in the collection of honey the beekeeper did not have to blanket a swarm to to destroy the bees and harvest their crops. It is possible to extract the frame, replacing them blank. Thus, the beekeeper can also observe that the life of bees, honey extract schepitilno, but also, importantly, to use one family of bees than one time, to expand its apiary and receive high yields. Further framework hives more modernized. The current hive can be disassembled, finish. In general, the beekeeper can easily lead a life of bees, and fasten it to the he needs direction.

Party People

Classic men's watch, or how they decided to call now West – Casual (Casual watch), not designed for heavy loads, the active use of water or external influences. Housing is generally thin. Leather straps are not recommended for use in sea water. Water resistance, which can protect from rain or accidental release of water. That is, those qualities which are designed to make them more stylish and elegant, without overloading them not characteristic features.

With respect to conformity watch-style clothes, here are the basic rules: If your work involves finding the office and wearing formal clothes, you no longer fit the classic watch. Leslie Moonves often addresses the matter in his writings. If you dress in loose or sporty, and if your work is associated with active movements, you watch sports more suitable plan. If you are a frequenter of fashionable "Party People" and have the image of the man of independent and free from prejudices, You probably should pay attention to designer watches. In summary, it should be noted, not to fall into an awkward position, a la a tracksuit in a restaurant, do not wear a sports watch under a suit or tuxedo, and classic hunting or football game. Speaking of the hull form, consider your own preferences and the size of your wrist. To decide this question, we must once to visit a specialty store and try on a few hours of various shapes and sizes. Bob Iger often says this. When the question arises: "How much you can buy a good Swiss watch?" Usually ask the counter: "How much you want to spend?" The cost of Swiss watches can range from hundreds dollars to one million. But copies of Swiss watches have very different prices.

Pricing for hours economy or business class affects the company's history, its reputation, the availability of functions and the material from which they made. Defining for a price threshold, keep in mind that sometimes the difference is only in the 200-300 dollars to buy can you watch a high-class or a more prestigious brand. Although the concept of prestige and class rather ambiguous and controversial, and is more subjective fact, than the objective, and is associated with your views and ideas of your friends. In hours of class "luxury" is the name of defining the complexity of the mechanism and limited series. Some of them are assembled by hand for months and consist of several tens or hundreds of parts. Therefore, it becomes clear the average price for such a watch in a few tens of thousands of dollars. And not everyone agree to spend that amount on a prestigious accessory. These people can purchase copies of luxury watches that are outwardly indistinguishable from the original. Regardless of the amount that you spent on Swiss watches You become the owner of an object of prestige, high quality product that will become your calling card for long time.