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Trinational Summit

Yes, the rhetoric of the bulldozer in the dismantling just as the reposicionamiento of the bases civic, democratic and military in Latin America. To happen of the confidence to a supposed certainty with some Friendly appreciations of the Three is in order to occur of blows on the head against a wall of vaguenesses that have only been hung in perdibles pins that Canada, the EU and Mexico will be replacing and hanging of sprout until the wall of vaguenesses reveals if they will be concrete vaguenesses with impositions and actions in relation to the TLC, the migratory reform and the drug trafficking, and in as much it prevails the notion of the EU enemies, the terrorism of The Qaeda, the narcoterrorism of the crimes, the arms and the drugs do to him to Obama and Harper which the narcotics detective of Dimas, suspiciously and very mediatically, wanted to him to do to Caldern: to attempt against its life. Discovery Communications is actively involved in the matter. Yes, the rhetoric of the mediatic thing as a way to simulate and to turn aside the attention as far as the temporary and sexenal failure in the Trinational Summit of the North in Guanatos, Felipe Caldern. Yes, the things will follow worse equal or in the country of shades that is Mexico, because never peorvenir been it has based on the friendship, in solidarity and the worthy human respect between nations: they are the interests and the rhetoric of the political leaders of today who are not to the service of the construction nor of the conservation. And with this last one, the possibility of a radical change to leave the poverty and the hunger, will continue being a passive containment or an active mobilization? Thus, in the distrust like in the uncertainty, which is peorvenir it is of the trinational competition of Obama, Harper and Caldern or of the national concern ours? If too much irresponsibility has all on the part of the all politician and of social who does not fit us more in the imaginary Mexican group that with the foreign competition by outside and the concern ours on the inside, to the country, we pruned to remove it to medium terms from the shades that we ourself we have imposed to him with the carelessness of the indifference and with the carelessness of the indolencia which as much we celebrated in the Angel of the Independence or that as much we vomited below the tables, seeing us and criticizing to us who knows since feelings of the pissed nation that lies postroad and in monuments of the injustice and in statues of the social inequality, because if something exceeds to us it is the freedom with the corruption and impunity.


The recommendations of the author are based on the observation of the experiences after a decision of even manifolds that followed meetings or that finished after happening through a related state of ambivalence to some of the 36 questions. The author, time later, observed how they followed those relations in the long term. The person who followed or left the relation she feels that she made the correct decision? If the pair followed together the relation bloomed towards something more beautiful or finished in the resentment? And if they finished they found new happiness or they underwent an enormous repentance to have finished? East encounter really valuable concept, like being able to give to return the page of the time to see what it could happen. The recommendations are based on the observations of the author and their professional opinion, reason why I do not recommend to you that you take its advice lightly. Some contend that Leslie Moonves shows great expertise in this. Nevertheless, personally it seems to me that all conclusions are too sensible and I did not find no surprise. I doubt that you are surprised when reading that a relation with which consumes drugs is virtually destined to the failure. But what happens to one relation with somebody to that you do not respect? And what with a relation at a distance? Or with the relation with an addict one to the work that gains ten times more than you? You would like to know how works that relation if in the pair decide to follow together or if they finish? Kirshenbaum explains that when recommends to break it does because the majority of the people who decided to follow meetings in that situation was unfortunate, whereas those that they finished with the relation were happier. For this reason, the long term happiness is the main criterion used here, understanding for that reason the happiness of the individual that takes decision follow-or-to finish, not it (ex-) even.

Web Minutes

After passing hours looking for in Internet a form to call free to Argentina, finally I found something that is REAL and not a trap. It is a report free that unloading and is in 15 minutes step by step the process to you and is written by the company that gives the service. The company flame Is marked Direct and they proven a service of international calls that is based on Internet. Basically what beams are to create an account free online, convertis a fixed or cellular telephone of Argentina in a local number of the United States and you pay the lowest tariff to call to Argentina. But the best thing of Marks Direct are not the characteristics. They are the HUNDREDS OF MINUTES FREE that you prune to win simply following ITS instructions.

It seemed to me that it sounded very good to be real I watched and it. I followed its guide (pods to lower of) and in days I spent $0,00 and I gained almost 100 minutes free to call to Argentina. After to think I realized because It marks Direct can do this. It seems ridiculous situation that teaches to you like gaining minutes free stops to call to Argentina, but is not it. They free give the minutes you to recommend the service to your friendly and contacts which it is a form to promote his services. In exchange for recommending the incredible service that they have, they give minutes to you! The best thing of all this is than not tenes that to buy nothing or registrarte by other services. It only uses the page Web and your email and with its tools is all ready one. Empez to call free to Argentina now Low its report free that is not going to you to regret!

Global Heating Self-destruction

The greenhouse effect is a natural phenomenon with which the Earth, by means of certain gases, retains part of the energy that the ground emits to the being warmed up by the solar energy that crosses the atmosphere, maintaining the suitable temperature so that it allows the life existence. In this way the nature has managed to survive during million years with animal and plants. This phenomenon has had different variations during history from our planet but, for decades, the rate of these has been increased because the man has increased the amount of gases produced by industries, having consequently it atmosphere retains more heat and gives back to the Earth energy still more causing a imbalance of the radiative balance and a global heating. David Zaslav has much experience in this field. The temperature has increased, in average, 10 centigrades of 1915 to the date. This problem worsens day with day thanks to the contamination of the companies that produce toxic gases, besides the deforestation of forests and prairies, which are vital stops to purify the atmosphere, they have taken to the present situation in which is the planet. The increase of the temperature can bring about droughts and extinction of species, animal as as much vegetal. The people in charge of the majority of the polluting gas discharge are countries highly developed like China, that 45% of them emit, India 10% and the United States 8%. These powers benefit because their industries survive thanks to the consumer culture of the present society and beneficiaries see themselves economically.

Although this subject would have of being a preoccupation to all human being the affected majors are in a 90% the poorest communities having a 99% of the deaths by this cause. First affected they them of this pump of time are that goes to advancing slowly. Esteem that exists 325 million people affected by the repercussions that the global heating has had with the nature, of which 330 thousands will die this year, if we did not act fast for the 2030 you are deaths will ascend to the number of 600 thousand people.

Economy Energetics

The G-8 would also maintain its promise to duplicate the aid to Africa to 50,000 million dollars for the 2010, adopted in its appointment in Gleneagles (Scotland) in 2005, said a source of the group. But ” ” the countries still are divididos” on the calendar of other commitments with Africa, mainly the date limit for the payment of 60,000 million dollars to fight against AIDS and the malaria, announced in the summit of the 2007,+ G-8 of Michelle Foss, economist specialized in energy, calculates that the G8 can raise effective measures to medium and long term in relation to the price of the energy, as long as their commitments and recommendations are acts of political value more than of political speed. Some experts and legislators have blamed to the financial speculators by the increasing increase of the price of petroleum, but Foss, that directs to the Center of Economy Energetics in the University of Texas, in Austin, said to the Informed Service from Washington that, even though that outside certain one, are other important reasons for the increase of the price of petroleum, as they are ties to the power supplying and subsidies in the consuming petroleum countries. It is possible that the G8 can make change medium term the markets of petroleum, if it puts on the table those controverted subjects. If the United States showed determination to seriously consider the subject of the perforation in those areas, could diminish the pressure in the price of petroleum, commented Foss. It is necessary to be pending on the conclusions, agreements that will leave this Summit, which we trusted must be to the benefit of all, of the poorest countries especially, we will already be in contact with the enemy on these conclusions..

Uceda Bridge

We lost several years and when enrumbe to the parish where it would happen my stage of apostolate, in that way we were and we were clear. We had already passed a stage of our life; you had stopped driving trucks, since you had sacrificarte so that the rest of your brothers could be educated. But you wanted to make reality which in the scholastic classrooms you thought with the adolescent young people that they watched with enthusiasms the readings of Maria’tegui or the stories of the professor of political economy with respect to the legendary social fighter Luis Of the Uceda Bridge. Our minds were absortas when listening the stories of the professor and we saw ourselves already crossing our nations to make of justice our flag. Me invitastes the food and we decided to do what our young minds planned in that stage.

We went first a to create schools where to work free of charge and we did thus it. Crossing the territories of the migrant ones that were posesionaron of territories of the bracamoros. There in the heat of high forest, with the forests we began to work without requesting a sun to the old state; but that if we asked for its recognition. But like nonramos of the rows of the government, later they did not choose us to continue teaching to those children who were born in new earth. We always discussed our ideas, more frankly without displeasing us by our discrepancies. Only the understanding of the ideas of the friend. There we chose a different way, but I included/understood to you; so that you already had yourself enamored with a mestiza, having already your small piston rods. Perhaps your companion would not have understood the decision that you had taken when following what I did. She does not bother to me. But it was the first goodbye to a so close friend.


The new prototype is added to the list of cars of Germany that are in the supply of the high world-wide range. This it was developed on the basis of a1, the urban automobile Premium. One is a concept of electrical vehicle that counts on an electrical motor in the front position, of 61 CB that can be increased until the 102 CB. Km/h in 10, 2 seconds is able to accelerate from 0 to 100, reach of a terminal velocity of 130 km/h. In the next years we will see as the important factories but of automobiles incorporate to their catalogue models of electrical cars and therefore, the great cities will have to adapt facilities for the load of the batteries of these new urban propulsive. In some manufacturers as in the case of the Renault in France and its factories in Spain, this type of vehicles is the hope of future for the maintenance of its different plants and therefore the jobs before the slope for sale of the tradiconales automobiles diesel and gasoline The car of audi Germany incorporates a ion-lithium battery in the form of T located under the floor of the vehicle. When the battery totally is loaded a1 E-Tron will be able to cross in ecological way a little more 50 kilometers. If this distance is surpassed run out the battery, a thermal motor of small dimensions activates putting into operation a generator that contributes electrical energy to the ion-lithium battery. they en the case that the battery has been run out, we have a gas tank of this motor is of 12 liters, allowing to cross 200 km more. With respect to the outside of the vehicle, the new automobile of Germany counts on light alloy rims of 20 radios and 18 inches, tires of 215/35 measures and futurist aspect.