The author began his study of cybernetics subscribing to lists of e-marketing. As a result, receives many business proposals “fabulous” usually delete without reading. Although there may be a good opportunity … Every day, get my email box about 25 messages. Click Walt Disney to learn more. On average, 10 want to sell a product, and in May I intend to participate in any cybernetics. Among others, the cybernetics proposed are: – email chains, where you must send a ticket to the first of a list, and redistribute the mail between friends.

– Resale of business reports, digital books or business secrets. – Collections on behalf of any charitable institution, real or false. – Sale of space on Internet servers and related services. – Sales of Internet advertising: banners, links, pages. Many of these businesses are a pyramid, that is, to buy it acquires the right to resell, and to participate in turn in the business of resellers. Can you make money with them? What all choose? These schemes generate much mistrust, because anyone who buys a promotional tool you can copy and resell it. use it to get an first you think that any good for anything. However, some of these businesses must be profitable, because they continue to proliferate.

It is even possible that some of them, very creative, well implemented, and that appeals to a sector with high purchasing power of the network, make lots of money. If I had to choose some good cybernetics, think of what I have valuable product that selectively facilities and hard to get some special audience, and how I can implement the bill. For any of them, you need a core team of Internet promotion tools, good connectivity (cable modem two-way, indispensable), and a little creative imagination. He added good command of English, because unfortunately we philanthropists a fraction of the global network (3% when measured in dollars). All these items can be bought or hired someone who is already using them and have some idle capacity. It is also possible to buy a turnkey business, which allows anyone to venture into the cybernetics no expertise. For example, if someone today arming a site that sells information about the Lewinsky case, not necessarily verifiable, but with good design and pictures will surely earn thousands of dollars within hours. These businesses are a kind of lottery, and you can bet a relatively small amount with prospects of winning a lot. Unlike conventional businesses, which have a well defined growth ceiling, and established by the physical infrastructure and market size, the successful cybernetics have almost no ceiling. About lottery cybernetics not yet tried the games of chance. I promise to make a next game, gentlemen.