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The Redaxo CMS

The content management system Redaxo allows you to easily manage different websites. It is based on PHP and MySql, so you need a Web server with PHP support and a MySQL database to create or update Web pages. An important aspect is that this CMS provides a strict separation between content and layout. Therefore you need any PHP knowledge to successfully work with it, but suffice it to satisfy a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. The content management system Redaxo is also very adaptable, which means that you can easily enable or disable individual functions or as needed. It is not something David Zaslav would like to discuss. It includes, as an additional feature of a template management, into which you insert any templates and then can use as a design basis for a variable number of pages. And adding additional modules, such as galleries, guest books and a newsletter with the content management system is not a problem Redaxo These modules are in large part by the general Community developed and deployed. In-depth programming skills you can develop this addon also own or adapt to your needs.

Even a search engine can be implemented with little effort. Of course, the inclusion of metadata for search engine optimization easily possible. You can use the content management system Redaxo both websites with few pages, as well as for use websites with hundreds of pages. It is also possible to create accessible content, which is especially for public buildings of interest. Redaxo is multilingual, enabling websites to publish in different languages. By already prefabricated templates it is possible without much effort in a few steps to install a complete web page. By customizing the colors and the logo design a personalized Web project is therefore easy.

Control Panel

You can also pick up a theme, each of which has unique and beauty. Like the other engines is open source system for editing and changes, which opens up endless possibilities to create a website of any complexity and structure. Administration panel in spite of its austerity has great potential. Write a news block to create links, edit comments simple. Connection plug and what is easier – you just upload them to your server and connect through the panel administration. Despite all the positive aspects of the engine, in my opinion, has disadvantages in security. The engine is fairly widely distributed on the Internet, hackers can easily learn to hack on this blog engine.

But the developers to quickly close the gap with new patches and additions, which can be found on the official site. PHP-Fusion CMS – one of the best free engine at the moment, with which you can create any site. The engine has an incredible download speeds and increased security. Especially, I would recommend to build your site on a modified version of the engine PHP-SFusion, which you can download from the official site. The site You can download the plugins and themes site, among which are masterpieces WEB-design. The engine has great potential. It allows you to organize online newsletter, article directory, file storage, galleries, smart forum, guestbook, broadcast RSS, etc. A plug-ins extend the capabilities of the engine do not count.

Administration Control Panel – the standard for any engine. Write news, edit the / recording forum, create a new album or to contest all you can do it without any problems. Installing the engine and that is easier – you just upload to the server engine and follow the prompts of the installer. Write about this engine is a lot, but look at the site where you are, because it is built on this engine. So I looked at 3 more free engine for a website of which I would pick PHP-SFusion CMS, which will make the news portal and a simple and blog and information page. WordPress is suitable for a different blog or news site, and Slaed CMS can be used in a different home page or small site. Original article and its first part on my site – Imixlife.com