Today, almost everyone has a mobile phone, and some more than one. Most will not sell or throws no longer relevant but still well-functioning mobile phones, and give them to relatives, adult parents and grandparents. Phones, in principle, have the property to break, not only outdated, but also completely new, so repair shops to repair cell phones always have customers. Why can break a mobile phone? It happens that some phones have their already well-known ‘disease’, that is, the device features the phone and breaking them is often similar and specific. Often the phone stopped working because of mechanical shock and ingress of water. But there are failures that occur for no reason. Managers point of reception service centers repair cellular phones often hear the same type phrases – ‘I lost my phone sound, what could it be? ‘,’ There were failures, it can be? ‘, Etc. Obviously, as managers are tired of this at a reception in the repair of PDAs and other digital equipment.

In fact, there are many problems that have one common symptom, and learn the exact cause can only help diagnosis. What good is the fact that many serious repair shops offer a diagnosis of pda and other digital devices without requiring its payment, without the different conditions mandatory repairs in the future. Because they know that trust and klientorientirovanny approach is more important than a small benefit. Usually repair your going for 1-2 days, sometimes, the truth, have to wait or send spare parts in manufacturer’s service center. Minor repairs such as replacing the screen, flashing or Russification can be done during the day. For even more opinions, read materials from rusty holzer. Flashing is to reinstall the software on the phone, it may be necessary after an unsuccessful attempts to install icq on the smartphone, which gave the failures after the failure of self pereproshivok, as well as to Russification purchased not in Russia communicators.